If someone is doing nothing, wouldn't they be doing something?

Asked by: SamTheRight
  • I believe because they are doing nothing, they are doing something.

    I believe if someone is doing nothing that is doing nothing is doing something but at the same time nothing is impossible. So if someone is doing nothing, is that even possible to conceive? Nothing is non-exsistant, for as doing nothing is always doing something this is very confusing. Opinions?

  • It is impossible to do nothing.

    A person would have to be dead to do nothing. They are either sitting, standing, walking, running, skipping, jumping, lying down, or maybe even doing a handstand. If they're just sitting, they might be thinking, mediating, watching TV or watching a fly buzzing around the room, etc. They could be resting after finishing all their work, or they could be putting things off til later that need to be done. It is impossible to do nothing.

  • Doing nothing is doing something

    If someone is DOING nothing that person is DOING something so it is sorry to say this but it is Impossible to do nothing. I do like the word impossible because nothing is impossible with God. If you really think about it, it is impossible to not do something. Very sorry to say this God but, so it is impossible for God to do nothing!!

  • Once again....... Nothing is Something

    As the others have elaborated, I firmly believe that doing nothing is something. "Nothing" as one would state, is supposably the referring to the mental state of what a human being thinks they are doing. Let's say you are bored and have "nothing" to do. In mind you think you are doing nothing but physically you are still "doing" something; breathing, blinking, living, sitting, standing, kneeling, etc. whatever you may be doing that you suppose lack the effort and the mind to possess. Clearly expressed by these fellow people, this topic is quite a controversial topic, however, as I stated, nothing can be doing something.

  • Doing nothing is something, if doing nothing was possible

    If you were physicaly able to do nothing, (which is virtually impossible) the prosses of doing nothing would qualify as an action and an action is something. Nothing is something and something is something. The word nothing tends to be loosely thrown around to explain a state of where only the person speaking sees themselves as doing "nothing".

  • Someone is Always Doing Something

    Doing nothing is always doing something because the human body is always working to keep itself alive. Neurons always fire, your heart is always beating and lungs are always breathing. Even if you are sleeping, that's doing something. When doing nothing that is something because there is no such thing as "nothing." Even in empty space there is energy in the form of sunlight.

  • Of course duh.

    The term, the concept, the very idea of "nothing" does not exist. There is always a something. Like when somebody is asked, "What are you doing?" and they reply "nothing" then they would still be doing something. An obvious example would be breathing, or living, or even blinking. For all you people that think otherwise, To be doing "nothing" should not be possible. Not on this planet, and not in this universe, not never.

  • One can never not be doing something

    When you are doing nothing, or so you claim, you are actually preforming something. Say you are sitting in a chair and doing 'nothing.' You are actually sitting. Say you are in a conscious state of nothingness and whiteness; you are still imagining and using some aspect of your brain. When you sit absolutely still, it takes part of your brain to make you sit still. Therefore, unless you are dead (in which you would not be considered someone) you can never be truly doing nothing. It isn't really an argument, as there is really an act for everything. You are doing something if you are in a total whiteness. Floating. You can never truly be doing nothing.

  • They're doing something.

    They're doing something. Doing nothing, is considered doing nothing. You could just be sitting there watching TV and your mother could be like: "Why are you just sitting there doing nothing?". But you're actually doing something, you're watching TV, which is something. Even sitting there is something. You're always doing something.

    Posted by: Xen
  • It is impossible to stop doing something.

    The fact that this is a relative question makes it really complicated to have a just answer. IT really depends on the way you see the act of "doing something" and the act of "doing nothing". For me, doing nothing is literal, for doing it you need to in fact never exist. All the human body function require you to do "something. So when you try to do nothing significant like "nothing" you are actually doing basic body functions and living. So to answer the question, when you do relatively nothing you are actually doing something.

  • Semantic arguments are silly.

    If someone is doing nothing then by definition they are not doing something. There's no reason for us to convolute the language by trying to go into great detail about the concept of "doing." If the person is doing nothing then we understand that to mean that they aren't doing anything at all because that's what that phrase means. Doing nothing isn't so much an action as it is a state of being and while I admit that the English language does not lend itself to describing that easily it doesn't matter because it still happens.

  • They're doing nothing.

    To do nothing, they must not exist, because if they do, they're existing. You can't do nothing, because that's an oximoron. To truly do nothing, you must do "". Someone can't do nothing even if they don't exist, for the reason previously mentioned. Honestly, I could go either way, I just picked this one because it doesn't have any votes yet.

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