If T series beasts Pewdiepie, Should we nuke India?

  • Yes, Of course

    T-Series uses Subbots. They cheat. They should be banned. Youtube should punish them. We should nuke India and execute T-Series and then burn up the body. We should subscribe to Pewdiepie. JUST KIDDING, The 5th sentence. LOL. But Youtube should hire some advanced hackers and delete all the Unreal Subs. I HATE T-SERIES

  • I am an Indian and I want India to be nuked.

    I am a smelly uncivilized pajeet and I am disgusted of my very existence. I want my shithole of a country to be nuked for all it does is that it adds up to the shit pile of human garbage this would already has enough of. And I might even have a selfish argument because I myself want to die.

  • Blow India up

    Let’s nuke India because t series is trash and t series gay fam man come on dude are you serious who likes t series these days no one likes t series everyone hates t-series ok so yeah my final answer is yes ok 👌 ok ok 👌 good bye 👋

  • Nuke india now.

    I don't care about t series, I'm just sick of scam phone calls and smelly Indians permeating every corner of the planet in large quantities. Also the ruin the internet, All they do is brag about their shithole, And have now shame chucking garbage around. F**k smelly ugly rapist pajeets

  • Yes they are dirty and uncivilised

    Indian are dirty and the most dirty and uneducated and ugly people in the world so i think we should nuke them they are the lowest type of people in the world and they will never be civilised or intelligent so its better to just kill all of them now

  • They are also banning PUBG

    They are banning pubg because a teen killed themself thats just natural selection doing its work and they took over our boy pewds so yeah we should bomb every major city in india and then build a nation of 9 year olds on the still hot ashes. I need more words so whats up my guy.

  • It would reduce world's shit production

    It would help (at least temporally) with the overpopulation problem, And if we have to eliminate a country why not starting with Indians? India has proven to be only a mid age society that allows low quality software development outsourcing to exist, And causes high qualification jobs to be paid less

  • End the t-series

    It's T-Series. All we can do is nuke it. There is no supporting argument required. We must serve our lord PewDiePie in every way. It's T-Series. All we can do is nuke it. There is no supporting argument required. We must serve our lord PewDiePie in every way. We must copy and paste this message all over the internet to spread awareness. There will be a T-Series day devoted to the repeated nuking of India.

  • If T series beats Pewdiepie, Should we nuke India?

    Yes, Because India is a shit hole, They put out more green house gas pollution than most other countries, And they are over populated. T Series has used subbots and violated many YouTube rules. Lastly India is known to host many cyber criminals and telephone marketers who violate the No Call List. Plus they shit on the streets, And Gandhi nukes people in Civilizations V.

  • U w u

    I don't like you T-Series
    Nothing personal, Kid
    But I must go all out
    Just this once

    [Verse 1]
    Bobs or vegana, Whichever will it be?
    Sit the fuck down T-Series I'm here to spill the real tea (uh)
    You tryna dethrone me from spot on number one
    But you India, You lose, So best think you haven't won
    When I'm through with you, We're gonna be completely fuckin' done
    'Cause we only just begun, I review you *clap clap*
    Zero, Bye bitch, Gone
    So come on T-Series, Looking hungry for some drama
    Here, Let me serve you bitch lasagna

    Bitch lasagna, Bitch lasagna
    T-Series ain't nothing but a bitch, Lasagna
    Bitch lasagna, Bitch lasagna
    Look at T-Series they just crying for their momma
    Bitch lasagna, Bitch lasagna
    T-Series ain't nothing but a bitch, Lasagna
    Bitch lasagna, Bitch lasagna
    T-Series just wet themselves in their pajama

    [Verse 2]
    So who the hell is Bob, And why you wanna kiss him? (ew)
    I'm a blue eyes white dragon, While you're just dark magician (oof)
    You got a fifth of the population in your nation but
    I got nine-year-olds of worlds so hold your defecation (oops)
    Motu Patlu, What the fuck is that even supposed to mean?
    Your language sounds like it came from a mumble rap community
    No papa, No papa, Yes papa, Johnny
    Now down all of this sugar and let's throw this fucking party with some-

    Bitch lasagna, Bitch lasagna
    Look at T-Series they just crying for their momma
    Bitch lasagna, Bitch lasagna
    T-Series ain't nothing but a bitch, Lasagna
    Bitch lasagna, Bitch lasagna
    Look at T-Series they just wetting their pajama
    Bitch lasagna, Bitch lasagna
    T-Series ain't nothing but a bitch, Lasagna

    You got a population of 1. 32 billion
    But most your videos can't seem to hit even a million

  • Hey 9-year old American crackers, I am Indian Help desk clerk man here to send you a message from t-series

    If you nuke India, We will die. Therefore I am saying that I will haunt you 9 year old pussypants for the rest of your days. And as the meerkat said in the Lion king 2 1/2, Hakuna Matata for the rest of your life you socialist hellpigs. Current Relationship status: SIngle and ready to chingle. Hit me up if you look like Kris Kringle.

  • Excuse me what?

    Just because T-series surpassed PewDiePie doesn't mean you have to go nuke India. That is labeled as a crime and you could go to jail. I am not defending neither of them since I am not interested on them but you have got to be kidding me with that poll. Nuking India? ! Go ahead and threaten me in the comments section but that won't do anything to me. If you wanna nuke India over a sh*tty reason go ahead. Then enjoy your time in jail and in hell after you do it.

  • This is just stupid.

    Really? NUKING A WHOLE COUNTRY OVER ONE THING? It's one thing to say you hate a channel, But it's a whole new level to request to literally nuke the FULL COUNTRY over them winning the great subscriber war. Grow the hell up, Nine year olds. And y'all saying yes are being complete morons hoping to nuke the country for stupid reasons. You're giving a disgrace to Indians themselves, It'll kill the whole country!

  • This is kinda dumb

    I don't think that we should nuke India just because of T-Series. Even though I think that the content on T Series is not representative of what YouTube is, And it will suck if they pass PewDiePie, I think it is very dumb and stupid to nuke them because of it,

  • I like t-series music even if it is pirating music it still got good music in my opinions like Balam Pichkari and more

    You can't nuke India there a lot of people They hate T-Series just because they were going to surpass Pewdiepie in subscribers, But beyond that, They don't have a real reason for hate T-Series. Speaking about that, They claim that T-Series is one of the worst YouTube channels ever just because of this. With that logic, That means that every channel that's going to surpass PewDiePie in subs automatically becomes one of the worst YouTube channels ever, Right? Not SHUT UP about t-series They believe they have superiority. More than 90% haters are part of PewDiePie Fandom. On top of that, PewDiePie went against T-Series as a joke.

  • E u h

    A e s à 1 2 r t y y. 14657. R eje u i3 4o 4j4 I. 02 2l 3b 30 de l'en et. You le 2 de. Ken3 et. 3l3b2k in 3l4jo ké El and n3l et leo 3bo3 i2 de n2l à no nl NJ for ourself. Playing

  • You guys need to quit about all this "Nuke india" crud. Seriously! There are families that like pewds innocent and just want a good life

    What do you think would be an effect of nuking India I Don't know a war against us. This is just the most stupid thing ever THOSE PEOPLE HAVE LIVES TO LIFE LIKE YOU! How would your "god" pewds react to your behavior! ? How small of hearts to you people have? Can we even call you people at this point.

  • I am shocked :/

    Yes I hate T-Series and yes I think pewds should be at the top but WHAT THE HELL GUYS! This ISNT okay! Bombing one of the worlds most populated places in the world could end up in world war 3 and I don't think ANYONE wants that too happen. Am I right about that you idiots

  • Wow. Just Wow.

    Are you seriously going to nuke India because of a f***ing company? That just baffles me. You have the right to hate T-Series, But seriously? You basically want to destroy India because of T-Series? Grow some brains and stop f***ing treating this like it's the worst think ever. That's just stupid.

  • don't nuke india just for some silly yt thing

    You want to nuke India? Well guess what? That’s what a 9 year old would say. You guys want to nuke India just for a dumb YT thing? WELL GUESS WHAT AMERICANS? DO YOU THINK TRUMP WILL AGREE ON THAT? You guys need therapy or something. So don’t nuke India.

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