• The Modern History of the United States was Founded by Documents in English

    In any culture, it helps to speak the language or languages most commonly spoken. The specific language and idioms of a people reflect the unique way it's people think, act and feel. As some of the most important documents and laws (such as the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence) in the history of the United States, were and are currently written in English, it does make since that to truly understand the nature and depth of them would require a firm grasp of the language they are written in. Though today the US is considered the "melting pot" with various languages and cultures, if there is to be an official language, it should be the one used to create the country in the first place.

  • If decided, then yes.

    But, if they do decide to make English the official language of the united states, there should also be a second. And, no, I'm sorry Spanish speakers; I am not talking about Spanish. I am talking about one of the indigenous languages. Perhaps one of the Sioux tongues would work.

  • It is what most people speak.

    Yes, if the U.S. decided to have an official language, it should be English, because that is what most people speak. Historically, it has been the most spoken language in the history of our country. It would only make sense to use English for the official language because we are already the most established in that language.

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  • Yes of course

    Yes, if they decided to have an official language, it would be English. This is a mostly English speaking nation, and the people who come over and speak another language need to learn out language, not make us learn their language they brought in from some other country to us.

  • English would be the only acceptable official language of the US

    Consider that all of our road signs are in English. Our schools teach English from the very first day. Our laws are in English. The only things that are not in English in this country are consumer products and warning labels. Those only have translations to avoid lawsuits and sell more products. The bottom line is, if it doesn't have a profit somehow tied to it, it is in English.

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