If the presidential race comes down to Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, will Sanders win?

  • Yes, Sanders would defeat Trump.

    Although different polls pitting Trump against Sanders have produced different results, when Sanders wins a poll, he does so by a wider margin than Trump. The most optimistic poll for the Trump campaign comes from FOX News and shows him defeating Sanders by only 5 percent. Sanders consistently polls at a 13-18 percent lead over Trump.

  • Sanders would Win Against Trump

    Donald Trump uses shock tactics and headline grabbing phrasing to get the attention he needs to stir up the presidential debates. It is because of this I believe he is not running to win. Sanders has thought long and hard about what he wants the U.S. to be and the ideals that make us great. Sanders would win.

  • Bernie can beat Trump if he becomes more outspoken

    Bernie Sanders has the ability to beat Donald Trump in the presidential race if he makes a few changes. He would need to become more outspoken and he would need to go on the attack more. Bernie is much more relatable to the "average" person in America and would secure the commonman vote, a necessary vote in order to become the next president.

  • People aren't that stupid.

    Even if you don't like Sanders you have to realize that Trump is poison for this country. Trump doesn't even want to win. He is just looking for some free publicity to help his empire grow just a little bit more. He doesn't even need the money. People will come to realize that.

  • No. He won't.

    Remember, Bernie sanders is a socialist. It might not say a The majority of Americans disapprove of socialism. If he is the democrat nomeniee, and he's against trump..... Bernie, I'm sorry but.... Donald trump is going to win becauseof his position on socialism, and there will be support from both democrats and republicans for him.

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