If NWO is real, could it be stopped from happening?

Asked by: Santerix
  • In my opinion.. Yes

    If we work to together and wake up pepole more we will have possibility to stop them. I'm personally not sure is this theory true or false, but if it is true, that would be our way to stop them. If it is not true, then we just go on. But as i said i'm not sure..

  • Slaves have the guns

    Politicians, banksters, lobbyists, etc they don't do anything but talk and write on paper. If the slaves (us) decide not to follow their orders, who will throw us in jail if we disobey the NWO? Noone. They rely on slaves to cage other slaves who resist the NWO. So if police and military stopped fighting FOR the elites... We win! The elites will be noting more than a group of people wishing they were in power. The only way they keep their power is through force. Since I have never seen a politician on the front line of a battlefield, I think we just need to keep pushing police. Example, hold speeches in your town telling your community police should be paid like any other voluntary service and not with stolen money. Bringing the power back to the people.

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