If prisoners get free lunch, don't you think students should receive free lunch?

  • I think children should get free school meals.

    The reason for this is because some children's parents don't work and parents also have to pay for there school uniform as well as there food? I don't think this is fair. Some children's parents don't get paid enough to afford there food in school as well because they also have to pay for everyday items like; toiletry's, food for the house, clothes, etc. I think children shouldn't have to pay for there food. Prisoners don't so why do kids have to? You may think that children and prisoners are different, which there are, but they people who are in prison might of had a job and a family so the people who they live or lived with should hand in some money to the prison and then that will pay for there food. You may argue with my opinion but I think that children should get free school meals no matter if there parents work or not.

  • Yes, we should!

    Prisoners are provided for, in most US prisons, with free healthcare, dental care, education, gym memberships, clothing, laundry service, and food. Some prisons provide hormones and whatever else is required for someone to undergo a sex change, including the operation itself, and all of this is tax payer money.

    Student lunches are actually worse than fast food. McDonald’s and Burger King test their ground beef 5-10 times better than USDA tests on the beef sent to schools.

    Why do we treat criminals who have broken the law better and provide for them more than students?

    Why is the lunch program in my local high school so underfunded that three crappy "chicken nuggets" and a small cup of yogurt are considered a full entree?

  • Yes they should

    Of course they should we weren't the ones who did the crime, why should I pay for my kid's lunch when there are bad people getting them for free? I'm good, pay my taxes, I think the least they can do is give my kid free lunch as we'll and not the crappy kind!

  • Of course they should be getting free lunch, or at least not have the food thrown in the trash if they cant afford it!

    I know some schools have programs in which the parents give out their income and then the school decides whether or not the student gets free lunch. Thats not enough though. They should lower the stakes so that more and more families can be enrolled in the free lunch program. The school i went in to was crap. They had that program but you should practically earn no money at all to get the free lunch, and they didnt even inform the students about it.

  • Lunch should most certainly be free for students.

    Students should receive free lunches on account that prison lunches are healthier, have more food, and can make a grown man or woman feel full, whereas a high school lunch leaves students hungry after eating, is usually low quality, and at some schools, the milk is spoiled, there is mold in the fruit cups, the food is undercooked, and whatnot. Speaking from personal experience, getting food poisoning from school is NOT a very fun experience, and I know multiple people aside from myself whom the school food has struck said people ill. So, with that being said, yes students should get free food, or cheaper at the least. If we have to pay $3 and $4 for food that gets us sick, it's a little ridiculous, don't you think?

  • Make inmates pay for their food and kids get free lunch. ..

    It's a simple answer. I think the children are more important than the inmates. Children are our pride in school they should have the path paved for them not incarcerated criminals. Why has if been allowed to go on for so long. I can't belive this has been allowed to go on for so long

  • Students should get free lunches, regardless of what inmates get.

    These are our children we are talking about. The very same people who are going to be running this nation after we are long gone. Each and every child deserves to know that when it's lunch time they are going to eat. No if, ands or buts about it. We preach education is so important to them and yet we make a big deal out of if they can pay just to eat lunch that day. Very depressing treating our future like this.

  • Healthier Lunches and should be subsidized.

    I do in home childcare and there is a subsidy for the food I provide for my daycare kids. All I have to do is make fresh, healthy meals get some audits, and home visits every now and then. It covers most of the food costs. Why don't schools have this! Prisons get free lunches, but schools don't. If the prisoners can work to earn a pack of cigarettes, I say make them work to earn a decent meal. Otherwise give them a cup of oatmeal a day. Perhaps then they won't want to return to prison. Take away a kids lunch because his parents forgot to pay one day and now you know why the prisons are so full. Kids don't want to be in school if the can't learn because the US government wants to punish them. Heckwe pay taxes for school. Why not just keep the tab and save it for dues at tax season. Uncle Sam can collect the back dues since he is so concerned with every other aspect of how our kids are raised!!!

  • Students Are Our Future

    The difficulty with this concept is that there are far too many students to make this a viable program. Yes, prisoners get a free lunch. Yes, students probably deserve a free lunch more than prisoners because they haven't done anything wrong. The only problem is the cost involved. Even though America has a lot of prisoners, the number of students far outweighs them. It would simply cost too much to feed students unless taxes are raised substantially.

  • Yes, we treat them much the same.

    Yes, students should receive free lunch if prisoners get free lunch, because life is made too easy for prisoners in so many ways. Prison should be a place that people do not want to return. It should not be a place where a prisoner is treated better than an average student in a local publish school. Prisoners should have to work for their food.

  • Prisoners don't get free lunch and neither should students.

    Prisoners get fed, but they usually have to work while in prison. Also, their food is low quality. Students would not want to receive free lunch because it is insulting. No one wants a handout. Rather, efforts should be made to improve the economy and fight poverty so that kids would not need a handout in the first place.

  • There is free food programs already for schools.

    Apparently you don't Google very well. President Truman started a free lunch program 1946. It is based off of income level of course. The social welfare barrel is not bottomless. Go here for more info:

    It is easy to find this information online. Please educate yourself. It will not take that long.

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guesswhoiam says2014-10-21T05:33:42.607
Students SHOULD have a free lunch