If the American mental health system were changed would it lower gun problems (yes) or create more problems (no)?

  • An improved mental health system would lower gun problems.

    A better mental health system would address some issues that currently fall through loopholes or are overlooked in the present system that eventually lead to gun violence. In particular, the fact that mental healthcare is still somewhat taboo discourages many people from seeking help before they act irrationally. If this taboo was overcome, more people could seek the treatment they need without shame.

  • Yes, mental health care can dramatically reduce gun violence

    Mental health care is very much ignored in the United States, and as a
    consequence, many dangerously ill individuals go untreated. One of the
    best demonstration of this is in war veterans, who, after committing a
    crime, explain their mental state and their fruitless attempts to get
    help leading up to the incident. In these interviews, psychologists see
    the opportunities to help someone in an unstable mental state if the
    person can be identified and treated in time.

  • Yes, changing the mental health system will lower gun violence.

    I think that a lot of the issues dealing with gun violence have their roots in mental health problems. This can be clearly seen when you think about normal people and the fact that they do not go around killing innocent people. A person who has a mental issue and cannot see the world clearly will do crazy things.

  • Yes, that would help.

    We are very interested in protecting people's privacy and reputation when it comes to mental health these days. However, that has led us as a culture to overlook problems with the mind that could lead to violence because we do not want to mistakenly report it. Some reform in this area would help.

  • One has nothing to do with the other

    If the American mental health system were changed it would neither lower gun problems or create more gun problems. I do not believe that one has anything to do with the other. People that participate in gun violence usually not suffering from any mental disorder, they are just angry or stupid.

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