If Robert E. Lee was not a slave owner but was the general of the CSA, was the war still over slavery?

Asked by: bettabreeder
  • So just because Lee was against slavery, that wasn't the cause?

    Since when did the entire Civil War revolve around Robert E Lee's personal beliefs? As I've pointed out to others before, the declaration osf secession of each state explicitly mentioned slavery as a reason for secession, sometimes up to twenty times each. Also, there was no other major issue in America at that time that could have divided the nation so much. Also, explain why every state that seceded was a slave state.

  • The issue was still slavery.

    People need to realize that it was confederate historians who wrote the myth that the civil war was fought over "state rights." Everyone who fought in the war knew that the one single issue was slavery because they knew it would destroy the southern economy if they lost forced labor.

  • The War was not chiefly over slavery

    Abraham Lincoln made the Civil War over slavery after the war had already been going on for 2 years. Abraham Lincoln was not even like most of the other abolitionists. He felt that if slavery was kept out of the territories, it would die out by itself. He fought the Civil War to keep the United States together, not to eliminate slavery.

  • No it was not

    It was not JUST over slavery. A good deal of the civil war was over states rights as well. The south believed the states should choose their own laws, while the north believed the federal government chose the states laws. The only reason Lee joined the south was because his family brought him up there. He was actually opposed to slavery.

  • While I absolutely agree that Lincoln was without a doubt a man of character

    I definitely cannot say that about most Radical Republicans and Dems (who were Union, since they were against the Confederacy). They openly stated that the goal of their war was to loot the South and pillage them. They launched a Viking-style war on the South. To loot them of their resources.

  • Why would he fight for fat peeps that won't do their own work!

    Robert E. Lee was asked to fight for the North but couldn't bare arms over Virginia so became the general of Northern VIrginia, his home state. He grew up on an estate outside of DC that didn't own a single slave. He did grow some crops though. 75% of the South's population was made up of non slave owners

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kbub says2014-02-23T17:58:30.207
The secession was about slavery. The war was over secession. It was in effect about slavery.
kbub says2014-02-23T17:58:57.147
Also, why the heck does Lee matter?
SweetTea says2014-02-24T12:29:23.420
You know, Lincoln offered Lee the position of commanding Union forces just after the highly successful revolt he led (Union forces) at Harper's Ferry against that insurrection. Lee also had misgivings about a war being fought over slavery. After all, most of the South didn't own slaves -- why fight for the wealthiest to have them?

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