If the literal Christian god (as in he did everything in both testaments) was real, would he be evil?

Asked by: Lordgrae
  • Yes, yes, yes.

    He flooded the entire earth because people weren't worshipping him sufficiently, he destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because everyone was a evil rapist, (really everyone? Even the children, even the fetus's that all the pro-life bible thumpers say are so important?) he killed some children that made fun of his prophet for being bald (come on, they're just kids, maybe send them a fever, then take he fever away or something), he killed the entire Egyptian army, he plagued the innocent people of Egypt, and killed all of their first born, he told people to rape and marry the virgin daughters of the people they conquered, he killed gays and non-believers, he forces people to undergo hard birth because 6000 ago a dumb blonde (seriously? One dumb person eats an apple and we're doomed forever?) ate an apple. That's all I could think of off the top of my head in 5 minutes. Oh wait, subjugation of women.

  • Yes a bloodthirsty thug of

    The first order , who makes Hitler look like Snow White in comparison .God murders 2.8 million in
    "The good book" he relishes genocide , encourages torture , begs for infants to be slayed, thinks rape is ok , incest is also fine .... Plagues and torture no problem he is always willing.... I will say in his defence his flock make him do it because they annoy him, because really he is a loving God. He is without doubt the vilest creature ever imagined aren't we lucky it's only a fairytale for lunatics .


    "Don't have any other gods - I'm saying that there ARE other gods and that I am JEALOUS and MEAN about it."
    "I think that it is great for you to give your two, teen daughters to a bunch of soldiers in order to keep the soldiers quiet."
    Petty AND nasty!

  • He's evil and doesn't exist

    Man created God in his image : intolerant, sexist, homophobic and violent. George Weinberg


  • Cmon guys its not that hard to see

    Seriously, this God bloke is really not a great guy. All that raging whirlwind shit? It's kind of depressing that, like, millions of people are insisting that he is the definition of love and kindness. And, by all probability, he doesn't exist. We only have one book telling us about him, and that book a) is seriously wrong and inconsistent, and b) seems to think that someone can be both pure and undying love and also kill somewhere in the region of 6000 innocent Egyptian people, all in one go.

  • God suck dick

    God killed all the world expect for oe family and caused them to inbread and screw up the whole race of human people so he sucks and sucks and sucks and sucks and sucks and sucks and sucks and sucks and sucks and sucks and sucks and sucks and sucks and sucks and sucks and sucks and sucks and sucks and sucks and sucks and sucks and sucks and sucks and sucks and sucks and sucks and

  • His teachings are evil

    That evil tyrant has plagued the world with his teachings. His followers, and "children", have done horrible things, in his name. The Crusades? Caused by him. That guy wants to conquer the whole world, and brainwash everyone into mindless bigots. His teachings justify the killings of those who aren't of the right race, don't follow his teachings, or don't follow his customs. He wants men to rape women, and have women serve as baby-making machines. He has justified Nazism, and countless other slaughters. He discriminates against anyone who stands in his way. He hates science, and lies to everyone on the Earth. Clearly, a Racist, Sexist, Rapist Nazi Murderer, and Tyrant is evil. Anyone sane wants to kill him, his friends, and those brainwashed by him.

  • I would have to say he is

    Did anybody read the book of Job?? Here is a clear example of God making a bet with Satan and letting him torture one of his children just to prove a point of how faithful he will be. Who does that? I keep hearing the argument for circular reasoning, but it doesn't apply to God. If you are the creator of EVERYTHING then you are responsible for it. The good and bad. If you didn't want evil to exist how about you kill Satan and not torture your other son Jesus? How about you get rid of all evil things since you are all powerful and let everyone go to Heaven. I mean he is fully capable of that right?

  • He created evil in the first place.

    First there are all the terrible things he does himself or orders people to do in the bible, like rape, slavery, genocide, the promotion of intolerance and hatred, as well as demanding, that everybody does what he says and has to love him or they will get tortured for eternity.
    But what is, in my opinion, even more important is the following: God is all-mighty and all-knowing. He created everything (including evil) and nothing happens that goes against God's will. Whatever he wants to do, he can and does and whatever will happen, he knows in advance.
    Still he creates a world full of misery and suffering, of evil and violence. And then he punishes his own creations for doing things he enabled them to do in the first place and of whom he knew that they would do it, and thus could have easily prevented it. And all that for seemingly no apparent reason, because if he wanted to achieve a bigger goal, he could just do so without all the fuzz, since he is all-mighty.

  • No doubt about it.

    The bible is basically a litany of intolerance, discrimination, misogyny, racism, murder, genocide, and violence. The deity described therein promotes slaughter of anyone who does not subscribe to that religion or is not a part of that ethnic group, and proposes eternal punishment for finite offenses, including the "offense" of not bowing down to the "right" god.
    The Abrahamic god as described in the bible is a tyrant, no doubt.

  • God is kind and caring.

    God loves us so much. He loved us so much that he gave up his son for us (and no, that does not make him a horrible person. It makes him a stronger person because he did it to save us).
    John 3:16---"For God so loved the world, he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall NOT perish but have eternal life."
    Could you imagine giving up your ONLY CHILD? A child that will soon be persecuted for loving his father? God loves us so much that he allowed his son to be persecuted (and Jesus knew that he would be, and was fully willing because he knew that he would rise 3 days later).
    The bible tells us to love what is good and hate what is evil. To turn away from Satan. The only evil in the world is Satan... He is what tempts us to do wrong. God gives us the chance to come back and ask for forgivness. He will always forgive us. We never run out of chances. And for that we should live to praise him.
    Yes, God does not allow us to have any other God's, but that is only because he is the only way.
    "I am the way and the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father except through me." He only wants to see you prosper. And while he did send the flood, he did it for good reason. God thought he could start over when he saw all the sexual immortalitly and gay marriges. He then realized that a flood won't fix that... The world is to corrupt with sin to ever go back. And while there will be Godly people, there will also be haters. And God knew that the righteous would be scoffed at... Christians are routinly made fun of, excluded, persecuted... But we accept that. Because we are fighting for what we believe in. With God on our side, we won't feel defeated.
    God is in no way evil. He despises evil and tells us to avoid it... To keep away from people with perverse talk, corrupted thoughts, and unholy actions. He sent his son to die for us, and loves us so much!

  • No. God is good.

    The fact that until now we are alive proves that he is good. He may give us difficult challenges, but those trials are only tests so that would know how faithful we are to him. He won't be evil because he is not like a human who does not keep promises. In fact, in Isaiah 41:10, he stated that "Do not be afraid for I am with you; do not be dismayed for I am your god; I will strengthen you; Yes, I will help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand."To wake up each and everyday is a proof that he still loves us. We should be thankful for another day that he is still giving us.

  • According to the "Problem of Evil" this debate question is flawed.

    The problem of evil can be summarized as follows:

    (1) If God exists, there would be no gratuitous evil (evil without purpose) in the world.
    (2) Gratuitous evil exists.
    (3) Therefore God must not exist.

    Flip the argument and you get

    (1) If God exists, there would be no gratuitous evil.
    (2) God exists.
    (3) Therefore no gratuitous evil exists.

    So the real question is "Does gratuitous evil exist?" With finite knowledge, there is no way of answering this, for all actions and events may have some purpose in the far future or even in an eternal afterlife. If God is to be considered then the eternal scope must be considered; many "evil" events may not be justified with in the physical frame of reference but only with the eternal frame of reference. Therefore, it is pure speculation to say that "gratuitous evil" (evil with no purpose) exists since we do not know if there is an eternal purpose for a certain seemingly gratuitous evil. If there is an eternal purpose for seemingly gratuitous evil, then there is no way of knowing with finite knowledge and therefore we cannot say that gratuitous evil exists if God and eternity are to be considered.
    According to the problem of evil argument if God does exist, then no gratuitous evil exists. So the debate question is a bit flawed as it is asking "if God exists, is he evil?" But "if God exists, then no gratuitous evil exists". Therefore "if the literal Christian God were real" then it would be impossible for gratuitous evil to exist. Busted.

    The argument relies

  • God created Everything good

    Everything evil is simply a perversion of good, and there for a perversion of what God created. Therefore, he cannot be evil as everything he did was good. It is hard for us to understand, and there are things that seem weird about the Old Testament, but God didn't do anything without purpose, and He is a good God.

  • God has reason behind his every action....

    God allowed troubles to his son that doesn't means he is sadist,he slowed it to make him strong spritually
    And awarded him with double blessing when he prove it.God even test you that doesn't means he don't exist or likes you.It means he likes to award you
    With double blessing.

  • God is not evil

    No because god made a promise to all of us the he is coming back to earth. He is not evil because in the bible there are different scriptures and verses that prove he is not evil and also if he was evil Jesus and the devil will be a team

  • God is good but only you are doing bad

    It is very true that God created the Holy Bible even though the words there may be disgusting, It shows people JUST DON'T DO IT. Can't you see that what we created like TV shows, they're pretty good but God did not make it you did it. Now the evil you say like sexual shows were created by God? Everything you made is good which God allows us to have. It is just that you people improvise it by adding bad ideas. So are you meaning to say that God should not exist because he made you?

  • It's Circular Reasoning

    Your question is circular because good and evil are relative terms without the presence of absolute truth and a transcendent Truth Giver. Therefore, by definition, the Christian God cannot be evil because he defines good and evil for those he creates, not the other way around.

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