If there comes a time where the U.S. needs to draft soldiers, should women be included in the draft?

Asked by: NothingSpecial99
  • YES, But there is a catch

    I believe if she is able bodied than yes. But is the family has children, then the mother OR THE FATHER should stay with them, while the other goes out. They should rotate who is forced to leave, and who has to stay. Both should fight, and if unmarried or without kids, than yes, she is equal to a man

  • Women should be included.

    If women and men are indeed truly equal under U.S. law, then women should be included in the draft. True equality means not only that that women should receive the same benefits and treatment bestowed upon their male counterparts; but that they bear the same responsibilities, including the responsibility to defend the nation when it is under attack. A central argument against the inclusion of women in the draft is that they are ineffective on the battlefield and may even be a liability. However, the recent successful induction of women into special forces demonstrates that this line of reasoning is faulty and antiquated. While the average woman may not have the capability of these elite soldiers, she almost certainly can put up a tough fight. In such dire situations as requires the draft, every able-bodied person is needed. She should be included.

    Posted by: elw
  • Who would be left

    The main reason i say no is not because would cant handle fighting in the army because they totally can. But because if every one was over seas who would be left to take care of there children who would teach in schools who would run our factories and business? Back in world war two when all the men were fighting in the war it was up to women to take up arms back here at home to work in factories to feed there children and its because of this that america was able to get out of the great depression. Its partly because of this that women are being treated more fairly in society today. I would not mind women being drafted into the army as long as one parent or guardian stays behind to look after their kids.

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