If there is a God, could that being be evil if it wanted to be?

Asked by: thp078
  • Yeah it's god.

    If god could not decide if it was good or evil its not truly an all mighty being now is it. If i can decide to be evil and god cannot then in a since I am greater than god. If there was a god it would be the creator of evil so it could of course be evil.

  • Divine Deities Can Decide

    So in this question we are referring to an omnipotent deity. So, if we were to work along those lines, if he was truly god (I am NOT referring to any particular god here, so do not take offense to my statement), then there wouldn't be any reason for him not to have control over his actions. Humans have control (unless there is a disorder involved) over what decisions they make, how they act, and what they say. So if a god was to be above us (again, not referring to a specific god here) then why would he have less control than we do? In fact, gods are placed as role models (for the most part), so in theory they have MORE control than we do. Just my little synopsis of the situation anyways.

  • Why not ?

    Even if god/s exist, that doesn't mean that is automatically the Christian one or someother deity that we know. I mean, can be anything, not exclusively the tipical Theist god. So i think that God can be evil, not because he wanted it, but because he IS evil, if he exist, im not refering to the christian god, but to a misterius god.

  • God is Real

    First point - God is very, very real. I would never deny that under any circumstance. I would gladly die for God, and I will NEVER deny Him. I have nothing to fear because I know where I'm going.

    Second point - No. God does not have any evil in Him at all. God is good - period.

  • It does not work like that.

    Being evil, and doing evil things, is an imperfection. As God is perfect, He just does not have any motivation to have inferior attitudes, being able to easily behave in a superior way. If God was evil, or did evil things, it would mean He is not perfect, implying then He is not God. The whole essence/ concept of God is about perfection. If you talk about any less than that, you are not talking about God.

    Posted by: Rafe
  • Do your research

    God is real. God is righteous. He cannot contradict his own nature so no he cannot be evil. Take the time to study other worldviews and religions. They all fall short in the end. Asking if a deity could be evil is arbitrary because you don't even know what deity it is.

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