If there is a God, do you believe that angels are really ghosts of those who were saved?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Angels don't have wings or any of that; there's no need for it

    Ghosts in my opinion are angels of those who died saved in Christ. Ever wonder why ghosts in movies are always portrayed in bright white. They're spirits who are good and only come in peace and to protect. It's clear in the Bible that we all have guardian angels watching over us. I love when movies portrayed angels as ghost-like. There is no need for wings. They have the ability to be any where at any time.
    Angelic wings are deeper symbolism.

  • Angels are distinct from the deceased

    Assuming the subject deals with the angels serving the God of Abraham, there is nothing that suggests angels are ghosts of those who were saved. On the contrary, angels are separate; they have no need of and cannot experience the redemptive work of Christ (1 Peter 1:12). Because they have never experienced the redemptive work of Christ, they never were alive in the mortal sense that we are.

    Besides, is there any evidence suggesting that the Cherubim described in Genesis 3:24 were once alive in the human sense?

  • Angels were never human.

    Angels, in the Christian Bible, were never considered human, and were distinctly different from humans the few times they were mentioned in the Bible. If angels truly existent, they would be some sort of creature that resides between God and man. Their existence is entirely different from ours, and it's hard to confuse the two.

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Adam2 says2014-05-27T23:42:17.157
Jesus walking on water confirms my belief that angels don't have wings.
Angels can walk on the air.