If scientists could prove beyond any doubt that no such things as souls exist would there be less need for religion?

  • Of course.

    Everything good about religion can be acquired some other way.

  • Most definitely

    The only reason people care about religion, the Bible is for the promise of an afterlife. The religions that don't promise don't take center stage. If we knew there was nothing after death people wouldn't give the Bible a second glance. It's all based on fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of death. No one knows and that's a fact. It freaks people out that they know there going to die so they believe. It selfish in it's essence because you care were you'll end up. Accepting the fact we don't know should really be enough. It will be exactly what it is.

  • no soul?

    if there was no soul, everybody would do evil things and benefit since there is no punishment. Say if there is only ONE life and no more, why do good then? -----> It is quite obvious that debts have to be repaid if there is. There must be something remaining of you to ensure this payment. Either your body or your soul. You don't get away doing evil things without repayment.

    Additionally, religion talks about heaven and hell... do good things, go to heaven. Do bad things, go to hell. Using the soul or body???

    How come there is always mention of soul or souls in the bible. Obviously there must be souls.

    No need to proof such things via science... For what? They're not the same thing.

  • The existence of the soul is not necessary.

    I do not see what this question has to do with anything. In Abrahamic religions, the soul is your life; as long as you breath, you have a soul. This is why your soul does not die: because you live on in Heaven or Hell.

  • Religion is more of a need, than it is a provable idea that people subscribe to.

    People need to believe in something, in order to give their life meaning. No matter what science proves, people will always need something to believe in. Religion is something that people believe in, that is passed down from their elders. If it's not religion, it would be something else that people will believe in.

    Posted by: Ci3nInvader
  • Religion is fear, and fear will never go away.

    Religions are all based on fear. Fear of death is the biggest on that is used. Even if it was proved that there is no soul, people would still fear death, and still cling to ideas that make them less fearful of death. Science has proved many things, but religion will always find ways around the proof.

    Posted by: 5c0tJung
  • I do not think that there would be less need for religion, even if scientists proved beyond any doubt that there is no such thing as a soul, because people need to have a higher being to look up to.

    I feel that no matter what religion you belong to, or what level of spirituality you have, you will always have the need to believe in a higher being. Believing in a being higher than yourself gives you hope when there is no one else to provide that for you. I think that even the lack of a soul would not hinder people from sticking firmly to their religious beliefs.

    Posted by: UnsuitableRigoberto99
  • Religion will allows be a major part of peoples lives no matter if scientists proved souls did not exist.

    Religion has existed as long as humans have existed. People need to believe in a higher power to give substance or meaning to their lives. Whether it was believing in the sun god or the great chief, their beliefs or religious creed sustained them through the good and the bad times. Scientists have made several discoveries, but for the most part people tend to ignore discoveries unless it benefits the person to grab hold of the new discovery. Proving a soul does not exist would not change a religious person's belief. Religion will always exist in our world.

    Posted by: EueChosen
  • Religion goes beyond just the existence of a soul. Thus proving that a soul does not exist, does not prove religion is not needed.

    Science is not an end all in itself. For example, can one validate the scientific method? How could we do so? We certainly couldn't do so with the scientific method itself. And many scientists agree there are multiple universes, so the furthest a scientist could extrapolate is that there is no scientific evidence of a soul in this universe. Furthermore science has yet to answer the question of self awareness, and why we are not just like robots that perform tasks.

    Posted by: GrotesqueHeriberto89
  • Religion has more to do with faith than science, so a scientific discovery that disproves the religious concept of a soul would not affect religious needs.

    Being religious requires blind faith, belief in something that has not been scientifically proved to exist; in this sense science plays an insignificant role in faith. People rely on religion as a moral guide, belief in the soul and afterlife(heaven or hell) serves spiritual needs as opposed to intellectual needs. If anything, proving there is no soul might cause many to cling deeper to religious beliefs.

    Posted by: Random87278
  • I still think there would be a need for religion; it has to do with more than just the soul.

    Religion encompasses more than just satisfying the soul or finding a place for its eternal rest. Most religions set and reinforce basic guidelines for morality and living an ethical lifestyle. Organized religion offers people a time and place to reflect and meditate, either as a group or on their own. It gives them a connection with their Higher Power, whatever they choose to call it. There would still be a place for religion in a world without souls.

    Posted by: eazyerip
  • No, because the logical fallacy here is that it is impossible to prove the absence of something.

    Even if, somehow, scientists proved that no souls exist, people would likely be unshaken from their various religious beliefs. Despite mountains of evidence showing the Bible and other holy texts are not books of literal fact, people still take it as such in many cases. People of faith will always exist, though eventually possibly in the minority.

    Posted by: CurvyErich46

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