If Sanders can raise more money than Clinton, do you think he'll win the Democratic spot in the Presidential election?

  • I hope so

    I'm hoping that Bernie sanders will win the Democratic spot. People say that Bernie Sanders is not electable and I obviously don't agree with that at all. Just because he's not a polished politician like Hillary Clinton doesn't make him unpresidential. I think Bernie has a lot of support and could beat Hillary.

  • Sanders looks to win it all

    If Sanders is able to financially out gain Clinton, he will do so more than likely through smaller donations. If he is able to fully win the far left and gain support from the academics and traditional, democratic voters, he should be able to win delegates. Money, in reality, will only come after he is able to fully get people from their homes to the polls so that he can win primaries.

  • Sanders should win the spot regardless of the amount he raises

    Yes, I do think Sanders will win the Democratic spot if he can raise more money they Hillary. Moreover, I think he should win regardless of the amount of money he can raise. My fear is that if Hillary runs. Trump will be elected, and the thought of it is simply terrifying.

  • Money isn't the end all be all

    People are waking up the the SuperPAC backed Hillary Clinton. Money is becoming less and less of the deciding factor in these elections. People are becoming more and more aware that the media is controlled by interests with ideas in mind other than what Bernie is providing for. He could win.

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