If someone commits suicide, Will they go to hell?

Asked by: ur_gurly_belana
  • Yes self sacrifice is not suicide

    Running toward a shooter or using your body as a shield so others may live is an act of self sacrifice. I saw a movie about an asian christian that threw himself under a train to save the people aboard.
    Taking your own life because your are sad and or hopeless is selfish because God gives everyone the gift of life.
    It is better to live in miserible conditions than to want to die for anyproblem.
    Many people have suffered and survived much worse and they want to live.
    Why do people suicide. They lost a boyfriend or girlfriend or a job or a family member or they are just sad. I wish I could slap the face of a christian who would even think about doing that. You still have much to live for and God will not accept cowards into heaven. God said he would give us peace that the world could not take.
    SO in short if you die to save another person that is not a sin, But if you kill yourself because of you, Then you are going to hell.

  • Of course yes

    Killing yourself is a sin. God gave you a life, You shouldn't ruin it. Is that how you appreciate everything? Think of the good moments waiting for you. Your mum has carried you for 9 months, Has spent hours of suffering in labor, Has taken care of you, Gave everything for you and you are just going to end your life like that? No, You aren't.

  • God is Love and Forgives Suicides

    The thing is God is Love, Merciful, Just, Fair,
    Forgiving and understanding,
    Many Christians have stated how Suicide is Not a Sin, How they believe in Christ's Mercy and Forgiveness, And that no where in the Bible is Suicide described as a Sin, No where, The Bible is Neutral regarding Suicide.
    God is Love and looks at the big picture, What's in a person's heart and soul, How they lived their life, Not how they died,
    God understands that the suffering persons who killed themselves suffered enough,
    God wouldn't want them to suffer even more.
    Plus, Even if Suicide were a Sin
    Suicide is Not the Unpardonable/Unforgivable Sin, Mentioned by Jesus in the Gospels
    So Christians who have died by Suicide are still covered by the blood of Christ, And will still be allowed into Heaven. God understands and feels the pain of suffering people,

  • Hell doesn't exist

    Since there is no hard proof that hell exists, And there is no scientific explanation for how you could be transported there, Or what "you" really is without your body (including not having a brain). So, Even if hell existed, If you go there without a brain or a nervous system, Then it doesn't matter because you can't think and you can't feel.

  • No god love everyone

    1 god does not judge your actions but your heart.
    2 this is disobedient to god but why live miserably in pain when you could end it.
    3 no one goes to hell yes hell is a real place but no one goes there its not an afterlife its a region god made to banish satan and the fallen angels to.

  • Of course not.

    Because hell is a mythical location of fantasy tales. They will either be buried or cremated and thus reduced eventually to their finite parts. It's crazy how some people still cannot tell the difference between fact and fiction. Though I suppose if we continue to teach our kids nonsense then they will continue to believe in nonsense.

  • I personally don't think so.

    Yes, I guess they are going against one of the ten commandments, But if they are trying to kill themselves, They are clearly not in their right state of mind. God doesn't judge your actions, He judges your heart. There have also been people who have been willing to die to save someone else, So that would have to be God judging by their heart. Their intentions weren't to have someone killed, Their intentions were to save someone's life.

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