If nobody is perfect then we dont have the ability to be perfect. You agree?

Asked by: steffon66
  • Yes you can

    If perfection is a state of mind, then you have the ability to either be preceived as perfect or look at yourself as perfect, therfore you can be perfect to certain people, but I must say it is impossible to be perfect according to everyone. Furthermore, you have no proof of nobody of being perfect.If you asked a christian, then he would tell you Jesus was perfect, and your argument would crumble

  • Everyone has a different idea of perfect

    No one can be perfect since everyone perception of what is perfect is always different and can change over time or in an instant, resulting in people constantly have different ideas on what is perfection. No one can be perfect if no one can have a single of perfection that everyone can agree on.

  • If we had the ability to be perfect then surely someone would be perfect.

    Being that we dont have the ability to be perfect we cant be held responsible for our imperfections and probably dont have free will. And dont have free will when it comes to some things like sin. Obviously we all have to sin. Its stupid to believe in free will. Not as stupid as it is to believe in god though. The concept of god arose in ancient oriental despotism and is unworthy of free men. People arent born thinking of god that is something humans teach us. And eventually moral progress kills all gods and sends them to the gigantic cemetery we call mythology.

  • Somebody will be perfect

    Our human thinking and perception is alwatys different therefore everyones thinking of "perfect" is different. For example when you like someone you think they are perfect and also that they are the best person in the entire world. So that concludes that every single person thinking of 'perfect' is different. Peace out dood

  • Such would be a logical fallacy

    Ah, how many times have I seen the correlation-equals-causation fallacy? The perceived fact that "nobody is perfect", based on the subjective term "perfect", does not necessarily endorse the theory that nobody has the ability to be perfect, even though the term "perfect" in the first part of the opinion statement must equal the term "perfect" in the second part of the statement, at the risk of being logically incorrect. The "fact" that nobody is currently "perfect" does not prevent others from being "perfect", and as we know, one "perfect" person would negate perceived the imperfection of all people taken together.

  • Eh. Close Enough.

    We can get pretty darn close, and that's what life's about. Many different cultures agree with the idea of improving oneself to the extent where we are as close to perfection as possible. Besides, everyone had a different idea of perfect, so in a sense so are only as perfect as you see your self.

    Posted by: mxsl
  • Perfection does not depend on being perfect

    First off, ability and actuality don't need to be the same, so the conclusion that no-one has the ability to be perfect isn't logically demanded. You might ask why, if billions of people have failed to be perfect, why one would believe that the ability to be perfect can exist. The answer is simple--perfection isn't worth it. Perfection is counterproductive. The perfect isn't just the enemy of the good, it's the enemy of risk, which is essential to progress in history and in life. Another way of putting this is that you don't yet understand what perfection is. Perfection is not about being error-free. If you understood what perfection was, we wouldn't be able to say that nobody is perfect.

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