If someone talks down to you, It says more about you, Not them.

  • Depends on the sitiuation

    It depends on the sitiuation. Many times the person who is talking you down is correct, And you do need to be better. Or, Of you might be getting overly pissed at a joke that normally, People would laugh at and move on. Or, Maybe the person talking you down is actually wrong and trying to hide their insecurities. It really depends on the situation. The only reason I chose yes was to balance the vote out, Since, At the time of me writing this right now, Its 1:2 leaning to the "No".

  • It says more about you than it does them.

    These people may not always be the nicest, But they are smarter than you and tell you like it is. You probably should have had more knowledge or awareness of the situation to prevent them from talking down to you. They don't have a superiority complex over you. You are clearly inferior to them.

  • Seems like a logical fallacy

    If A talks down to B, Then B has several options. None have been made in the instant, So the only posit we have is A talks down to B, And we can presume from previous situation A has the potential to talk down to C if under similar circumstances.

    B's options are a variation of:
    (Intent, Say, Act) and (Agree, Disagree, Neither)
    i. E.
    B agree's with A, Say they disagree with A, Do as A says regardless.
    B is apathetic toward A, Say they agree with A, Does not do as A says.

    So, B is Schrodinger's Opinion on B upon observation, Whilst A is more probable to be an Arse for talking down instead of teaching as equals.

  • It is situational.

    There are different factors that play various roles in changing people's perceptions about the parties in question. Just some of these factors include the character traits of the people involved or observing, The reason why one person is talking down to another, The quality of criticism/degredation, If one or both people involved have disabilities or mental illnesses, Etc.

    While there may always be a particular reason that someone talks down to another person (ex: a situation results in a conflict, The response of the person being talked down to, Etc. ), The manner and tone used by the person talking down ultimately affects how people may perceive each person and can say more about one or the other.

  • Depends on the situation

    I mean there’s multiple scenarios where this could happen and it could be either direction. Let’s say someone pisses someone else off and he talks down to them. Well then yeah the first person could have avoided it. Now let’s say some person makes a joke out in the open about a doughnut or whatever and some guy talks him down and gets all pissed off over a dumb little joke? Well then it shows that the guy talking down is A very insecure, B can’t take a joke and C tries to get his way with being a dick. Again there’s tons of scenerio with multiple different variables

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