If the government is unable to eliminate the practice of prostitution, should we acknowledge that it serves a valid social function and attempt to incorporate it into society in a legal, taxable way?

If the government is unable to eliminate the practice of prostitution, should we acknowledge that it serves a valid social function and attempt to incorporate it into society in a legal, taxable way?
  • The law is NOT magic

    "X is bad, therefore let's make it illegal." is lazy and emotional thinking. It is vital to consider and compare the actual effects of policies. Most of what I have seen seems to indicate that legalizing prostitution would likely be better compared to not legalizing it in terms of cost benefit analysis, at least if we legalize it with the requirement of condom use and regular STD testing (which every place that has legalized prostitution has required).

    I would be open to information disproving my contention.

  • Morality cannot be legalized.

    Yes, one may deem prostitution or drug use to be immoral. However, the government's job is to protect us from outside threats and protect our rights, not protect us from ourselves. If we do something stupid, we ought to be forced to deal with the repercussions ourselves. However, I do believe if legal, it should be regulated in order to reduce the spread of STD's, as well as avoid unwanted pregnancies in female workers with male clients, or female clients with male workers.

  • No Victim? No Crime.

    Sexual activity between consenting adults should never be a crime. There's absolutely no reason why the involvement of money should change this. The exchange of money or other goods doesn't automatically increase the risk of disease or violence or force of any sort. People ought to be able to enter into whatever contracts they like without government interference, so long as those contracts are between consenting adults.

  • It should be legalized and subsidized

    The reason is simple, there is no way to eliminate it. Government is already spending tax money on operations that will never succeed (hence tax-leakage). Legalizing it will make it controllable, reduce STD by regulating the practice and increase tax revenue. There is no point in fighting an unbeatable enemy.

  • Better for everyone.

    Providing a legal means would reduce demand on illegal prostitution, which would in turn reduce problems with drugs, human trafficking, slavery to pimps, et cetera. Also, STD tests and appropriate birth control could be required for both prostitutes and clients, meaning that the entire practice would be safer. And besides all that, it's the prostitute's body. Government has no right to tell them that they can't do what they want with it (and religion has no place in law).

  • Legalization Provides Far More Benefits For ALL.

    There are so many benefits to legalizing prostitution in the United States. Our federal deficit is a major issue and the legalization will help to reduce that increasingly large number. The greater supervision over the industry will significantly reduce the abuse sex workers face from not only their clients, but also their "pimps." Prostitutes would not be afraid to report crimes and they would be given the same amount of equal rights that all other workers are given in the United States. The legalization would reduce the amount of human trafficking, crime and cease the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. It will rid the industry of coerced workers and young children. The only valid argument for not legalizing prostitution is the moral aspect. But to whom is this considered immoral? Society as a whole? Everybody's views and ideas are extremely diverse, especially in the United States, ("the melting pot"). Many people participate in such an occupation because it is how they provide for their families. In fact, don't we all sell our bodies in exchange for money when going to work everyday? Who's to say that one way is more respectable than another? Drinking alcohol is also considered morally "wrong" to many people, but we all know how well the abolition of alcohol turned out. Now the government makes over $6 billion per year off of it. We all attempt to work and provide for ourselves and our families everyday. We should not allow others, working just as hard, to be abused and mistreated because of our own moral compass. We should mind our own lives, bodies and business, protect other members of our society, and reap the benefits in the process.

  • It's nobody's business what people do with their own bodies.

    I think prostitution is wrong. But if a person is willing to have sex for money, why shouldn't they? It's their body. They're making use of their *ahem* talents in order to make a living. And the person employing their services gets something they want as well. Keeping prostitution illegal isn't going to eradicate STDs- free sex spreads them too. Prostitution probably doesn't encourage infidelity- cheating can be accomplished without the aid of prostitutes. It would probably be safer for prostitutes, as well as their customers, if prostitution was legalized. Treatment of "employees" could be regulated to prevent problems that prostitutes currently have with pimps; the "companies" could even perhaps make trade deals with contraceptive companies in order to benefit both of them. And while I don't believe that people should engage in risky sexual behaviors (including paying for sex), I believe they should have the right to do so.

  • Prostitution is a moral issue, not a legal one.

    Prostitution is a moral issue, rather then a legal one. There have been numerous examples of successful legal prostitution systems. A well-regulated industry would make prostitution safer for both parties involved, and make it taxable for the government. The only issue for prostitution is that a large amount of people find it morally wrong and feel it should be illegal. People often have trouble viewing things differently from a moral and legal standpoint.

    Posted by: KnownEvan
  • Prostitution is a business transaction between two consenting adults.

    It is not harming anyone and should be legalized.

  • I think that if there is no way to eliminate the practice of prostitution, the government should incorporate it into society in a legal way, because it will stop people from breaking the law by committing non-violent crimes, such as prostitution.

    If the government cannot eliminate the practice of prostitution, we should acknowledge that it serves a valid social function and attempt to incorporate it in a legal, taxable way. One of the most obvious benefits from doing this would be that fewer people would be sent to prison for prostitution, making it so that fewer tax dollars pay for this person's incarceration. Also, it would send taxes to the government, which would make quality of life better in the United States. Since prostitution would be legal, it would be easy to track and monitor, and the government would not have to spend so much money arresting people associated with prostitution.

    Posted by: AberrantGail67
  • It's against religion

    According to Vedas, Dharmas it's strictly prohibited. Government has to take steps ahead to stop it. It results into many diseases which can't be cured the young ones due to insolence does this immoral work but it doesn't mean that if they are not stopping then we should make it legal. Will you give a live snake in your kid's hand just because he wants to play with it? Will you allow your child to go near fire just because the shine attracts him? Same is here. We should anyhow take steps to eliminate it from the root.

  • Being unable to stop something does not mean we should give up on stopping it.

    Most people would say the government is not winning the war on drugs or
    illegal immigration; does that mean we should simply make these activities
    legal? Of course not. If prostitution is illegal with good reason then we
    should keep it that way, no matter what.

    Posted by: MarsBIue
  • Prostitution, even when legal, has terrible implications for society, and especially for individuals practicing and participating in it.

    Prostitution, whether legal or not, is not good for society. Even legalizing prostitution will not stop the illegal practice of it for those who want to avoid the regulations of doing it legally. Besides this, those involved in prostitution become infected by it, and their life and the lives of their families suffer a great deal of negative effects.

    Posted by: MariaR
  • Prostitution is socially wrong and demeaning to the individual participant and the human species.

    Just because the government currently can't eliminate the practice of murder, drug use, theft and war doesn't mean we should embrace these vices and tax them to benefit society. If you are honest with yourself you know that there are more important things in life than money such as dignity, the joy of being alive and self growth and fulfillment. And also if you believe in the greater good and freedom why would you want to encourage more people to pay for sex which is currently free between consenting adults? Do you honestly believe that the human species would benefit by embracing prostitution? The truth is sex and the associated emotions were made for reproduction and deviating away from that truth may yield benefits in the short term but it will fool you and hurt you in the long run because it is being used in the wrong way. If you said yes to this please grow up, look at the bigger picture, and stand up for the things that make you proud to be a human being and always pursue and try to live by what you honestly believe to be true.

  • No, we should not make prostitution legal just because the government can't eliminate it.

    With this question starting with "If the government can't eliminate prostitution" my answer has to be no. Sans a miracle, the government can't eliminate prostitution. Just like it can't eliminate drug use, theft or sex crimes. All the government can do about these evils is make them punishable by law because people do have free will. So, just like with drugs, theft or sex crimes, I would not support making prostitution legal just because the government can't eliminate it. Also, making prostitution legal would change this society's approach to sex. And, I'm not sure that this is something that we want to do.

    Posted by: MohaI0v35
  • The government could make an attempt to legalize prostitution for economic reasons, but the profession is demeaning and shouldn't be encouraged.

    It is fair to say that the government could step in and try to regulate prostitution for taxation purposes. However, this may give the appearance that prostitution is a legitimate profession without taking into account the traumatic effect it could have on the working prostitutes. The women who works as prostitutes need help, education, therapy and a second chance. While prostitution could be legalized, I don't believe it's ever a safe, acceptable act.

    Posted by: D35General

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