• Yes, the American people seem ready to accept anything.

    The people in the United States would not like a tax rate hike, but that does not mean they would protest actively or do anything else. We have seen many rights taken away a little at a time,but it seems as if, as long as we maintain a minimum standard of living, we complain privately.

  • Tax rate hikes would never be accpeted by the American public

    Tax rate hikes would never be accepted by the American public. Any increase in taxes would never be accepted by the American public. Every American wants lower tax rates and more income or money in their pocket. What should be suggested instead is more income for people who work hard and who truly have an impact on our society.

  • No, Americans don't want higher taxes.

    It would be very difficult to get people in the United States to accept higher tax rates, because most Americans already feel that taxes are too high, and resent paying their taxes. Most people believe the government should work to lower tax rates and cut expenses. It would take a lot of work to convince them that taxes should be raised, and even then I would assume very few would accept it.

  • Most people would not

    Most people are really already getting taxed to death on so many things. If it is not the federal taxes, it is the property taxes on underwater houses or the sales taxes on things, even basic necessities like food. People are simply getting taxed too much and see such little tangible benefit to it. Our roads and infrastructure are usually passable at best; our schools are failing. We keep getting taxed more and more with very little to actually show for it.

  • No, the American public would not accept higher tax rates.

    If taxes were raised, the general public would not accept it. The shrinking middle class has already been put under tremendous stress, and an increase in sales, income, etc taxes would probably be reciprocated with outcry. Instead, if tax rates hikes were targeted towards the 1% and bigger corporations, the American public would probably, or the most part, be in agreement--as long as these corporations dont trickle the "punishment" down to its customers.

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