• good or bad?

    He’s been quiet for a while, but Tony Blair is coming back into the public limelight. First he joined the Catholic Church bad, then he joined JP Morgan probably bad, he’s aiming for peace in the Middle East good, but probably he won’t manage it and this weekend he spoke to Sarkozy’s UMP Party congress , Although at least he spoke French. This has been widely interpreted as a first step towards becoming the nominee for the new 30-month long position of President of the European Council that will exist from autumn 2009 onwards. I assume Blair is not interested in anything in the Commission.

  • Yes he would

    Yes, Tony would make a pretty good president for Europe if they had that position in effect. He is avery smart man, and knows a whole lot about politics and how a government works and should work to keep going for a long time. He also treats people very fair.

  • Blair was a warmonger. He ruined Labour/the UK, so why trust him with the EU?

    Blair did nothing but wage war on petty things that could be solved with diplomacy. He cost lives and money. If Blair is put as the head of the EU, he would not do well. He would do many problems, and possibly pull the entire EU into another war. I do not trust a warmonger to be a head of a big organisation,

  • Tony Blair would be bad for Europe

    Tony Blair is an accomplished politician that acts for the United Kingdom. That does not equate to being the president of Europe. I would not be confident that he would have the interests of eastern and southern Europe in mind when he makes decisions. Western and northern countries would undoubtedly profit. This is proven by the state of affairs within the UK that pertain to Scotland and Ireland. If provinces of the UK want out under his leadership, doesn't it stand to reason that he would also ignore the problems of Greece or the Ukraine?

  • Tony Blair would not make a good President of Europe

    I do not believe that Tony Blair would make a good president of Europe if the position was real, as I do not believe he could fully encompass all the requirements put upon a person who would be the leader of a wide varieties of nations and cultures. I believe no matter the decision, it would agitate one group or another.

  • He Seemed To Struggle

    He kind of upset Clinton before he left office. Then he seemed to side with Bush on the war on Iraq. The guy seemed to struggle with making his own decisions, or at least making the right decisions. Other than that, don't know to much about him. Just that his approval rating was quite low when he left.

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