If the earth is pear shaped like Neil degrade says it is, is that proof we have only faked pictures of Earth?

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  • Why don't we have real pictures of earth

    There all photo shop. With all are space travel never was there a full photo of earth we have the technology especially to take a picture of earth so haven't we if you research it all the pictures of earth were pieces out together by photoshop that makes you wonder?

  • You can't tell a true sphere from a 0.3% oblate spheroid just by looking at a picture.

    Draw an exact circle 1 meter in diameter, now draw an oblate spheroid next to it where one diameter is 99.85cm and the other is 100.15cm (i.E. 3 mm different). Now show them side by side to a friend and ask your friend to tell you which is which without measuring them. It can't be done. And that's just the "oblate spheroid" part. The "Pear Shape" is smaller difference still, don't quote me on this, but I read that the average southern hemisphere radius is about 1Km bigger than the average northern hemisphere radius, that's less than 1 part in 6000, so draw another oblate spheroid 1 meter across but this time make one side of it 0.084mm further from the center than the other side and challenge your friend to tell you which side is fatter!

  • An exaggeration of the real shape

    When he meant pear shaped he only meant it in the context of subtle measurement analysis. You wouldn't see it in a photo because the "pear shape" is so subtle. I'm guessing he didn't explain this well enough. Though when talking with Sway he said that if you were to shrink the Earth to the size of a regular billiard ball, it would be the roundest, smoothest ball in existence. The Earth is incredibly round due to the forces of gravity.
    I done a rather quick look at this a while ago, looking at the lowest point and highest point of the Earth. If the Earth was only 30cm in diameter then the difference between the highest and lowest point would be less than a millimetre. I think a tactile globe will only work if it was a bit larger.
    In short, the Earth is not a pear, just displays the subtle dimensions of one. It's really sad that this needs to be explained to people.

  • Do your research.

    Neil Degrasse Tyson suggested the the Earth is -ever, ever, ever so slightly- "Pear-Shaped".
    The Earth forms the shape of a geoid. Pear-shaped is a relative term in this context.
    The shape of the Earth depends on sea levels.
    We live on an imperfect pear oblate spheroid.
    It's hardly noticeable at all. It's all based on the measurements, not how it looks from far away. The Earth is very obviously an oblate spheroid, the pear part is discrete.

  • I do believe this is a loaded question

    I also have no idea who this "kook" is, but you are saying "suppose" meaning "hypothetical, the earth really is pear shaped," at which point it would be yes, we have all been fooled by the government into thinking we are on a globe! HA! TAKE THAT WORLD! But seriously, why would NASA want us to believe that? What purpose does it serve? Whoever started this opinion needs t spend less time watching TV.

  • I have no idea who that kook is, but he's wrong.

    The earth is not pear shaped. The hundreds of photographs we have of earth show that it's round. Now, we know that it's not a perfect sphere thanks to NASA's satellites and astronauts who have shown and recorded that it's a very rough sphere because of the seas and mountains. They've also recorded that Earth bulges near the equator because of the gravitational mass, which alone should disprove the pear shaped theory.

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