If there are all-black schools, should there be all-white schools?

Asked by: Shines
  • You talk about equality...

    If there are all black or gay or women or male or Latino colleges then there should be all white schools. Its racist to not let all white schools. This is crazy that we can allow all-black schools but if there is an all white school then that is racist. It doesn't make sense that we can do this. I'm not saying make white people go to white schools or black to black. I'm just saying give people the option.

  • Yes we should

    Because it's the status quo from liberal politics. If once racial group can claim the right to have a "whatever race" school, Then whites should be afforded the same. Simply because white people are the majority of the country, Doesn't necessarily make them bad. Many white people are successful in our society. I would like there to be no predominantly race school and all of us to educate and built our country as one!

  • Private Institutions do not follow Public Institution regulation

    As long as the school is a private institution. Private Institution are just that, private. They should be free to make their own decisions regarding matter of acceptance all the way down to ethnicity without an issue. If a private university wanted to open an all white school they have the right to do so under the United States Constitution:
    "As private institutions, private schools are not subject to any restrictions in terms of violations of the rights of students." Affirmative Action does not even affect white people. We are in loads of debt, I have friends who have gotten beaten up just for being white and outnumbered. It is no wonder that white people want there own place to grow and develop with their own kind. I am not a racist, I do believe that people want to be with their own kind this is a biological instinct written in our genetic code since we were born. In the past this would not even be a debate. It would be laughed at. The forefathers who created the amazing country we live in today are rolling in their graves.

  • Equality in its actuality

    The idea of being equal is the idea that no matter who you are, you have the same rights as any other. In that regard it makes complete sense for all white schools. Oppression is not a monetary value, thus you can't quantify how much oppression there is. However, you can quantify how many schools there are for specific groups. I am not white and I believe that Caucasian people (white people) should be able to exercise the same rights that these other groups exercise. However, I would prefer if there were no schools that segregated students. It teaches students to remain stagnant in their given environment and doesn't aid to the argument of oppression at all. It only makes things worse. The whole point of these segregated schools is to protect kids from the potential harms of the real world, but sheltering them only makes things worse. Schools should either allow anyone to create segregated schools no matter the race, or eliminate them all together (private or public).

  • The race card can be played both ways

    With all the support that the minorities have it seems racist against white people. There are tv channels, schools and organizations all made for the colored community( BET, NAACP, ETC.) if we even considered having even 1 thing geared toward white people exclusively we would be called racist and ridiculed, protested and sued by the NAACP so fast our heads would spin. With that said I feel there should be at least 1 college in the United States that is for only white people, not because we are racist but because it would be fair.

  • It should be obvious

    It should be obvious that the answer should be yes. All the people who answer no are being dumb in my opinion. I wouldn't make it an all white school though, i would make a rule where we can only allow a maximum of 10% black people. The reason is because I went to black schools most of my childhood and they were violent and had fights all the time and some mixed and black people would tell me they hate the school because of all the violence so i would allow a 10% rate of black people to let those black people in who are tired of the violence and want a better school.

  • Having blacl schools for black human beings

    OUR RIGHTEOUS MINDS IN Order for black people to know who they are as children an teens slash adults we need to come together as a black nation an be taught things that are for vlack people now the mojority of whites or any other race do not comprehend when we say this but thats why we need to have schoolimg for our own kind ! No one says anything about the fake jews private schooling but yet everyone has some to say about a black schools we all know certain people have an unexplained hatered torwards us and thats been for centuries and even now BLACKS SHOULD HAVE THEIR OWN SCHOOLS AND NOT A MONTHS THAT REPRESENTS LIES FROM THE MAN REGARDLESS TO HOW ANYONE FEELS THIS IS NOT ABOUT FEELINGS ITS ABOUT THE PSYCHOLOGICAL DAMAGE THAT BEEN DONE TO OUR PEOPLE AND US AS BLACKS HAVE TO COME TOGETHER AN HELP ONE ANOTGER NOT DEPEND ON THE WHITE TEACHES AND DOCTORS AN POLICE TO HELP US .

  • Capitalism and the free market

    This is the United States. United by capitalism and the free market. The only way that you are disadvantaged within this system is if someone as told you that you're a victim...
    Otherwise you can literally have and live the American dream. You can come here with nothing, work hard, be responsible and respectable, save, invest and create a business and become a millionaire if you really want to...
    Or just come here, don't bother assemalating, collect welfare, have 9 kids and ruin the economy and every hard working civilians life.

  • All schools that are specific ethnicity schoolsl ARE the cause and reason of modern day racisim.

    I am a white woman, I with my grandmother have tracked our family history many many generations. In our family, we were also "slaves" sold to rich people. Does this mean I get to act like an oppressed shit head because of how my ancestors were treated??? HELL NO DUMB ASSES..... YOUR NOT OPRRSSED NOW, NORE WERE YOU EVER OR WILL BE. QUIT PLAYING THE RACIST CARD AND POOR YOU. If you have an all-black school, I want an all-white school just so I don't have to listen to your whining asses about how your so oppressed. YOU get jobs over us, STFU. And once YOU AS A RACE QUIT CALLING YOUR SELF THE N WORD....More people might take you seriously.

  • Hey how r u

    I am white and grew up in a school that was predominantly black. I was called many derogatory names, told that my hair smelled like a wet dog when clearly it did not I was made to feel like I shouldn't be white I was made to feel that I should not be proud of who I am. I suffered an extreme identity crisis I thought at one point if I just were to act black I would be liked better but that still did not work there was nowhere for me to fit in the Mexicans stayed with the Mexicans the black stayed with the black The Filipinos with the Filipinos. The Whites were chalked up as weirdos gothics and smokers. The other whites like me we're also having an identity crisis and tried to act a race they were not because it was too shameful to be proud of being white. Hip-hop music is dominated by blacks and controls a lot of our young culture and in today's society most young kids think theyre black when they're not and blacks don't like that either. I actually had a black person tell me to stop trying to act black because I was not black but at the same time it's not OK to act white. So for the white people out there there's really no where to fit in a school that's dominated by minorities I think there should be a school for whites because the bullying made me want to drop out of school or commit suicide.

  • Not at all!

    Whites already control a mass part of our society. Yeah, we have a President who is half black but that doesn't mean we have overcome oppression. If he was 100% black I wonder if he would be in office. Blacks have suffered in ways white have for a long time. At one time we weren't allowed to go to school. Then when we were, the schools we attended were in worst condition then white schools and we received hand me down books and sat in classrooms that were less than adequate. Now, although the schools have gotten better, blacks still disproportionately have a lower achievement rate than white students due to being in schools that are still unequal in terms of education to many white schools. Besides, most Universities throughout the United States that are not one of the few historically black colleges contain a predominately white population anyway. We must not forget that Blacks have been oppressed since their forced arrival to this country. It is only right that they have something that is their own that is not controlled by white culture or instill the teachings of the anglo americans. Even television is overrun by predominately white culture. Can we have something without some white person being mad about? Maybe if slavery never happened, this wouldn't be a discussion

  • No Black Schools Either, And What Racism Really Is

    Segregating anyone, is a form of racism and should not be permitted by todays modern and (fairly) progressive society, it provides a basis on which to view other peoples culture, religion, and sexual preferences as a negative difference than your own. Segregated schools allows the most vile of thoughts to be permitted, and the lack of knowledge about other races, to manifest, and become a reality once the kids graduate and become apart of the workings of the "real world" IE culture exposure is one of the main reasons why many progressives are NOT racists, and without the exposure to other cultures, segregation will ALWAYS lead to racism.

    Racism-An INSTITUTIONALIZED political and socio-economic strategy used to suppress a specific faction of a population. Not to be confused with bigotry, racism only affects those not on the highest socio-economic scale ( in America: Blacks, Hispanics, Homosexuals etc), and allows them to be oppressed indefinitely under a predetermined set of laws( such as Black Codes), that are only changeable by means of direct action by the highest socio-economic class (whites).

  • If there are all-black schools, there should not be all-black schools.

    It appears that not being racist in America today is synonymous with being racist against whites. There are scholarships, schools, clubs, etc. That are exclusive to minorities. Businesses will pass up a more qualified white candidate simply because they have to meet their "minority quota". The special treatment of all races needs to disappear if we ever want to be truly equal.

    Posted by: Quan
  • No, race should be completely irrelevant

    Race should never be taken into account by any public institution. Race data should never be collected by the government and race should never be taken into account in any public policy. No institution that receives public funds should ever have any official or unofficial policy dedicated to the advancement or suppression of any racial or ethnic group. The students of any particular school should be viewed and judged as individual human beings only and never as members of a "race."

  • Kids are being exposed to racist thoughts

    Everyone should let everyone in their schools. We should not solve it by making more all-race schools. I just think it is encouraging kids and only hang out with kids their race. All their childhood friends would be their race. I certainly would want my child to have friends that are not the same race as them.

    I am not trying to offend anyone.

  • Since whites had all

    White schools in the past what is wrong with undoing the past educational harm. Also, there are many predominantly white colleges and schools where white people get a better education. African Americans also have a different culture than white people especially when it comes to sororities/fraternities, many African Americans feel singled out in pyi's and many schools are already all white but they aren't going to turn anyone of a different race down. There are many stories about being the only black kid in a classroom or even in a school.

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AnonyFeline says2013-05-29T05:23:04.167
All black schools (or any other similar racial/sexual grouping) do not prohibit other white or non-white individuals from applying and getting accepted. They are [almost] always "historically black colleges" that were established to provide an environment free from racism as our country evolved into a more equal society. [Almost] anyone can apply and be accepted, but most prefer the diversity and name recognition of a more mainstream college or university. Our country and world has evolved tremendously in terms of racial equity.

After the abolition of slavery, the establishment of the right to vote for non-whites, then finally desegregation, one can only imagine how much setback in education, prosperity, and wealth was experienced. Black youngsters needed to be educated in order to be competitive in the workplace so, instead of waiting for the world to change, educators became proactive and created such schools for their young black citizens. If they had not, black Americans would most probably be fifty to 100 years behind in their socioeconomic status, as compared to whites, than they already are.

All white schools is a step in the wrong direction. Blacks are already working at a 200+ year disadvantage in socioeconomic opportunity. Reparations for slavery and racism are impossible, but we must do what is possible to create a more equitable integration of all the citizens, rather concocting more division on the way to national, and world, prosperity.