If the fetus you save turns out to be gay, will you still fight for its rights?

Asked by: nyost
  • A life is still a life.

    I don't necessarily stand for pro-gay rights. But it pales in comparison to the murdering of innocent babies. I wouldn't care how the child would be orientated in the future, because a life is still a life. I'd rather have someone grow up to be gay than to kill him/her before they're even born.

  • I never knew fetus's could be gay...

    Well im against homosexuality, but i think they have the right to live... I dont really get what the question is saying. There is no scientific proof that you are born gay by the way. The only proof there is, is the homosexualy who claim they have always been gay, a little bias but those are the only people you can really ask. There are also people who claim they used to be gay or have recently turned gay.

  • I Don't Understand The Relevancy

    Do you assume that if a fetus was gay I would rather just have it aborted?

    Right to life > Gay rights

    Now I don't support same-sex marriage, but that's irrelevant to the right to life. I don't care if the fetus grows up to be homosexual, I just care that it lives.

  • They Should Live

    If my fetus is born gay, I would still love it. It would still be my child by which I gave birth to. It doesn't matter to me. This seems like a very stupid topic because the answer seems easy: Yes. Even if God doesn't like they're "lifestyle" it doesn't matter, cause if he doesn't protect him, I will

  • A person's a person, no matter how small.

    A person is a person, no matter what. It makes me upset when I see people who hold up signs saying, 'would you save a fetus if it were gay?' Well, abviously. One problem at a time. Common Sense, something every one needs. Okay, that's all, I'm finished, off to the next thing.

  • I am an ambassador of fetuses

    They did not choose to be gay, they were born gay. Who would choose to have a life of discrimination and bullying?The Bible was written more than 2000 years ago, and society has made great advancements since then. I am not saying that the Bible is wrong, but I am just saying that 58% of worldwide marriages are civil, non-religious (inclusive of ALL religions) marriages (not inclusive of gay marriages as they are not legalised worldwide).

  • Of course, a gay fetus is still a human and one of God's children

    A gay person is as much a person in God's eyes as a heterosexual, and just as valuable. God loves them both the same and they deserve equally as much love as can be given. I am not quite pro-gay rights, but I am both pro-life and vegetarian so this is consistent

  • Of course! Sexuality does not determine a person's right to life any more than race does.

    People who would not save a fetus because it is gay are no better than the slave traders of old, who genuinely believed that a person with dark skin is less human than those with white skin. Homophobia is no different than racism, sexism, ageism and all those other 'isms.' I would argue pro-choicers are endorsing a similar attitude to slave traders as they claim a fetus is less human than a fully grown person. To those who say 'yes but a woman has rights over her own body' that is true but the little person growing inside you has their own body aswell, what is your argument? It is scientifically proven that a fetus has in place all the necessary biology to feel pain at either 8 or 20 weeks. The brutal methods of abortion carried out in the name of convenience is more painful and inhumane than any middle-ages horror method of torture you could think of because the fetus does not have in place the part of the brain that inhibit pain in fully grown humans. An innocent, helpless life having its limbs twisted off in-utero will be in far more pain than a medieval convict being hung, drawn and quartered. Think about that for a minute. We balk at torturing our worst prisoners yet we inflict the most horrific pain imaginable on our most innocent and helpless citizens. That is truly disgusting.

  • It's still mine

    Absolutely I would still fight for my fetus, whether or not it turns out to be gay. The way I see it, it's still a human being and deserve to be treated with respected, dignity, and love, just like any other human being would want to be treated with. Just me.

  • Same as any other person

    Hypothetical scenario where I would have to put myself in the shoes of a pro-life activist, if my belief is that God created everyone equal and that every life conceived is His sacred will, then I would consider not my beliefs on abortion, but on homosexuality. If God willed this child to come into this earth, then so be it.

  • Yes, it is a living creature.

    Yes, if the fetus I saved turned out to be gay, I would still fight for its rights, because all humans deserve a chance at life. God loves homosexuals just as much as he loves everyone else. Although he does not allow homosexual activity, that does not mean that homosexuals are any less his children.

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