• Libertarians are the ONLY future

    Libertarian ideals are fair and smart that encompass the middle ground of 'social liberals' and 'economic conservatives' who believe in maximum freedom and minimum government. Republicans need to rid themselves of the neo-conservative agenda that hijacked the party during the Bush-post 9/11 era or they will go the way of the dinosaurs. "I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism." - Ronald Reagan, 1975.

  • Yes, I would vote for Rand Paul

    He seems like he is trying to bridge the gap between extreme right wing conservatives and a more common person that considers them self a republican. He needs to be the republican front runner early so he can come out and demand the attention of the conservatives and reform the image of the republican party like the democrats did in 2008.

  • Yes, I would vote for Rand Paul if he ran in 2016.

    I am a conservative with libertarian leanings and I strongly agree with the majority of Rand Paul's positions so I would vote for him, I believe he needs to make his message appeal to most people as possible so he can get enough support to win the primaries and go on to challenge the democratic contender.

  • Rand Paul is a lunatic.

    Unless Rand Paul was running for class clown or court jester, I would not vote for him. He and his father are both deluded, dangerous, and mentally ill (which is probably why they fit in with all the other conservatives in Congress). There's no way I'd ever let Rand Paul become President.

  • I do not vote.

    I do not think that voting is worth my time at all, so I am not going to vote for anyone regardless of their politics. I think that Rand Paul has some great free market ideas, but he simply will not make enough of a difference for me to waste my time voting.

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