If Obamacare were Romneycare, would we have a government shutdown?

  • Yes we would.

    If Obamacare was Ramneycare, we would have a government shutdowns. No matter who introduced or came out with the bill, the other party would not have agreed with it and forced a government shutdown. The only way this would have been avoided is if both party can actually work together.

  • The GOP wouldn't so much as shut a door if it were Romneycare.

    Obamacare is basically Romneycare, or a reasonable facsimile. What most of the shrieking conservatives seem to have missed is that the Affordable Care Act was almost word for word similar to a proposal offered multiple times since the 1980s by Republicans. If the GOP had pushed it through, there never would have been a shutdown, because the House of Representatives simply oppose Obama no matter how irrational they look.

  • No, probably not.

    If Romney had instituted affordable health care on the national level, I think the Republicans would have either been all for it or would have found a way to work with him, as would the Democrats. Therefore, that means we probably would not have had to suffer through an unnecessary government shutdown.

  • It was a stalemate because it was produced by President Obama

    No, I think if a Republican, such as Romney, had come up with the health care reform, it would have been received and most likely promoted. I think that a certain group of people were hoping for a shut down so that there would be something negative to bring up to hinder he president's progress. In the end, it still didn't work.

  • No, We Would Not

    If Obamacare were Romneycare, we would not have seen the government shutdown in 2013. The shutdown was created when conservatives saw an opportunity to attempt a coup and push for defunding the Affordable Health Care Act. In doing this, the Republican led, House of Representatives brought the government to a screeching halt. Had a Republican president been in power, this would not have happened.

  • Democrats are Spineless

    Democrats didn't stand up to George W. Bush when it was discovered the Iraq War was started on a lie that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, so why on Earth would they stand up to President Mitt Romney and his version of universal health care? Plus, Democrats are more interested in getting things done rather than stalling and hurting the American people in the process just to make a political point from the minority position in Congress.

  • Democrats don't threaten shutdown over things they don't like.

    Polls have shown that support for Obamacare increases by more than 10% if it is referred to as "the ACA". This demonstrates a profound ignorance on the part of the populace, and a form of mindless contrarianism on the part of the conservative factions. This kind of economic terrorism that the tea party led republicans are engaging in has never, and will never be replicated by their liberal counterparts in congress.

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