If North Korea fires its missile, should the U.S. shoot it down?

  • Yes the U.S. should shoot it down.

    If North Korea fires a missile at the U.S. we should shoot it down because if we don't it will hit the U.S. killing tons of citizens. If North Korea fires a missile at the U.S, it means that they are declaring war on the U.S. therefore we should shoot it down or else North Korea has an edge on us on the war. We will be spending money fixing the U.S.'s homes while North Korea could just send another missile at us.

    Posted by: Sumy
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  • Yes the U.S. should shoot down a missile fired by North Korea

    Yes, it is imperative that the United States act quickly and swiftly if North Korea were to fire off a missile by shooting it down. A missile launched by North Korea could do great damage to many nations, including possibly the United States, as well as harm others in the world and therefore must be shot down.

  • Yes they should.

    If North Korea fires a missile the US should shoot it down. I do not see why they would not shoot it down if they have the ability to do so. It is better than letting the missile hit its target and costing people their lives and losing important parts of a country.

  • No, the U.S. should not shoot the missile down.

    There is not enough power behind the nuclear missile head to propel it to the U.S. It will fall short and hopefully hit the ocean. If the United States tries to shoot it down, that would be a sign of aggression and would start a war. Now, if we were in danger, I would be all for shooting it down.

  • No you goofballs.

    We will not need to shoot down the missile because it will be unable to reach the united states. Allowing the missile to possibly hit another country would put any would-be allies of North Korea on our side and then they would stand alone, waiting to be destroyed as a nation.

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