If the divorce rate is accepted at 50%, will the same methodology produce a death rate of 62%?

Asked by: bigdave
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Buckethead31594 says2014-01-17T03:16:23.933
I don't quite think that I understand your reasoning.
bigdave says2014-01-17T03:29:06.973
The divorce rate is calculated on the number of marriages in a year divided by the number of divorces in that year. That calculation produces a figure of 50%, but the methodology is flawed. Using the same method of taking the number of births in a year and dividing by the number of deaths in that same year gives a rate of 62%. Using proper methods, the divorce rate is 1.5% and the death rate is 0.8%.
Buckethead31594 says2014-01-17T03:31:18.567
Ah, I see what you are saying. Excellent use of logic.