If science and religion worked together, would it benefit the world?

Asked by: zbDbte
  • Science is great God is grater

    I love God and all I want to do is to please Him.
    I love science. I can't wait to enter university and learn more about it.
    No one can say that science is bad because all the technological advancements are because of science, but imagine if the money used on weapons be used for beneficial purposes . Imagine how many people's lives can become better if attention is shifted from using science for power, strength and greedy reasons to be used to make society a better place.

  • God does not exist!!!!! Science proves that!!!!!!!!

    There is SO much controversy between Science and "religion." No one knows the correct answer of how humans got on the earth. Religion is SO brainwashing! Science is 100% correct and too many people are too ignorant to know that! There is PLENTY of evidence that humans are RELATED to apes! Religion just uses a sexist, homophobic, etc. "book" that was created by ignorant men and "said" it is the word of "god" The world would be SO MUCH BETTER if religion DID NOT EXIST!!!!!!!

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