If the Iraqi Parliament votes for a withdrawal timetable, should the United States follow and abide by their timeline?

  • Yes, we should do that

    Let's get out. We never should have been there to begin with, the country is not safer or less hostile towards Americans since our invasion. If anything, it is less safe, and certainly more hostile towards us. Let them make a timetable, and when they tell us to get out let's have our bags packed.

  • Yes, the United States follow and abide by their timeline.

    We can't overstep our boundaries, we have put our nose in their business long enough.It's going to make violence increase in Iraq,but we have enough of our own issues at home. The national debt would feel the benefit of a withdrawal, and that's always good. If Iraq wants us out, we need no longer be their. It's hard times right now, all over the world, we need to take care of our own before we help others.

  • United States have always abided by their own policies made by govenment

    Every nation is responsible for their duties dictated by their parliament majority claims . With savage sectarian hostility rising across the middle east , Iraq has found itself in conflict and
    turmoil with great civilians facing sectarian conflicts . This is happening after the first American
    shoulders left Iraq two years ago .
    According to the initial agreement with Iraq , that required withdrawal by 2011 . One clause allowed then to extend the stay , if both countries parliament agree . So if Iraqi Parliament votes for a withdrawal timetable, US should take care about itself

  • The U.S. needs its own timetable.

    If the Iraqi Parliament votes for a withdrawal timetable, the United States should not follow or abide by their timeline. This is because the United States military has been there long enough to determine when and how they should leave. They have built infrastructures in Iraq and cannot simply leave according to an outside party's timetable.

  • our own decision

    No, just because parliament decides to have a with drawal time table, does not mean that we should follow and abide by their time. I think we should make our own independant decision, and if we decide to stay for a longer time than it is our decision, theirs does not matter.

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