If the airline pilots had been armed, would the terrorist attacks on 9/11 have turned out differently?

  • They could have stopped it.

    Yes, if the airline pilots had been armed, the terrorist attacks on 9/11 would have turned out differently, because the people would have been able to fight for their lives. The airline pilots at least could have fought back, and the gun is a good equalizer, even if there are multiple terrorists on board.

  • Yes, if the airline pilots were armed, 9/11 would have been different.

    I think that had the airline pilots had been armed, the terrorist attacks on 9/11 would have turned out differently. I think that if the pilots were armed, those thinking of hijacking the plane would not have been able to take over the plane so easily. They should have probably thought of a different type of attack.

  • Yes, the 9/11 attacks would have turned out differently if the pilots would have been armed

    The pilots being armed would have changed the outcome of the 9/11 attacks because the playing ground would have been level as a result of the pilot having a handgun. The pilot could have been warned about a possible terrorist hijacking from the flight attendant, and this would have triggered him to arm himself to guard the controls to the aircraft. It certainly would have helped 9/11 turn out different than it did.

  • Yes, I think if airline pilots had been armed then the 9/11 attacks may have turned out differently.

    While we will never know what would have happened I believe there would have been a strong chance that the pilots may have been able to succeed in killing the terrorists and preventing 9/11 to begin with, I think airline pilots should be armed and trained to use the firearm with deadly accuracy.

  • You are all so dumb

    Box cutters! Those are not even real knives. If the pilots had any common sense they would not negotiate with terrorists and land in a military air field rather than giving them control of a plane.
    I do not believe they did it I think it was from the gov and that they did it.
    Search for 9/11 documentaries and see that a lot of people had motives and that everything was too strange. How could they pull the passports from the millions off papers and know it was them and pull all this information when they could not even get Castro or bin laden.

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