If the government found intelligent alien life should they keep the findings a secret?

  • Yes, if the government found intelligent alien life they should keep it a secret, because the world is not ready to know such things and it would incite riots.

    People already have enough trouble respecting their fellow humans with a different skin tone. The human reaction to an alien being would not be universally positive, and the last thing Earth needs is to start an intergalactic war, because some crazy religious or racist idiot killed an alien out of blind hatred.

    Posted by: H_Baird
  • No, because taxpayers help fund space exploration, so any findings should be made public.

    There are many people that believe that the government has kept space findings secret. I am not sure whether that is true or not. I do feel like anything found in space, whether it be intelligent alien life or anything else, should be a matter of public record. I do not think it is morally correct to have someone help to fund something, and then not make them aware of what their money has produced.

    Posted by: 54nShaI
  • Even if they did find proof of alien life some religious people would still wouldn’t believe it.

    We can use telescopes to peer almost 13 billion years back through space to the point where the universe was in it’s early infancy following the Big Bang, yet some religious people still insist that a deity created the universe a few thousand years ago. No matter what evidence they were prevented with, some religious people would deny the existence of alien life but perhaps some of the more open-minded followers might question their faith – which would be a good thing as religion causes so much friction in the world today.

  • Many people these days act very ignorant and irrational when faced with change, this is the reason I think the government should keep information on alien life a secret.

    The government already knows about some forms of alien life. It has been well known for many years that Area 51 exists. There are stories and sightings of alien life on Earth. There are other forms of life in the universe. Some people on Earth get scared because of movies they've seen and they freak out at any word of an earthquake, tornado, or other event. I think the government should keep many things a secret if it would upset the world. Telling humans would make a bigger problem than if they aren't told.

    Posted by: Pl4tinumCammy
  • I absolutely believe the government should tell us if they know about intelligent alien life because it could give the rest of us hope.

    Planet Earth is facing so many huge problems, that no one seems to have a clear answer to. Perhaps intelligent alien could help us. For example, they might know about a clean, inexpensive energy source that could be used everywhere. That would solve so many problems for so many people, not to mention help stop global climate change. I suppose the only people a clean, cheap energy source wouldn't help would be the petroleum industry, but that is the subject for another debate!

    Posted by: Iy3rJame
  • We have rights

    We have rights to know because if they are out there we will find out some time or another. If people don't freak out when there is new technology this is just like that. I am 12 and I want to know and I'm pritty sure a lot of other people want to know then tell us government.

  • Fear the unknown

    What we cant see wont hurt us. Pretend its not there. I believe all people, inside, know aliens are near. Fear is what keeps our eyes to the ground. As a society we are too unprepared to grasp news of such magnitude all at once. This is something that needs to be slowly tapered into the realm of possibility for all humans. Think of how herds of more primitive animals (non domesticated) react to an encounter with humans. It would certainly be true with humans falling under the less advanced.

  • A person is smart people are stupid panicy animals.

    I got that from Men in Black when Kay explains the reason they keep their work a secret from the public. Even in that movie they make a valid point about why aliens ahould be kept a secret. People just are ready even in this day and age. Think about how the public reacted in 1938 when Orson Welles made that brodcast of War of the Worlds over the raidio. Plus consider all the uncertainty of whether or not they'd be friendly or hostile. Stephen Hawking said we should be careful and not try so hard to contact alien life because of the unknown possiblity of hostile life like in War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells. So yes keep it a secret to avoid worldwide chaos.

  • Because the world already has enough, primitive, simple minded fools.

    You see, at the moment the people that choose no are one of these multiple phrases... 'Morons who believe in THEIR rights', 'Religious Zealots ', 'Twelve year old girls that lack proper understanding of how the world around them works', and so many others that have been displayed in the no section.

    Not everybody thinks the same, it will impact Humanity as a species if revealed, it will cause religious nut jobs to go ape, and more likely... Some trigger happy, untrained nut with a gun will fire it in the wrong direction... And guess who suffers because of it?

    Until we get a grip, their presence should be kept a secret.

  • Panic, and stupidity

    People tend to fear that which is different, and of course we are already facing difficulties on our planet with racial, religious, and other minorities. Plus, Stephen Hawking said that we should be careful about this sort of thing, because of the uncertainty of a war-like alien races. Plus when Orson Wells read War of the Worlds over the radio in 1938 it caused national panic.

  • Keeping secrets won't help anyone!

    Keeping this information secret won't help anyone because if those aliens exist and come to our planet, no one will know what to do.Yes it's true that telling this to the population is dangerous, but it's not that dangerous compared to what people will have to face once those aliens are in front of them. People have more fear of the unknown than anything else. How do you want your children to tell the truth when you are yourself hiding important things? The function of the Government is to help and protect people, instead they keep hiding things and lying! This excuse of not saying anything so as to prevent the population from becoming crazy and scared is ridiculous.The population will be scared anyways so where is the point of hiding?

  • Why be afraid?

    I am a 12 year old girl. I don't know much about the government, or what people call alien life. But I do know this. WHY SHOULD WE BE AFRAID OF ALIENS, WHEN WE HAVE GOT THE MOST POWERFUL GOD IN ALL OF THE UNIVERSE? If there are aliens, HE created them! If WE, the people and nation, are afraid of something, then we should stop putting our faith in the government, and money, and start putting faith in a God in whom anything is possible. It doesn't even seem logical what our government is doing, I mean, who gives money away to different countries that don't like us or want our money? If this nation doesn't get it's act together, then I am going to become president one day, and turn this country around!

  • It is time.

    The Human race wants to know, we pay the aerospace and technology bills, so in effect this knowledge belongs to all mankind...We don't want to be alone! We know they are out there, so why keep hiding it!
    Hiding this truth has destroyed so many lives. The government that runs the government needs to let go and open their files, I have heard testimony from Astronauts, Senior and high ranking military personnel, Air traffic controllers, Police, Teachers, scientists, physicists , politicians ...The list goes on!
    Mr. Obama this is your time to shine, Don't make us take this to the United Nations...The U.S. Should lead the way with the first few words...We have found life!

  • It would give us a reason to become one planet

    Finding out we weren't alone in the universe would give our species a reason to grow up and get over ourselves. Frankly, once we see something alien I think it will help us realize that instead of different races, cultures etc, we are one species. I think the discovery of aliens would need to be handled properly but would be more of a benefit to us in the end.

  • No they shouldn't

    I would go up to the government and give them piece of my mind if they do such a thing. The only reason they would do such a thing is to keep the secrets such as advancement in technology and medicine to themselves. I bet right now, someone already has the cure for cancer.

  • Be truthful to the public!

    The technology we learn on our own(if in fact we do) causes a lot of waste with our planet. If the aliens have technology to reverse said damage then it would be in their best interest in sharing. Medical nightmares we are forced to learn and hear about would be eradicated. Hell they might even be able to help us at least have some form of union in exploring the vast reaches of space.

  • Disclosure is absolutely necessary if humanity hopes to survive another century

    This is an open forum and our society attempts to function democratically. We do not endorse or accept on any level or upon any circumstance whereof it may concern the human beings existent upon this planet any form of secrecy, deception, or other acts of malevolent sabotage of the human intelligence. As John F Kennedy said in a speech shortly before his assassination secrecy and, secret societies threaten the well being of our species and of our liberty and of our society and makes us particularly vulnerable to exploitation and abuse by entities which may exist outside our narrow window of reality. Therefore, it is critical to not withhold important information that pertains to the very underpinnings of our life on this planet and within this universe itself. People are not going to panic and lose their sanity simply because it may be discovered that we are not alone as sentient lifeforms. Rather, I would argue that to disclose such information would actually be immensely positive for both our species and our civilization as a whole. Most people are ignorant because of the mentality of those traitors to humanity on my left who want to hide the truth from the rest of us and continue to feed us a steady diet of BS and lies baby formula. This is nothing short of criminal in the strongest of terms. Full and complete disclosure of truth is the only path to peace, to a more perfect world, and to an enlightened and united humanity.

  • Honesty Is Best

    We are not unintelligent beings, while I understand there may be many that won't comprehend news at this magnitude at first, but I am sure will the majority acclimate soon as humans most do, they adapt, acclimate and learn to live with the situation.

    I for one am tired of the secrecy and lies, I have always been the type of person that dislike dishonesty. Honesty especially with information like this should be revealed. Who knows maybe co-existence is in our future. To be so closed minded in thinking that we are the only species in existence in the vast galaxy that is out there is just plain stupid.

  • We must know

    The human race needs to move forward, beyond the reaches of earth. We need to stop living in the dark ages of religion and closed minds. We need to know that we are not the only beings in the universe. We need to interact with them. Humans need to realize that there is something far greater than their crummy job, home and bills. We have a galaxy to explore.

  • AMERICAN STUPIDITY (just a provocative headline)

    There are no reasons, but absolutely no reasons nowadays to hide such thing.

    And why don't they tell us the truth? Well I guess that they dig such a deep grave on the subject for the last 60 years that now they can't get out of it.
    It's not like someone is going to appear on public TV and reveal the biggest lie, and most important chapter in our history, and then say sorry we hide it for like more than 60 years.

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