If the U.S. ended sanctions in Cuba, would U.S. businesses benefit?

  • Banks Will Benefit

    Americans now travel to Cuba but can't use credit cards. Construction co. Will benefit, agriculture too. It's about time our relationship with Cuba entered the 21st century and let's not forget the Mafia was entrenched in Cuba before Castro. What Cuban Americans brought into Cuba from the Miami Airport was astounding to see - and it's just the beginning.

  • Yes we would benefit

    We would benefit because american businesses would be able to sell products to Cuba. Also the businesses in Cuba would be able to sell products to the united states. There would also be a substantial increase of money coming into the united states. What do you think? Post a comment.

  • Yes yes yes

    Why not? They are a close country, exporting goods to them would be cheap, we would have good relations with them cause there are tons of cuban americans, both countries could grow financially, and the tourism would boost their economy three-fold. Not to mention they have plenty of doctors that most likely wouldnt mind coming over the border to help out. I dont see why not.

  • Yes, for good reasons.

    What I think is, since Cuba is one of the main producers of all of our bean sources, nearly 99% of all the beans seen around the united states would be gone, including those that find their way to Obama's plate. This would be earth shattering, as beans are commonly known as one of the best things to eat. Not only do they balance out a person's system, but they are delicious. You know what they say. "Beans, beans. The magical fruit. The more you eat, the more you toot. The more you toot, the better you feel. So eat your beans with every meal."

  • Tourism and travel investment

    If US sanctions were lifted I can guess that the many successful Cuban Americans would export their knowledge and experience to develop Cuba into the world class tourist destination that it should be. There are Billions of dollars of development to be done in Cuba that would be mostly financed from the USA by Cuban Expatriates.

  • Helps US Economy

    The embargo harms the US economy. The US Chamber of Commerce opposes the embargo, saying that it costs the United States $1.2 billion annually in lost sales of exports. A study by the Cuba Policy Foundation, a nonprofit founded by former US diplomats, estimated that the annual cost to the US economy could be as high as $4.84 billion in agricultural exports and related economic output. "If the embargo were lifted, the average American farmer would feel a difference in his or her life within two to three years," the study's author said. A Mar. 2010 study by Texas A&M University calculated that removing the restrictions on agricultural exports and travel to Cuba could create as many as 6,000 jobs in the US.

  • If the US ended sanctions on Cuba, would U.S business benefit?

    I say yes but not only the U.S. But also the people of Cuba, my reasononing is this. Cuba is a untapped resource that was tapped off before the U.S could fully incorporate trade businesses. With the poverty level as low as it is bringing small industrial manufacturing jobs their from U.S would not only boost our economic cash flow but would also strengthen our ties. Their are over a million job opportunities their which stem from architecture, renovating and subletting property if resources can be made available. One has to consider there are more Americans who would travel to Cuba because of the beaches, music, fruits, culture and the hospitality that Cuban people possess . The only stipulation would be that Cuba is a country that doesn't tolerate bringing drugs to its country or weapons. Cubans possess a great deal of pride much like we as Americans do and however we have allowed drugs and guns into our country which is a business the U.S obviously strives on for economic growth. Furthermore, Cuba's medical staff and professors are the probably the world leaders in medicine, one could only imagine if Americans could attend college there. The revenue flow in exchange for knowledge. Lastly the cellular companies, cable companies, American automobiles makers, all of which Cubans love but do not have access to.

  • More business for America.

    There are 11 million Cubans living on the island and 1 1/2 outside the Island. Cubans always loved America's products - this was true before 1959, and it is true today. Coca Cola, McDonalds, even Computer makers will rush to the Caribbean Island to enter the market in its early stage and at the end what is good for Cuba is good for Americans.

  • Cuba would invest in U.S. as neighbor.

    Cuba would invest in the U.S. because they are our neighbors and they have always relied on us before the Embargo. He are also working in the best interest of Cubans which would mean investment in American investment. Cuba has many resources that the U.S. could find essential.

  • Just my Opinion

    We are in a bad business cycle right now and we could benefit a lot by increasing our exports to them. I am not saying we should bring in an import but lets face it, they need things we have and would definitely buy them. It would help increase our chances of staying ahead of China. China and Cuba are allies so why let China take the advantage on us with them? We are hurting ourselves by not taking their money.

  • We are just fine as we are.

    They only offer fruits and cigars. Cigars are bad for our health, and we can buy fruit from South America. Nothing needs to change in this world because we are doing fine without trading with Cuba. We don't need to kill off more of our citizens with cigars and we don't NEED their fruit.

  • It only makes sense to continue the embargo

    If the United States has made it over 50 years without trade from Cuba, I am sure that we will be fine without trade for 50 more. Cuba must not have made that big of an impact on our economy if we have gotten by this long. If we wait until Cuba finally gives in, our long embargo will have made an impact.

  • Sanctions haven't ended communism - capitalism might.

    The sanctions have had little impact on Cuba because it still trades with Asia and Europe. Yet it hurts Cuban Americans with family ties to the island and denies Americans business ties to a nearby neighbor in need. Lifting sanctions would build trade and travel, which would do more to bring capitalism - and eventually freedom - to Cuba. Instead of sending streams of donations to Cuba, we could let them sell their cigars and fruit in exchange for grain and medical supplies that are currently only allowed there as donations. Both sides benefit, and the objectives of freedom are met in the long run.

    Posted by: Pir4And
  • Fuel raging fire

    Tourism only give money to the Cuban who uses that money to oppress its people. If we open trade, american businesses will become business partners with one of the most oppressive regime in the world. Once the Castro regime dies, we can use the embargo as leverage. This the chance we have to create democracy, we are on the right side of history.

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