If the guy i like talks to me every day and tells jokes does he like me? We are already friends.

Asked by: nopromises
  • He likes you!

    He chooses to be you friend and talk to you. Is there a difference in how he talks to you and in how he talks to others. Being friends is a great start. Don't act awkward and just be yourself. If he likes you for who you really are you'll know. ;)

  • LOL Why is this here.

    I think this is a question more suited for ask or yahoo answers. As much as I want to, I am not going to make fun of how you replied to yourself then commented on your own reply to your own question because it's probably your thought process. I talk to myself and debate myself a lot because it's easy to process information and solve problems that way for me. I actually want to thank you because I know what my next question is going to be.

    Anyway to your actual question, You have not given enough details for me to determine if the guy could like you or not. People talk to, tell jokes, and even flirt with people that they don't like in that way so the best way to find out is to just ask him. Better to find out now then to go on thinking of what could have been. I was in your predicament but it was opposite and I never asked. It has followed me all the way up to now. So just ask him. I do not think you should show him this post though. Good luck :)

  • He is comfortable with you

    I have a guy that talk to me everyday since 6 years ago. We comfortable sharing and talking with each other everyday. But we never date, he have his own girlfriend I also have boyfriend. So I think he start to comfortable with you, but when it comes to other feeling, maybe you need to wait.

  • Love is confusing.

    He may speak to you every day. I have tons of male friends who speak to me every day. He may tell you jokes. I have tons of male friends who tell me jokes. Does that mean that all of them like me? No! Yet, if you hang out all day and go to special places together, then just maybe.

  • 50 percent chance but he might like you

    There is a chance that he might like you and that he doesn't, if a guy always tells you jokes everyday he's comfortable around you and is able to put his time on you to hang out with you. Your not able to know unless you ask him if you really want to know you should talk to him about this situation and get it over with if he likes you or not.

  • Honestly, I've got no idea.

    Dudes are confusing! Who knows if he likes you or not? I say be brave and ask him outright! And besides, just because he talks to you every day and tells you jokes does not mean he likes you. I mean come on girl, you're kinda pulling at threads here. If he's your friend he's going to converse with you. See if he helps you out whenever he can, that's a better clue.

  • Probably, Probably not.

    He might like you, but he might not. I talk to my best friend every day and we make jokes but they doesn't 'like' me and I don't 'like' them. But then again, he is comfortable with talking to you and being around you so infact may like you. The best way to find out is to just ask him.

  • Telling jokes is not synonymous to 'love'.

    Just because he incessantly cracks jokes at most implies that he's got humor. Anything beyond that leaves room for interpretation but read too far into a simple gesture, and you will fail romantically. In all scenarios. Don't be misguided by small acts of kindness. [By the way consider posting such problems on social media, DDO's quite an inappropriate site for this sort]

  • Wait... What kind of jokes?

    As a guy, I have it on very good authority that I routinely talk to girls. We even joke a bit, when it's appropriate. I like them as friends, and whatnot. I respect them, and they're good people and all, but I wouldn't see them that way. Now that that's out of the way, PTW.

  • Not necessarily .

    Yes, he may like you, but that doesn't mean that he has to, he may just want to be a really good friend but he may want to keep it at that level, I talk to girls a lot and not all of them I like, ( yes, some, but not all).

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Unlimited says2015-03-09T00:44:31.793
The question isn't whether he tells jokes or not. That could simply be a part of his personality. Try looking for differences between how he reacts around you and how he reacts around others. Here are some signs to watch for.
Does he make time to spend with you, even when he has other things going on?
Does he seem excited or flustered around you, smile more around you than around his other friends, or laugh at your jokes more than others do?
Do you seem to "randomly" see each other?
Also, try watching how his friends act when you are all together. If one of his friends knows he likes you, he might give him "the look" or make some kind of gesture.
Does he get defensive if someone suggests that you two pair off?
You could set up a friend to talk to him about you (maybe see if he agrees with positive comments or gets defensive about negative ones)

BUT REMEMBER!!!! Only let your friends get involved to the extent that it benefits the relationship! If they get nosy or pushy, it can damage the relationship. If it becomes too much for you, tell them nicely to back off. Also be careful about being too harsh on friends if they do get a little pushy. They are probably just toying around and are still trying to help you. If they are going against him it might be wise to lend an ear, but don't make a decision based off what they say until you talk things out with the guy.

Good Luck!!!!!!
shaancl_716 says2015-03-09T03:47:05.377
Why did you answer your own question???
Pfalcon1318 says2015-03-09T04:03:09.140
The "yes" and "no" options are pretty binary. There's no real way to tell if he likes you or not. Different guys act different ways when they like girls. I know I talk to my female friends everyday and joke with them everyday, but I don't like any of them.
Forthelulz says2015-03-13T06:50:44.457
Bahahahahaha! She asked the question and then shut down her account. I think she RQ'd after losing that debate.