• Absolutely..Its quite obvious

    Just to clarify that most people in the U.S speak english and not spanish! Since Britain established colonies in America, the english language has been the most popular language. Spanish is not in all states..Only in a select few in which not the entire population speaks Spanish. Even the spanish speakers know english fluently...Because they have to mainly but they learn it to communicate with other people and to get jobs. So even though spanish is more popular than most languages in the U.S, it is not more popular than english

  • Absolutely English is America’s Language

    English is not just America’s official language, it is the world’s official language. Every developed nation teaches their children English from very early ages. Japan, Germany, China, etc have large portion of the population that speak fluent English. Assimilating to America culture is important and learning English is one of the steps to be successful in this country. USA was founded and is a nation of immigrants, but our language and culture is what binds us together.

  • Yes, it would be.

    English would be the official language if the United States of America were to have an official language. It has been the language used by the natives since the United States was even its own country. Now, I do not agree there should be an official language as we are a country of immigrants.

  • I think yes.

    Yes because everybody knows it is their official language. Why would they change it. Also it seems like common sense that they get to keep their language. It would be English because that is just how it is. They have the language they have always had. Why would´t it be English.

  • As a naturalized American with hispanic background...Of course!

    Language is part of a culture's values, this country is individualistic in nature, and thus it shouldn't be learning to adapt to other cultures, rather other cultures should be emulating this country. English is this country's unofficial language and that has been taken as a sign of weakness by some Latin American immigrants who do not appreciate the meaning of citizenship.

    Language should not only be the official language but nobody regardless of nationality should get citizenship until they can speak the language.

    Posted by: N711
  • English would be the official language.

    If the United States had one official language it would have to be English. Even though many people in the US speak a variety of languages, the common language is still English. English is the language that is spoken in schools, and it is the language that the government uses. American laws are originally written in English, and Americans have always spoken and learned English.

  • No, the demand is not their.

    No, if the United States had an official language it would not be English. It's a fact that most people in the United States speak Spanish, and that the population of people that speak this language is growing. So if their was an official language it would most definitely be Spanish.

  • No, as it's not the most spoken.

    English, though being widely used, is surprisingly not the single most spoken native language in the United States! The native language of a large portion of the population is actually Spanish, but English is forced to be taught to all public and most private school students. If schools were to be offered in all languages, Spanish would be the most spoken in the country!

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