If tensions don't die down in Syria, do you believe the United States will get involved with their military?

  • yes we will

    yes, the USA is always good at jumping in a fight and trying to go and fix it all up. i think that it would be a real good idea for us to go ahead and go over there to make sure that it gets all fixed up and settled.

  • Yes, U.S. is very active in foreign affairs

    Even though I think U.S. should stay out of Syria, U.S. Government has always been very active in foreign conflicts like Iraq and Afghanistan. With many of our soldiers already stationed in the Middle East, I believe it's only a matter of time until U.S. Government enters the conflict in Syria.

  • no, I do not.

    I am really war weary, and I am speaking from a veteran's standpoint. I know my country does a lot of good around the world, and not all of our endeavors are for special interests, but we can't fight every battle. Let another world power step forth for this one.

  • No, the US will not militarily intervene in Syria.

    While the Americans may have played the role of world policeman in the past, that is no longer economically feasible for a military with shrinking budgets and a public with a sudden distaste for armed conflict. The link between Syrian stability and American interests is simply too vague for the American pubic to buy into, even if the desire for intervention existed in the halls of power (which it doesn't).

  • I Hope Not

    Given that Putin has spoken strongly against American military involvement in Syria, I hope we do not have to get involved. I honestly do not think we should become involved in a military capacity given the position of Russia. They are a large and powerful country also, we shouldn't push all other countries around with our opinions. We proposed a course of action, it was shot down. We should keep out mouths shut on this one.

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