If the Biblical Baal came down to earth, performed good, and said God doesn't exist, would you believe him (yes), or perceive him as a test (no)?

Asked by: Bullish
If the Biblical Baal came down to earth, performed good, and said God doesn't exist, would you believe him (yes), or perceive him as a test (no)?
  • Well, Without Any Conflicting Evidence...

    If Baal came down to Earth in a fashion that would be unmistakable, I'd presume he existed. First, he'd have to prove he truly was Baal. Second, I'd have to know for a fact this isn't some sort of mass hysteria delusion. It's happened before. Third, I'd have to convince myself somebody isn't just screwing with me (who knows, this could just be some mass prank by some superior alien species). If the only other option is to perceive this as a test by Yahweh, I'd have to be convinced Yahweh exists. Then again, Yahweh isn't really known for being a very direct deity. What would be really interesting is if they both came down at the same time and tried to say the other didn't exist. Let's let that one wrap around our heads. This whole "test" thing is ridiculous because if it really is a test, all it proves is undying loyalty in the face of reason, which is all-in-all a poor excuse for belief.

  • Because they could be lying to you.

    God had prophets to write the bible, and you would feel they were lying to you. Satin has his people out there to not to have people believe in the bible or in god or even Jesus Christ, Has to be by faith to. Look around you and see what god has created for us.

  • I would be suspicious at best.

    I would wonder why he would do a good act and then convince me that God doesn't exist when in fact why would it matter anyways, its a good act, why get recognition for something you wanted to do in the first place? I make my own rules and that's not for anyone to tell me what is correct and what is not. How do I know that that's not his own belief, because if he existed then other things must exist too so that statement would make no sense being as they are both spiritual beings. And why would a good act lead to a religious debate in the first place, it shouldn't, it should be because you wanted to not the other way around.

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Bullish says2013-05-12T19:18:38.047
(-1-) Allow me to clarify, since there is a 25 word limit on the OQ: (-1a-) The "Biblical Baal" obviously refers to the Biblical fish-headed 'false god' Baal. (-1b-) By if Baal "Came down... And said... " I mean that you are 100% certain that you are not hallucinating, Baal physically came to Earth, and he physically performed supernatural acts and logical goodness (such as fly, solve world hunger, make everyone happy), and denied the existence of the Christian God. (-1c-) "Would you believe him" would mean would you believe in his existence and his supernatural abilities, and conclude that the Bible contains at least one lie. This doesn't necessarily mean that you believe he is wholly good and wholly powerful, like the Christian God. (-1d-) By "Test", I mean a test from the One True Christian God that is meant to sway your belief in the True Him, but if you don't sway your belief in the True Him, you will receive appropriate rewards in the eyes of the One True God.

(-2-) This question is based on incredulity, please accept it for the purpose of this question.

(-3-) This question is a response to justin.Graves' question, which can be found here: http://www.Debate.Org/opinions/if-the-god-of-the-bible-truly-existed-would-you-worship-him
x2MuzioPlayer says2013-05-12T20:05:42.417
Hmm, it's not really a "yes or no" question.
Bullish says2013-05-12T20:09:08.587
Believe the existence, power, and goodness of Baal: -Yes-; believe that it is a Test by God: -No-.
Ragnar says2013-05-17T05:12:16.870
Miracles would be a better way to phrase it; also nothing is needed after "would you believe him?"
Bullish says2013-05-17T14:27:28.273
I wanted to specify the "test" part, because people may misinterpret it. I avoided the term "miracle" because hat word has lost it's supernatural meaning in this day and age, and it relates too much to he Christian God.
Ragnar says2013-05-17T15:14:54.050
Ah I understand now.