• Yes, I do.

    The God of the Bible is know to be kind and just. Heck, He died for us. Seeing that He is omnipotent and all-knowing, I am in no place to question His motives or His actions. He killed thousands? Well, that was justice for their evil ways. He destroyed entire cities? Justice. Did something I don't understand? Who cares? My mind is infinitely less powerful than His. He is kind, just, all-powerful, all-knowing, and omnipresent. He deserves to be worshiped

  • Yes I would!

    If there is evidence for ALL of mankind then why not worship Him? He has done so many wonderful things! I don't see how His creatures reject Him and refuse to accept Him as their Maker? It's very absurd and cruel especially since what He has done for ALL people! He came started everything with just His Words! That is SOO powerful! And then He took the time to make the creatures; man and woman.. And they populated the earth within so many years and now there are so many people today! God has given life and yet people willingly take it for granted as to say they don't care or don't like the idea of someone being in higher rank to have control. We live in such a messed up place now all because of SIN! Sin was the cause for the fall in the beginning and sin has progressed even more. Sin is what kills us everyday physically and spiritually. Without God we are nothing and can do nothing! Without God we don't have life or meaning! Without God we have no purpose or reason! Thanks be to God that He thought of us when Jesus (God's Only SON) came as 100% man and 100% God being 200%equally perfect together! Jesus lived a perfect sinless life.. But because of sin, OUR SINS put Him on the Cross.. To pay OUR debt that we so deserve.. He took God's full cup of wrath to pay OUR debt! Did He have to do that? Absolutely not! But He did this because He loves us! And if we all would just repent and believe this Gospel we may saved, given life and made wholly in Christ! And truly worship Him for who He truly is because He does exist!

  • Without A Doubt!

    The God of the Bible does exist & I proudly worship Him. I don't expect everyone to follow my faith, or understand it. I would, however, appreciate some respect for it. But I suppose others may feel the same way about their religion.

    I don't have to see an atom to know such things exist. Long before ultrasounds, women knew they were pregnant without seeing their unborn child on a screen. You cannot physically see love. Still, love exists. And I know that God exists. I know what He has done in my life. I know the hurdles & darkness He has gotten me through. I don't have to see Him, touch Him, etc. All I need to know is that He is God and believe in Him. And I do.

  • Yes Absolutely !

    God does exist. Also whats up with all the religion debates, religion forum posts, religion everything. What motivated people to attack this subject. Why not Obama, the nations debt, or other bills that Congress passed. Why religion. I've seen it in more debates and forums than anything else. Would someone explain to me, how did all organisms came from one cell, and where did that cell came from? Did it just magically appeared. It's impossible. It doesn't make sense, unlike God and the Bible, it totally makes sense.

  • I would and already do.

    In the Bible God tells us that His Son, Jesus Christ, came to Earth and died for our sins. He came to die a horrible death on the cross. He died for us who are sinful, even though He was sinless. Think about it this way. If you were told that you were going to die, because of a crime you had committed, such as murder, and you knew that you deserved to die, yet someone came and offered to die for you. What would you think? You would want to bestow on them everything you could and hem glory and honor. Jesus did that for you on a much bigger scale. How much more glory and honor should we give Him? He is worthy of all worship and praise!

  • I would worship hi with all my heart as i do now

    Jesus is the son of god. Why wouldn't i believe in him? He is a god of love and mercy and he knows me from my favorite TV show to the number of hairs on my head. Why wouldn't I worship someone who conquered death and who loves me enough to know all of this about me. He is God in the flesh. That brings me joy just saying that

  • I would and do.

    I would not worship Him only in personal prayer and by going to church, I would worship Him and thank Him with my actions by living the life that he called me to live. I would love my neighbor, even my enemy, as Christ loved us. I would thank Him for everything I have been blessed with in my life including the blessings I have received by putting my faith into the many promises He makes throughout the Bible. I would thank Him and worship Him for the miracle of His Son who came down to Earth as God made flesh. Even though God knew that we would crucify Jesus, He gave Him to us so that we all might be completely forgiven of our sins because he loves us so much and wants us to be worthy of standing in His presence, even though the Bible says that we all fall short of the glory of God. Understand that when the Bible was written, giving scientific proof of God would have proven His existence as humans did not have that kind of knowledge back then. Thus we would be forced to believe in God and not have free will. There would be no reward for choosing to follow Him and have faith in Him. The proofs of God in the Bible are the moral truth that you have to put faith in to see if they really are true. That and the fact that the Bible was written by dozens of different people from different times, cultures, and civilizations spread out over a 2,000 year period, many of whom claimed to be writing the direct words of God Himself. The Bible is also 1/3 prophecy, most of which have been fulfilled. No one has ever denied the accounts of Jesus and His followers who spread the Word of God throughout the Roman Empire in a single generation. There really was a man named Jesus who was crucified under Pontius Pilate after His people accused Him of claiming to be the Son of God. All He had to do was drop that claim, but He chose crucifixion. Yeah, God cares about your sex life, what you put in your body, even what you think about. Why? Because he wants your marriage to be as meaningful as possible, your life to be as long and healthy as possible, and your heart to be as pure and open to accept His truth as possible. God loves all of us more than we can comprehend, and we don't even need to understand why on this Earth, just to accept His love and forgiveness. Hell isn't a place where demons eternally torment you in fire, it is where you are fully aware of the magnitude of your decision to alienate yourself from God, who can grant you eternal life with Him. Holy Spirit fill those who seek Him with His truth and love. God bless. Jesus saves. Jesus lives.

  • Duh, he does exist.

    It says in Genesis that God made woman from taking a rib out of a mans rib cage. It is now factual that men have one less rib than woman. SO BAM. There is a God and that is only a fraction of the endless amounts of proof. (but why wouldn't you believe in God? All he is is good and helpful, it makes no sense to go against him, and as of following him, you've got nothing to lose)

  • Yes, it would be irrational if anyone didn't.

    A lot of people (out of ignorance) blame God for the evil events in this world caused by satan. Satan is a deceiver. He is deceiving the 56% of the people that answered 'no'. Even satan believes there is a God and he trembles. I don't understand how someone can quickly dismiss the existence of God due to their reliance on science. Even the king of science himself (Einstein) admitted that he himself cannot dismiss such profound possibility: "Your question [about God] is the most difficult in the world. It is not a question I can answer simply with yes or no. I am not an Atheist. I do not know if I can define myself as a Pantheist. The problem involved is too vast for our limited minds". So my question to you (atheist) is: how did you, with your limited knowledge, come to the conclusion that God does not exist?

  • He does exist otherwise we couldn't claim that he doesnt

    It is impossible to think on things that do not exist. The ability to think of things increases the possibility exponentially of their existence. We can't say that airplanes didn't exist before the wright brothers, because the wright brothers were trying to build an airplane (that worked). I put parenthesis around that to emphasize they had a realistic goal and they were capable of building it which meant planes existed and the wright brothers had the ability to build it.

  • Another Nonsense Question.

    Justin Graves has posted two hypotheticals based on the same premise, which is the Christian God: “If the God of the Bible truly existed, would you worship Him?” and “If Christianity was proven to be true, would you believe it?”

    He then states that the God of the Bible is known to be kind and just, which is blatantly false. I need only site one Biblical event that proves that God is neither kind nor just: God caused the Great Flood that murdered everyone on earth, even babies, except for Moses and his family. An all-knowing and all-loving and understanding God would not do that.

    All religions are based on fear and the promise of a better life if you just bow down in submission to a make-believe (i.E. Man-created) deity that is omnipotent. The Great Flood Fairytale was created by tribal leaders to scare members of the tribes into believing in God and to following the rules of the tribe.

    Justin counters that was because of their evils ways.

    Justin how did babies have evil ways?

    Justin is just spewing more fanatical Christianity justifying their murdering God. And, of course Justin counters with the standard Christian caveat, God’s mind is greater than man’s; therefore, man cannot understand why God’s murdering of innocent babies was not murdering but part of God’s grand design.

    Justin is a faithful little sheep, who will surely enter the gates of heaven on judgment day, whenever that day is supposed to happen.

    Then Justin spews more Christian nonsense with the standard statement: God is kind, just, all-powerful, all-knowing and omnipresent; and, because of this, God deserves to be worshiped.

    These concepts have been debated ad nauseam in Philosophy; and all have been debunked.

    The only proof that God exists is Faith. That is, you either have faith that God exists and believe in him or you don’t have faith and don't believe in him.

  • I would not

    If Hitler rose from the dead, said he was God, and wanted to be worshiped, would you do it? I wouldn't. God is worse than Hitler.

    God killed the entire world with a flood (even though we know it didn't happen). Women, children, infants, ect. God ordered the death of children in 1 Samuel 15:3, Ezekiel 9:6, Exodus 12:29-30, Isaiah 13:15-18 and more. Many apologist websites actually justify infanticide! Which is just sick. God allows forcibly taking wives in Judges 21:10-24, Numbers 31:7-18 and other verses. Do you really think after their fathers, husbands, brothers, and little sisters were killed the women would just go willingly?

    The God of the Bible does NOT deserve my praise.

  • Omniscient, Omnipotent, Infinite, Eternal, Immortal tyrant? No thanks.

    No matter whether it's the New or Old testament bible we're talking about, the God portrayed therein is essentially the same, just with many references to miracles that could actually be seen and scientifically observed removed from the New. Either way, this is the same being who, apparently, created the universe that we now live in, gave us 'Free Will' and chooses to punish us/'allow us to be destroyed' if we actually utilize that free will in any way other than the exact, no-free-will path he 'saw fit' to lay down for us. If he existed, and he actually did have every trait he was depicted as having in the bible, I could honestly find no other ethical recourse but to deny him completely; to refuse to worship such an unethical being, and to attempt to use my free will in ways that he couldn't have foreseen so as to have it's use actually be meaningful. To do otherwise would be to essentially abdicate all genuine morality and responsibility and allow who and what you are to be dictated by a being so far removed from humanity as to be incomprehensible. The concept of 'God' shown in the bible, and *actual* Free Will, are incompatible, and Free Will is much more important.

  • I have better things to do, and I think he'd agree.

    I think if God were to exist, if you look at values promoted in the Bible or the Torah or the Quran, he would probably want us all to focus on helping others and making the world a better place. So, I would rather spend my time out in the real world helping people and using my talents to improve the world, than simply staying in a church in an attempt to get brownie points.

  • I don't think he would care.

    I'm Agnostic... Which basically.
    I'm neither arrogant enough to believe there is nothing out there that may be beyond my ability to comprehend that works against or even manipulates Physical law.
    Am I self-concerned enough to think that if one being did create everything in the entire universe ever, he'd give a flying f*** what I do on Sundays, what i eat on Fridays, what kind of facial hair I have or even who i have sex with.

  • It's complicated, but essentially no.

    1. If a Biblical God truly existed, it would obvious that He wants us to believe and worship in him, as stated numerous times in the Bible that when we don't, he gets really mad and causes people to suffer. (I then beg the answer as to why He doesn't just make me in a way that I sincerely believe in Him.)

    2. Since I do not want to suffer, I will worship him out of only fear.

    3. Since worship out fear is not considered sincere in the Bible (I think this depends on your interpretation), I will have no ability to sincerely worship God.

    4. I will have no ability to sincerely worship God because I see him contradicting Himself, causing pain, and displaying mental weakness all through the Bible.

    5. While it could be true that my consciousness may be infinitely lesser than said God, and that I will have no ability to comprehend God's ultimate goodness if he is good, I ultimately base my decisions on my ability to reason, not out of fear.

    6. I ultimately base my decision out of my ability to reason because one's ability to reason (other than to blindly follow or synthetically follow, AKA brainwashed) is the only way to sincerely believe in something when not brainwashed.

    7. I am not brainwashed in such a way as to sincerely believe in God, as God has mysteriously decided that I be not.

    8. Therefore, no, I will not sincerely worship Him, unless He somehow brainwashes me to, which he has failed to to at the current time.

    This is a much better phrased question by justin.Graves, and I hope my insight has helped him understand how most legitimate non-believers think.

  • No because I don't want to

    I don't worship anyone that plays with people's emotions and destinies and says that it's all just so one an prove his or her love for him. I would never give up my family just to prove my devotion to some horrible being who want sto make sure that i believe in him.

  • No, I certainly would not.

    The Judeo-Christian god is described as a homicidal, genocidal, tyrannical, psychopath. A childish despot who throws a tantrum and breaks all his toys when the game doesn't go his way. Considering the vast amount of violence, murder, intolerance, discrimination, and hatred in the bible it amazes me that ANYONE worships that god.

  • Its an illusion

    God (adjective with a small g) god is a metaphor for something we see all around us. God has been invented before modern thought and science came into being. There is not one shred of evidence that any god ever existed. If the case was to come to court it would be thrown out as being completely unacceptable on the circumstantial evidence. Everything about god being the creator is complete nonsense.
    God on the one hand is supposed to have made the creation and then created man and all the living things. He would have had to make the universe too. Unfortunately there is a problem with that theory in as much as it cannot be proven. It is a concept and nothing more than a concept. The concept (a myth) has caused more hate and war than anything else in the world and if god did exist he would be completely furious that the creation is being messed about with by fanatics and nasty men running around with beards. (Dont they just look so stupid?)
    Religion and anything associated with it is a faith based mind-bending exercise designed to keep people working to a system - and that means subjugation. Anything that requires the manipulation of minds away from free thinking is highly suspicious and I hate anything to do with the god concept.

  • You couldn't pay me to

    I have never liked the idea of worshiping "God". I would never "bow down" to anyone or anything. Why should I, What has he done for me that he deserves me to not like him but actually waste my time worshiping him. I still hope I wouldn't worship him if he was real.

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Bullish says2013-05-12T19:02:02.480
(-1-) Would I worship a tyrant when I am not brainwashed? No. I would view him as objectively as possible, as I try to do all things.

(-2-) "The God of the Bible" cannot truly exist in the first place, since He contradicts himself on a multitude of occasions.

(-3-) If we solely go by the Word of God, I will not sincerely worship Him. If we solely go by the Act of God, I would still not worship Him. (-4-) However, if we solely go by the Concept of God, that being Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient, Personal, and Wholly Good, (Which is IMO barely possible) then I would sincerely worship him.

(-5-) To prove that the latter God truly exists would be much more than a daunting task.
x2MuzioPlayer says2013-05-12T19:54:18.137
@Bullish- It's interesting that you'd worship a tri-omni creator and that I wouldn't. I would give my utmost respect, but I wouldn't go down on hands and knees and essentially say "I'm nothing compared to you." Maybe you have a different sense of worship than I do.
Bullish says2013-05-12T20:06:20.447
Worship (from the Merriam-Webster online dictionary): verb from, 1. To honor or reverence as a divine being or supernatural power; 2. To regard with great or extravagant respect, honor, or devotion. I consider that to mean a little more than "utmost respect". For example, I might not have a shrine to specifically perform extravagant ceremonies to Him (as He likely does not need it), but I will keep Him in my mind and revere him constantly as thanks. It's a step higher than what think of my parents, to whom I pay the "utmost respect". And note that my description wasn't just tri-omni, it also includes personal and all-good. So I think this is just a definitional thing and we essentially have the same opinion.
x2MuzioPlayer says2013-05-12T20:15:29.877
@Bullish- I forgot to mention the omni-benevolence part. I guess that makes him more of a quad-omni creator then. You're probably right, though, the distinction is most likely just semantics.
Bullish says2013-05-13T22:13:23.007
I was Agnostic. This question just convinced me to go full blown Atheist. Thanks bro.
GeekiTheGreat says2013-05-14T00:34:45.120
Im sick of this same damn question.
justin.graves says2013-05-14T00:41:47.930
Well, Bullish, the difference between an Atheist, Agnostic, Muslim, Hindu, or any other unBeliever in the eyes of God is zero. There are only two doors. Two paths. It makes no difference.
GeekiTheGreat says2013-05-14T00:53:29.063
What ever bigot, shut up justin.
leojm says2013-05-14T16:57:05.950
I agree.
x2MuzioPlayer says2013-05-14T20:02:40.540
@Bullish- Glad to see you on our side (^-^)

@justin.Graves- Do people who have never been introduced to Christianity go to Heaven or do they go to Hell?
justin.graves says2013-05-14T20:26:40.167

They go to Hell. Now, take a second for me to list reasons why and why it is their fault and the fault of Christians

1. Sin deserves punishment

2. The punishment for sin is Hell

3. All those that are not followers of God go to Hell

4. Therefore, even those that have never heard of Christianity go to Hell because they have sinned.

Now for some explanation:

1. If someone questioned and really wanted to know the truth, God would reveal Himself to them. (i.E. Saul and Abram) Since God has not revealed himself to these people, they must not want the truth but are happy with their religion and do not care if it is true or moral.

2. God also reveals Himself through Christians. Missionaries. Many have died trying to share the gospel. Many have been mutilated and tortured. Still, many have reached the Lost. The fact that they killed those trying to reach them shows that they did not want to know the truth.

3. Christians need to reach out. That is a good 1/2 of why I am on this site. To share the Gospel and to sharpen my skills in evangelism and debating. Christians fail in this often.
x2MuzioPlayer says2013-05-14T21:02:08.943
@justin.Graves- I love how you assumed that someone who had never been exposed to Christianity must have some other religion. "If someone questioned and really wanted to know the truth, God would reveal Himself to them." Yeah, the God of the Bible is notorious for doing exactly not that. You are telling me that a person, loved by all, dedicated to the advancement of humanity, who never did wrong, a true model human being, is going rot in Hell because they were never indoctrinated to believe in the Christian God. This is just another reason not to worship the God of the Bible. That is not the fault of Christians, nor is it the fault of those who don't believe. That is the fault of God and his alone. He set those people up for failure and scapegoats humanity.
Bullish says2013-05-14T21:17:29.110
@justin.Graves (May 14 2013 08:26 PM): That right there is so full of fallacy I don't even...
justin.graves says2013-05-15T12:30:35.667
OK, x2MuzioPlayer... I was assuming (wrongly) that you were asking the "unreached tribe" question. Seeing as most people who have never heard of Christianity live where science it virtually unknown, they would have a tribal religion.

Also, and I quote: "You are telling me that a person, loved by all, dedicated to the advancement of humanity, who never did wrong, a true model human being, is going rot in Hell because they were never indoctrinated to believe in the Christian God." Wrong. For all have sinned and fallen short of God's glory. That means from Mother Theresa to Hitler, everyone has done wrong. This hypothetical person you speak of has certainly sinned countless times in his life. Lying, coveting, lust, greed, not honoring the Sabbath, taking God's name in vain, etc. Are all sins that this person has surely broken at one time or another. Christianity is simply believing, confessing, and accepting, nothing more or less.
GeekiTheGreat says2013-05-15T12:59:35.933
Lmao. And ofcource justin goes on to contradict himself. "1. Sin deserves punishment 2. The punishment for sin is Hell 3. All those that are not followers of God go to Hell 4. Therefore, even those that have never heard of Christianity go to Hell because they have sinned."

Why would the unreached tribe ask for answers of truth and morals if what they believe is truth and morals to them. Just like how you being an offensive religious moron is truth, and me caring about that tribe unlike your god is morals.
leojm says2013-05-15T13:00:58.233
I'm out of this conversation. Good luck you all.
x2MuzioPlayer says2013-05-15T20:06:57.003
@justin.Graves- Glad to know I'm on the same level as Hitler in the eyes of your god. I shall burn for eternity just like Hitler will, since apparently I deserve the same punishment as a maniacal racist who killed millions of people. Just another reason your god is unjust and not worthy of worship.
AbnerGrimm says2013-05-15T22:45:02.877
I find world governments tyrannical.
Sola.Gratia says2013-05-15T23:08:52.717
@x2MuzioPlayer God is unjust and not worthy to be worshiped because He will send disobedient, ignorant, stupid, rebellious, sinfully depraved people to hell? Welll, I think your idea is misleading and confusing because in reality even in the world stance, if you break the laws of the land,, what happens? Do people get a release and have parties for doing wrong?? No way! They either go to jail, prison or have the death penalty for their punishment.. That's just and fair.. And because people willfully rebel and disobey God's Laws He must punish them just as the world punishes those who breaks the lands laws.. But let me just ask you, which do you see as just and fair for a judge in the courtroom...
If a man/woman kills another person or (do something as Hitler did) and asks the murderers if they had any final words and they say "well judge I know what I did was wrong and I'm sorry for what I did, but because I know your a good judge your gonna let me go free because I'm sorry for it." What is that judge gonna say if he is a just and good judge? If he says, "Okay ma'am/sir, I see your genuinely apologizing so I think I'll let you go free." What kind of judge would that make him? Bad and unjust right? Same applies with God.. If God allows sinners to go unpunished how true of a God would He be? He wouldn't and He would be in fact a liar, but since He is Good and Just and Fair He must punish sin.. Regardless of what you think or say about Him..
x2MuzioPlayer says2013-05-16T01:27:53.730
@Sola.Gratia- Yes, he is. God does not delineate degrees of "sin". It doesn't matter how good of a person an atheist is, they cannot go to heaven. Ever. I can't just choose to believe; it doesn't work that way. If this god exists, non-believers (and anyone who follows the wrong religion) have been set up for failure and will burn forever because he didn't give enough evidence for a rational mind to accept Christian claims. All the commands and "morals" of the Bible are held at equal value, as if the actual act doesn't matter. A person who steals some fruit to feed his family will go to Hell where Hitler awaits them, right alongside everyone who decided to shave their head. That's messed up. That is not punishment anymore and it's certainly not rehabilitation. That's complete and utter arbitrary revenge for not holding up to God's impossibly ridiculous standards. God is not some super-judge. He picks and chooses from arbitrary standards and forces everyone who doesn't abide by them with infallible obedience to suffer forever. No, this god is not just.
GeekiTheGreat says2013-05-22T18:49:32.707
How can you people still believe, or even worship, a god that made what happened in oklahoma happen? Children trapped under buildings, teachers get ontop of the students to save them. Kids died, and whose fault was it? Who makes the Tornadoes? Your evil, malevolent "God".
Quan says2013-06-17T13:23:55.357
He almost committed xenocide. And I'm not convinced a god would care what we think of them or what we eat on fridays during lent.
justin.graves says2013-06-17T14:01:05.527
I haven't been back to this question I created in some time... It's nice to see all the personal attacks on me.

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