If nobody is perfect then we dont have the free will to be perfect. If we cant be perfect then our imperfections arent punishable.

Asked by: steffon66
  • Like i said if nobody is perfect we dont have the free will to be perfect.

    If we had the free will to be perfect then some would be perfect. So why would god throw us into hel for all of eternity just because we arent perfect when we cant be perfect. So it basically says god punishes us for things that are beyond our control. He also did this in the story of adam and eve and the tree of knowledge. He decided that the whole human race and animals were going to suffer from evil because the first two people made a mistake which is beyond our control. He did this in the story of noah by flooding the world drowning every animal and every child when he could have just killed the bad guys and left the innocents alone if he is all powerful. And in exodus 20:5 it litteraly says he punishes children for the sins of their parents so it isnt my opinion that the christian god punishes people for things that are beyond their control it says it all throughout the bible.

  • Yes but free-will isn't the topic.

    It's the stive for perfection.

    If we are imperfect creatures and cannot obtain perfection then we should not be punished for that. The absence of free-will is an entirely different topic that can be it's own debate.

    I'd argue that we have "free will" but that it is impossible to achieve the perfect goal of "no sin".

    That also conflicts with the "born sinners" message the bible conflicts.

  • Converging towards perfection

    Do you know pie? (in Mathematics) if you don't know just check it out. Many things we take for granted/perfect when they are not but have to use them as being perfect. Any child learning maths may understand what i mean. By the way, if you understand maths, it is not difficult.

  • We Have Free Will

    We have free will to do as we wish. If you submit to belief in the Christian God, then you must also submit to the concept that sin is inevitable, by nature of our free will. The reason that we sin is because we have free will, and of our own free will, choose to do things that please us more than God.
    Technically speaking, our free will is what allows us to be imperfect. In order to live without sin, you would be forced to demonstrate an unwavering control over mind and body, but we as people are corrupt and cannot do this.

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yetifivepecks says2014-06-06T00:50:59.133
I would say that perfection is in the eye of the beholder. I'm not sure that true perfection (to be completely without flaw), can exist at all.
I would argue that we do have free will (because we can make our own choices), but I certainly don't think that we should be punished for our flaws. Our flaws are as much a part of us as our strengths. To me, perfection is the acceptance of one's self. :)
steffon66 says2014-06-06T01:04:59.607
Ok lol... What im saying is that if nobody is perfect we dont have the free will TO BE PERFECT. Im not saying we dont have free will though i dont believe that we do. Im saying that we cant choose to be perfect as nobody is perfect so are imperfections arent punishable if we cant be perfect
yetifivepecks says2014-06-06T01:09:40.470
Oh, I see. Yep, that makes sense. :)
steffon66 says2014-06-06T03:08:24.793
That are was supposed to be our. Our imperfections arent punishable