If the disease 'Ebola' first broke out in U.S. its transmission and impact was less..

Asked by: Joel.98
  • A variety of factors exist in West Africa that do not exists in the United States, and visa versa

    The Ebola outbreak in west Africa is especially harmful to the region of a variety of reasons. For one, there is immense under education about the disease, people simpily do not know measures they can take to prevent themselves from getting the disease. Furthermore, cultural practices, such as those typical of the people of Ghana, such as washing the bodies of the dead can often spread the disease to more people.
    In the United States, the CDC has procedures to prevent widespread outbreak. People who are sick can call, make appointments, and get to a doctor in less than an hour's time, and get diagnosed easily. The plethora of medical care along with the measures created by the CDC will make any outbreak in the United States far easier to deal with.

  • Ebola is not curable

    I don't know what this question is asking, but Ebola does not have a cure. Only supportive treatment can be used to help treat Ebola patients, and considering the mortality rate is 70%, even going to around 90% for some strains, I don't think the outbreak would have less of an effect in the US.

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