If people in a foreign nation are being discrimated to violent points, should we get involved?

Asked by: RepublicanMan
  • Innocents would be dying!

    While sometimes us getting involved can be viewed as senseless war, we need to get involved because the innocent citizens of the country are being discriminated mainly for ignorant reasons like Religion. We need to be more sensitive to this and help out. This is the reason WWII happened if you think about it. Poland was being invaded by Nazi Germany and then became occupied. England found that Hitler disobeyed an agreement and then England attacked Germany--WWII became of this.

    It is not good politics, it is not good humanity. We need to have some sense and do justice to the discriminatory morons of the world.

  • Humanity has to learn.

    Humanity has to learn when it needs to help each other. If we are able to stop a genocide, then we should. We do not need another Rwanda Genocide on our hands, other wise, their deaths are on our hands.

    When will humanity stop being so foolish and greedy. Sticking to false identities and ravaging our own planet. We need to learn how to help each other, clasp our hands together, so we can stand the test of time forever. Not foolish greed like Capitalism where one man holds a resource and sells it, but everyone holds the resource and get the most out of it.

  • The only thing evil needs to triumph is for good men to do nothing

    Or not enough. This question is NOT an abstract question of some hypothetical future event. This is happening right NOW! ISIS is killing innocent people. In particular they have targeted the Yazidis. I know most of you probably have never heard of them, but they are being slaughtered and doing nothing would be just as inexcusable as it would have been to ignore the Holocaust.

    Air support is not good enough. Many times targets are not bombed because we don't have people on the ground to tell us whether the target is ISIS or not. That is why we need boots on the ground at the very least to provide intelligence to bombers.

  • Its not our place

    Why should we waste our resources freeing people who will never return the favor? It is not about what is the "right" thing to do, it is about what is best for the country, and getting involved in another countries issues is not best for the country. By we, I assume you are speaking of the United States. My final and most important point is that it is simply not our place. This is why the UN was formed, and it is time for the US to step down and let the international community take care of it, I think I speak for most everybody when I say that we are tired of war.

  • Why just us.

    There are tons of other countries in the world who can do the same, why does the US have to save everyone else. Especially in a vulnerable time right now. We are in no condition to help other people if we can barely help ourselves. George Washington himself said that we need to stay out of other countries issues.

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