If the Catholic Church openly opposes abortion, would it benefit them to finally accept contraception as a means of prevention?

  • I believe in saving women's lives. And I am totally against rape and violence of women.

    Health care for women is more important today than ever.
    So many men believe that they can have sex whenever and wherever they like and leave the woman holding all the responsibility. One in three households is a single parent home with little money and many live in poverty. In addition, many women die in childbirth because of the lack of resources available and not enough money for care. Not only do women die but the child dies as well. Every woman should have a choice; every man already does!

  • Their view is illogical

    It is incredibly stupid to be both against abortion and birth control. You can't just expect people to not have sex. That just doesn't happen, because we like it and we enjoy it. That's why abstinence only education that is taught in some states is a complete failure. I'm guessing most Catholics would rather women just not get pregnant in the first place so they don't have to get an abortion, and birth control is the most effective way of preventing pregnancy.

  • Definitely.

    If the church stubbornly opposes abortion then they should at least provide or even just allow methods to prevent making abortion an option. I think the Catholic Church's teaching are very outdated and that it should accept the change in our society. The Catholic Church shouldn't even interfere with what the States do. Because as far as I know, the Church and the State should not interfere with each other.

  • Yes, I agree that if the Catholic Church opposes abortion, it needs to finally accept contraception as an option.

    I believe that a large percentage of current Catholics believe in contraception. I also believe that Catholics are using contraception even if it is not accepted by the Church. I think it is about time the Catholic Church realized that it needs to keep up with the views of Catholics today, or else there will be more people leaving the church.

    Posted by: InfamousChong37
  • I agree because the Catholic Church must endorse safety measures so abortion does not become a reasonable alternative.

    It is the duty of the Catholic Church to endorse contraceptives if they are going to take an aggressive stance against abortion. They cannot condemn both actions for the sake of their congregations. Church members must have an option in contraceptives so abortion never becomes an issue or answer to unplanned pregnancies.

    Posted by: PrettyVince50
  • The view of opposing contraception is outdated, and needs to be revised with the times.

    The Catholic view of sex is that it should be procreative only. But, with the current view of most people that sex is something that can also be recreational and enjoyed, this view may lead to lots of unplanned pregnancies. Given this fact, contraception would be the lesser of the two evils in their views.

    Posted by: TickoNest
  • The Catholic Church would benefit in social standing, and reduce abortions, by accepting contraception.

    Accepting the use of contraception would help to increase the social standing of the Catholic Church. Most members of the Church already accept contraception use, and many even accept abortion. So, the organization adopting a stance in favor of contraception would align it more with its members. Supporting contraception would also benefit the world, as this helps women have more control over their lives. This would help increase the social standing of the Church even among non-members. In addition, supporting the use of contraception would decrease the number of abortions necessary.

    Posted by: tacomoon
  • Yes, the Catholic Church would benefit from lifting their ban on contraception, because it would give their followers more of a choice in how to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

    The Catholic Church's stance on contraception is outdated and sexist, putting all the blame and stress of unwanted child birth on the woman. This practice is driving more and more of their followers away, as they leave women with little choice, other than to go into seclusion. Married or single sex without contraception will likely lead to babies. In today's economy, even a married couple has a limit on how many children they can safely support. By giving the women a choice between total abstinence and constantly being pregnant, the Catholic Church would be doing a lot to repair its dated image.

    Posted by: H_Baird
  • Yes, as contraception is a proven means to prevent pregnancy, and ultimately abortion.

    Times have changed since the Catholic Church first established it's stance on contraception. It would benefit the church and it's members to update their view on contraception when it could ultimately affect the number of abortions performed. This is assuming that members of the Catholic Church are the ones seeking abortion, since this practice is also not approved by the Catholic Church. So in theory, the Catholic Church's support of birth control would reduce abortions. It may not have the large scale effect that one would think, based on the debate question. The effect on prevention itself would be noticeable though.

    Posted by: Ment0n3
  • I would agree that the Catholic Church needs to step into the 21st century and accept contraception as a means of preventing the need for an abortion.

    The Catholic Church condones abstinence and opposes abortion. With the number of people who attend church and strictly abiding by these guidelines falling yearly, it would only make sense for the Catholic Church to accept contraception as a means to avoid the need for someone to have an abortion.

    Posted by: SlayrKalle
  • It's not a popularity contest or going against "the times"

    Just about everyone on this side has hit the nail on the head with both the theological and practical explanations of the Catholic Church's teachings. Two major points I would like to add:

    1) Just about everyone has said something along these lines: "the Church would benefit socially and more people would like it if they did this". While it would be great for more people to like the Church, moral relativism has never had a place in the Church. Unfortunately it takes agreement on a great many more issues for people to see why the Church has these teachings, such as the worth of marriage, the proper place for sex, the value of family, and a great many more. I believe that JPII's Theology of the Body puts together a pretty comprehensive position that covers everything and ties almost all of the issues together to where you can see where all of them affect the others.

    2) Everyone speaks of contraception like it is something new. While the pill and condoms and such are fairly new, contraception has been around for thousands of years. It has just been done in simpler ways. Most cultures that worship gods and goddesses have at least one fertility god. In fact, it is usually the fertility god/goddess that hold a central place in that culture. Did you know that one of the ancient fertility methods was shoving alligator dung into a woman? Much more primitive than the pill, but it was an early version. The whole point of this dialogue is to show that the Church doesn't have to "get with the times" because "the times" have been around for as long as the Church. Neither have changed much. The teachings are as relevant today as when women were shoving alligator dung inside of themselves and sacrificing babies to fertility gods

    Finally, I would urge anyone on the pill to examine what is in it. The statistics on the testing of these drugs and the ingredients are truly horrifying.

  • Contraception: Satan's Masterpiece!

    Contraception is INTRINSICALLY EVIL!

    Contraception separates the sex act from procreation and undermines the sanity of a just society. Familial fidelity builds binding lifelong relationships that are the bedrock upon which a strong sane culture can thrive and grow. Contrarily contraception promotes the pursuit of unrestricted sexual gratification as an end in and of itself. Since no lasting relationships are formed because of the 'possibility' of promiscuity it becomes an act of social disintegration and stagnation instead of stability and growth. The pursuit of sexual gratification also "ELIMINATES": Marriage, Family, Faithfulness and Responsibility, Gender Identity, etc. Etc. And leads to: Divorce, Civil Unions, Polygamy, Incest, pedophilia etc. Etc.

    Does anything sound familiar? Contraception is a lie that has led Americans to become conscienceless murderers through the brutal act of aborting nearly 60 million innocent humans. Each murdered baby was an "Individual being"; a completely separate "Life" totally dependent on it's mother for it's sustenance, safety, and well-being! Those BABIES were betrayed by the satanic LIE of contraception: endless sexual pleasure and fulfillment WITHOUT CONSEQUENCE!

    Every threat to this Nations survival is rooted in the toxic acceptance of Satan's 'Masterpiece'!

  • It's not just about the outcome.

    It's about doing God's will. Catholicism isn't a political institution. If sex without being open to life degrades the importance and the beauty of sex and is considered a sin why would the church support it. In other words, the church will never support something that is believed to be sin no matter what the outcome in this life. Otherwise the catholic faith would be social service and not faith.

  • Truth is not subject to popular vote

    The Church opposes abortion for the same reason She opposes murder--they're the same offense (except that in the case of abortion, the victim is always innocent and helpless). The Church also opposes sex outside of marriage for both men and women--sex is a wonderful thing, don't get me wrong--but it is not a mere recreational sport. While the Church teaches that children are blessings, She also recognizes that there are times when spacing them out to a greater extent is necessary (which necessarily reduces the absolute number). The answer is not contraception which reduces the woman to a mere object to satisfy sexual desire but either complete abstinence for a period of time or periodic abstinence (Natural Family Planning, which relies on the fact that when you pay attention to your body you can figure out when conception can or cannot happen). I've only been surprised by the conception of one of my children--I conceived twins without any family history or use of fertility drugs. Conceiving once wasn't the surprise, but seeing *two* babies on the ultrasound was.

  • Never.

    While Abortion is a grave sin against growing life, contraception is a sin towards the body.

    Sexuality is a gift from God as a form of expression of love between husband and wife. It has only one purpose, PROCREATION. Sexuality is a beautiful gift from God, as it allows couples to be co-partners with God's creative power. Contraception is usually used by couples who want to experience the pleasure of sex but do not want to accept the responsibility brought by sex. And it does not promote self-control and self-discipline among people.

  • No.

    It contradicts their philosophy. Not only would it not be beneficial, but they would be screwing up the teachings of their own religion, which has been around for thousands of years, just because of an idea that's popular at this moment. The point of these rules is to not have sex at all if you're not married, and to have lots of kids if you are. The Catholic Church believes that children are blessings, not burdens. Even if there is a reason that the couple does not wish to become pregnant at the moment, the Church does approve of Natural Family Planning (NFP), which works about as well as contraception. Another reason the Catholic Church is against contraception is because many methods work as an early abortion, such as the morning after pill.

  • No, the Catholic church should not accept contraception under these circumstances; the ban on use of contraception is an integral part of the church's theology of the body.

    To understand these issues, one must fully understand the Catholic church's teachings on marriage and sexuality. The Catholic church values life: from conception to natural death. There are no exceptions, and there is no wiggle room for popular debate on this. Abortion is abhorrent to the church because it destroys life, our greatest gift. Contraception is a slightly different issue and largely unrelated to abortion. Married couples, living according the faith, do not practice artificial means of contraception, including barrier methods, the pill, and sterilization, because it undermines the couple's relationship. In a super-simplified nutshell, the relationship between a man and his wife is like that of Christ and the Church; just as Christ puts no barrier between himself and the church, there should be no barrier to life between a married couple. The Catholic church accepts the use of NFP, which is an effective means of spacing or avoiding pregnancies. If one were to follow the church's very consistent teachings on marriage and sexuality, there is no reason to use contraception to reduce abortions. If a Catholic isn't following these doctrines, then he/she needs to hit the confessional. Fortunately, the Catholic church lives outside of popular culture.

    Posted by: MeatyClarence70
  • NO!

    "Prevention" is against the Catholic Church. The right thing to do is wait for sex until after one is married. Then when they have sex, they do not wear a condom because they are not preventing any baby from happening. If she conceives a baby, then good. If not, then maybe she will the next time they have sex without any sort of protection. According to the Catholic Church, they do NOT block life from happening.

  • NO.

    Contraception prohibits children from being conceived and has a lot of other side effects. It is a selfish act that takes the place of selfless love!

    Abortion is murder. The womb is meant to be the safest place for a child to reside. Proof that the Child is thriving is clearly shown in Ultrasounds, hearing the heartbeat, and feeling the baby kick.

    Contraception and Abortion both reject the miracle of life! Religious teaching supports the truth!

  • Not at all.

    I am not a member of the Catholic church organization and I will not try to say anything to make it seem like I am trying to say how they should conduct their affairs, but I am sure that if they accept contraception as a means to try and force the prevention of women who willingly engage in sexual activity (and then later on choose to have an abortion in order to be "free" of their personal responsiblity as a future mother), then they are not properly doing their job in counseling the women in their organization on the mandates of God's commandments and laws. There is nowhere in the Bible where it speaks on it being permissible in God's eyes that a woman can have an abortion just because she is not ready to be a mother. Imagine if the virgin Mary herself after receiving news that she was going to be the mother of the Lord and savior Jesus Christ Himself said, I am not ready for this, I am going to find a way to tear this life from my womb. That would have been completely unheard of in those days. It should be treated the same way in these days. In this day and age however, if a woman is not ready to have a child, there are many avenues that are at her disposal. Birth control pills, sponges, even the whole idea of getting a dangerous operation like an abortion is readily available. When the whole time all a woman needs to do is just keep herself abstinent. It costs nothing except the persoanl sacrifice of engaging in sexual activity. Besides, any church organization has no right to decide what a man or woman chooses to do when it comes to an individual's own free will and agency. The leaders of church organizations are not held accountable for the spiritual salvation of every individual according to the laws of God. They are responsible for the affairs of the church and the protection of the body of the church; not certain individuals.

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