If the government decided to kill all men, would you trans-gender?

Asked by: harrymate
  • Hell yes. Duh

    Die or get boobs. I choose boobs. I don't care if im a man as long as I ain't dead. Those on other side would choose the same if they weren't clinging to some sort of pride. What does dignity have to do with switching gender? Nothing. You can have dignity and boobs.

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  • You're stupid if you wouldn't.

    1) its a new experience
    2) you don't have to change who you are. You're just responsible for the new adjustments on your body.
    3) If you're given 1 life, why would you jeopardize it in any way
    Everyone's saying they'd never transgender, but i'm sure if a gun was pointed at your head and you were asked for the last time, you'd choose plastic surgery right away.

  • I love life

    I love being a male, but I'd obviously change gender if it meant living. My mother who is female has a great life. I'm sure my mother would want me to do that too if it meant saving my life. Here's a question, why would the majority rather die, than make a change.

    Posted by: J5
  • Fun change of life

    Yes it could be fun to like in a girl perspective, wonder how life can be,I wonder if I develop a shoe shopping addiction, I think this could be fun, also I don´t think is a bad thing to choose a gender change, and how do we reproduce that could be a challenge.

  • Of course not

    I don't want to be a woman (no offense) just to save my life. I think I would rather die than trans-gender. However, it might depend on the situation. I think this could turn out to be a great movie. Anyway, I vote no for this topic. I will not trans gender.

  • Why? Just why?

    Killing all men is essentially killing the entire race. I'm sorry to brake it to you but men are needed as well as women for repopulation. Therefore this theory doesn't even deserve recognition. With no men women would eventually die off leaving us extinct. Seriously whoever thought of this question should pull their head in. Same theory with killing all women, all the men would die off. Either way it would end in our demise. Not to mention both women and men would riot leading to a worldwide civil war as Epicerdanu said above. There are so many things wrong with this question.

  • No, I have my dignity.

    Had the government actually decided to do this, the largest uprising in the history of mankind would occur, beginning a worldwide civil war. Also, the human race would end at some point, you can't have kids with only one gender. On another note, most politicians are males, and so are most country leaders, so this scenario would never happen.

  • I would not.

    I would get some big guns alot of other people with lots of big guns then rebell. They can't do that. It would be mass murder. I don't know what i would do after that. But that definately wouldn't go over well with pro gun people. That would be a fatal mistake for whoever passed it.

  • Killing men for being men is Injustice. Injustice shall be fought.

    I am born man. If anybody wants to destroy me and my fellow-people for no mistakes done by us. I will fight with my fellow- people for the justice. We will defeat the injustice or we will die for the sake of protecting justice. There is an old indian saying '' DHARMAM RAKSHATHI RAKSHITHA'' which means ''justice shall protect those who protect justice''

  • Awesome stuff would happen if this was reality

    If this happened a huge uprising would occur and the whole of said country would march upon the capital. Would be even better if this happened in america because people have guns. Also, the army would have to carry out this task, and they would probably just say no (or kill those in charge).

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kbub says2014-10-09T13:32:56.507
The word Trans-gender isn't a verb.
Dr_Obvious says2014-10-09T13:39:15.077
I would lead a revolt to overthrow the government.
InsaneSanity says2016-06-10T04:44:13.317
Okay there are so many things wrong with this short question...
1: Transgender isn't a verb.
2: Being transgender is not a choice, I'm assuming that you mean would you have sex reassignment surgery.
3: Changing your sex wouldn't allow you to produce sperm, so no one could continue the human race.
4: "The government" implies one government. We're not all 'Muricans. This wouldn't actually stop the human race it would just make there be no more of whatever country you are talking about.

That's about it...