If Scotland gets independence, would you consider the Lowlands part of Scotland?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Of course they are Scotland.

    I mean do you know how much of Scotland is Lowland. Our capital is even there. Silicon Glen which is in the lowlands will make the independent Scotland lots of money. I say they have every part in Scotland, sure they made mistakes but that is not reason to kick out your own people.

  • Traditionally are Scotland

    The Lowlands have been the generally considered boarder region between Scotland and English for hundreds of years, but have been largely considered Scotland since. England and Scotland should and, by population, have, consider the Lowlands as part of Scotland - even though independence would be a mistake overall in the long term.

  • They are traitors, hate the Celts, and consider themselves English, and helped to create the KKK

    In history, the Lowlanders considered themselves English, and Anglo-Saxon to be exact. They treated the Lowlanders, because of their Celtic/Irish ancestry like garbage because they were perceived to be immoral bums, similar to the welfare-carrying African stereotype. Even today the Lowlanders are causing Scotland not to have independence. They were the ones who helped England have a union in 1707. I say they have no part in Scotland.

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