If people were free from the religion they grew up with, would issues such as abortion and equality still exist?

Asked by: blackfirewolf
  • This doesn't even make sense.

    Abortion and inequality are issues that exist independent of religion. Does religion often make these issues worse? Of course it does- it's divisive and often prejudiced.
    But to think that if people were suddenly all irreligious that abortion would no longer exist or that some people wouldn't still be opposed to it is naive.

  • Hitchens was against abortion.

    The opinion of abortion and equality is not just to do with religion. Yes the religion may support your opinion. There will always be people that what control over others choices. Its all a matter of opinion. But I see religion as one of the biggest problems when it comes to these issues

  • Abortion is Not Only About Religion

    I think that Abortion or the termination of a pregnancy is based on basic moral principals no matter where they are taken from. Now it can be debated whether morals come from religion or not, but nonetheless most agree that killing is immoral, which is what it is based on. There is definitely a connection between the two but the former is not required of the latter.

  • Yes, those ideas are not based upon religion.

    Abortion is the termination of human embryos and fetuses. This definition is secular and makes no implication of spiritualty. Whether a person embraces this definition depends upon his personal view on conception, whether it or birth are the beginnig of life. On moral grounds, a secular person could believe that abortion is wrong. The United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, and Finland, despite the nations' being more secular than the United States, possess more restrictive abortion laws. (http://upload.Wikimedia.Org/wikipedia/commons/a/a5/Abortion_Laws.Svg)

    There would be equality issues even if people weren't religious. Nazism was based upon eugenics, not religion, for example. Hitler wanted to eradicate religion. (http://www.Nytimes.Com/2002/01/13/weekinreview/word-for-word-case-against-nazis-hitler-s-forces-planned-destroy-german.Html)

  • Kinda no, kinda yes

    I don't think all problems would vanish and certainly not issues like equality, but I think abortion would.

    If we removed all religious background and the entrenched religious culture from society (imagine it's possible), then people would lose a religious authority telling people that abortion is bad and lose the notion we've been led to believe through the entrenched religious culture that abortion's wrong.

    Of course, we may just have a lot fewer people complaining about it - perhaps people only get so annoyed and passionate about abortion because it's against their religious beliefs, not their actual, rational beliefs. So if all traces of religion vanished over night, possibly the number of people complaining about abortion would vanish, too.

    Of course, people have actual, rational arguments about abortion - either for or against it. But the number of people who do have good arguments and don't rely on their religious leader are probably few and far between.

    People are unequal because of a lot more problems than religion. Nationality, skin colour, accent, social class, etc. - all major problems for inequality.

    So - yes, abortion would probably be less of an issue if all traces of religion were to vanish over night, but problems like equality would not, as there are more, greater problems that create inequality.

  • I'm not really sure

    As far as I can tell all the people that argue such things are those that believe in a religion. I'm not saying religion is a bad thing, just that it seems to cause a lot of issues. Ideas of sexism and racism have been adopted from older times when what the priest said was law. And one of the main things against gay marriage is that many claim it is "unnatural" and is against the bible. I'm sorry, I see may issues that are caused directly by religion (Namely, war. Lots of wars are caused from people arguing that their religion is best).

    Maybe I'm wrong but that's what I see when I look at the world and its problems.

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TheShamelessTruth says2013-10-21T10:26:18.100
They would exist but they wouldn't be taken seriously.