If the South won the Civil War, would they be more successful than they are now?

Asked by: Cowboy0108
  • Yes, they sure would.

    The south was better of than the north was. Plus we wouldn't have such big government as we have now. We also would not have a United States of America anymore. But yes, the south would be able to survive, because also they were not in as much debt as the north.

  • "If the South would have won, we would have it made" - Hank Jr.

    I think we would all be better off if the south would have won the war. Just look at states such as Texas, Florida and Alabama. They are seeing record job growth and are even stealing jobs from northern states like California and New York.

    Ever since the 1960s the USA has seen a steep decline in morals and family values. Women now think it is okay to kill their unborn children, people tolerate everything and call it "love" and over half of children are born out of marriage. I guarantee you if the union lost, we would not have these problems.

  • Would be a communist country

    The South if it won Germany would be in control over velgium and northern france and alslac lorrien the soviet union would not have exestied russia would end up as a cossack council here is why lets start off the south wins the slave owners went off to fight wars so the slaves run away or stay because they cant flee so many go missing so the south wins in this secnerio so the slaves who stayed bwhind start rioting so the war weery military now is the police and than since the slaves riot an strike the army would than have to set up patrols in the plantations and than the government would than have to nationalize the plantations to keep them up and runnig and keep cotton going and selping to Mexico and Canada and spain through cuba so than a few years come along the spanish american war since america dosnt have florida it is way to costly and to much time to send soldiers to support the cuben uprisings so america would never have any islands in the carribean or the philipeans and cuba would still be a colony of spain so now WW1 America would never get invloved because of week econmie and also boder tensions over states like missioury or kentuckey so germany would have won the war Austria-Hungary would be much stronger and romania would have been invaded because of lack of american help from suplies and aid so the germans would have helped the tsar in russia win the civil war but the tsar would have fallen because of cossack war lords in russia so russia would be the Order of Russian Cossacks or ORC and Ukraine would be indapendant and the South because of Oil in Texas has to send slaves there and nationalizes the oil industry and all schools would be public inorder to teach that "slavery is good" an the KKK would probely be the governments version of Gestapo or Gulag so since there is a lack of candiates to run in the south the presidant would have probely singed a law to be presidant for life and nationalize all industry and use slaves to work them and the southern people both white an black would rebell whites because loss of land and bussiness and blacks because of slavery so the government would have to massacare hundreds of protester and keep surveliance on them 24/7 and would spy on people houses and the government would than set up a system to watch citzens and now since this is post ww1 world th south is poor the dpression is going on the north has no cotton from the south and the south has no canned goods or indstureal reasorces but oil but the north has enmargos on the south so the south gets pooer and pooer and cars would be rare and the only cars would be government issued to soldiers generals and other high officails hitler would never come

  • Europe would look elsewhere for cotton

    The countries would be driven to turn to their colonies for cotton. Britain, France and Germany would just use Africa and Russia would use its Central Asian possessions or China for its needs. This would break the American monopoly on cotton, and the South would quickly become an agrarian banana republic begging for readmission with the more industrialised and economically developed North.

  • The South would have been invaded and overun by the Mexicans.

    If the South had won the war would still have left their army in taters and the Mexicans would have seized the opportunity to liberate its former territories in the South and West of what is now the United States, and they wouldn’t have stopped there.

    So, today, instead working in modern air-conditioned offices and factories, the people of the South would be spending their days sitting by the roadside on plastic chairs outside ramshackle houses watching rusty old cars trundle by.

    Still, I suppose hard drugs and contract killings would be cheaper and easier to obtain, if that's the sort of thing you spend your spare cash on!

  • If not Mexico, they would have surely been invaded by Britain and it would not look pretty.

    The South would have been invaded as soon as they declared their independence. It is a strong possibility Mexico could have invaded them as the person above me stated. If not Mexico, the UK could have tried to reconquer the south because the UK had a worldwide empire at the time and the South would be another great attribute to their thriving empire. The Southern army would be in complete ruin and would certainly not be able to fight off the best army in the world, who were the British. The British would exploit the south for all their resources, as they did to nearly all their colonies, which would include the cotton, tobacco, and indigo. Slavery would eventually have been abolished, but the British would probably force the southerners and African Americans into ridiculously low paid workers, as the Americans did to the Mexican farm workers in the 1930s. Even when the south would eventually gain their independence the region would have been exploited beyond belief and have an uneducated populous through generations of little to no schooling during colonization. The uneducated populous would fall victim to false propaganda by an evil politician who would become a dictator. The south would look much like a third world country or maybe at the most a second world country, if lucky.

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