If the fish is submerged in water, is it aware it is wet?

  • Short Term Memory Lost

    Saying it doesn't know that it is wet is still implying that water is wet. One of the synonymous for wetness is clingingness. The particles in water attract to one another because opposites attract. If water was made up entirely of neutral particles it would not cling, or be wet. Water is wet', because that is what we call it. ''I'm wet'' is the phrase we utter when attempting to describe a quality of water. If a fish didn't know it was wet, then it must have short term memory lost like Dory because I think they will believe they are dying.

  • They think they are wet

    They think they are wet because when they are taken out of water they start to thrash around becuase they know they are drying out. They think they are wet because when they are taken out of water they start to thrash around becuase they know they are drying out.

  • Well aye of course it does man.

    If a fish didn't know that it was wet then it wouldn't be able to swim or breathe in the water and it would drown and dye ahahah. Fish are aware they are wet because they are smart little creatures who are well used to the #fishtanklyfe. Thanks thats me opinion for today, hope you liked it.

  • It d o

    If a fish in water, it know its in water. Cc dm cm rj e fd d d d d d d dddd d d d d d d d s s s s s ss s ss s s s s s s s s s s s s s

  • To be aware of wet, it would have to know dry

    Fish are not aware that they are wet because they have always just been wet, and have no experience of dry. Therefore, it would not have occurred to them that they are wet.

    On the other hand, the rare fish that survives when their puddles dry up or who jump out of the water, may realize that dry is different from wet.

    However, the vast majority of fishes are not aware of being wet.

  • No Possible Way

    No way does it think it is wet. First of all it is a fish so all it has known is being in water. Humans are used to being dry, so when we have water on us we are aware we are wet. If a fish was removed from the water then it would realize something is wrong. It probably would not be able to tell what it was and how to fix it. Water is normal for fish and it does not have the capability to tell the difference because in the end it is just a fish.

  • Y'all are stupid

    This is an excellent branch off of the typical "Is water wet" question, but I'm afraid it's terribly obvious. As a human, even as a smart, developed species, we would have no concept of being "dry" had we not seen water. Fish, even those in clear tanks, really have no interaction with air because they don't go out of the water for any reason. Obviously these points paired with the fact that fish really have no logical thinking abilities provides a clear answer. If 67% of people think differently I'm not entirely sure the majority of humans are smarter than a goldfish. I rest my case, thank you.

  • I don't think so

    I think it is not aware it is wet, but remove the wetness, then it's aware that it's NOT wet. There's a difference. It's not aware that it is wet, just like we're not aware we are dry on a regular basis. We usually take this knowledge for granted. But the big difference is we're humans who are capable of very complex thinking that can be aware of things we usually take for granted, for example, being dry. But even with our complex thinking, we often than not take for granted this knowledge of being dry if we have been dry for a certain period of time. Even more so for the fish that is incapable of thinking processes similar to humans, it is not aware of it being wet because it always has been wet. But remove the wetness, like removing them from water, then they will notice that they are significantly less wet than usual. Thus, when submerged in water, I think that the fish is NOT aware it is wet

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