If there is a god, does that being necessarily deserve worship?

Asked by: thp078
  • God is Great

    The awe that fills one looking up at a sky full of stars at night is enough to render some reverence to the one who skillfully created the universe. True worship is something that comes from the pit of one's stomach, showing that one's depth is aware of God's greatness.

  • As the being responsible for causing you to exist and providing that you can continue to, yes

    God created all things. This means that the air you breathe, the body you inhabit, the world that sustains the necessary environment for you to thrive in, the food that nourishes you, and the water that hydrates you, and the intelligence you possess to make any use of it is all given by His kindness. He has made no demand of worship. He allows the freedom not to. He gave us rules to follow to prevent us from harming ourselves, and allows us the freedom to break them if we so desire, though not without consequences. Since He brought everything forth, and has made every provision for the best possible welfare of the eternal state of men, he is the most virtuous, the most powerful, the most high, the most loving, and, as modeled by the life of Jesus, the most humble. On all of these merits, He deserves our worship. He just makes no demand of it. Which He honors with Hell. Hell is a choice to remain absent of Him, not a sentence. Hell takes no prisoners, only volunteers.

  • From a purely practical standpoint

    If someone has more power than you do and there's no conceivable way of negotiating around it then if you can't beat him join him. So if God did exist and was all-powerful then I would worship God. But I see no evidence anywhere of this unless: well, stretch "God" enough and you'll find something that fits.

    If God is just a personification of all the things that we don't control then one could say that God is omnipotent since once something is controlled it is no longer "God" but since to control something requires specific sets of actions which themselves must cause other things to happen (at least on a microscopic level) pure control over the environment is impossible. Hence you could arguably say that what ever it is we can't control is "God" and this would even have its birth at the Big Bang and arguably cause our Universe.

    In that sense "God" would undoubtedly exist but that's stretching it.

  • God is Worth our Praise

    I post this from a Christian standpoint. If you feel that this post may offend you, please, do not read it. And please, don't post negative comments because I already know that they're on their way. Thanks.

    Aside from my semi-ugly disclaimer, welcome to my post, God is worth our praise. God created the world, light, animals, and most importantly, YOU. So, if God is so good as to even giving you breath in your lungs, why should we not praise him? He blesses you everyday, shows you unconditional love, and never breaks a single promise, God is simply, perfect. If, and work with me here, God is good, then he deserves our praise/worship. God did not just leave you on this earth to die, and why would he? You're his special creation, set aside from all other beings, and he constantly is watching and intervening from above. He sees your every move, knows your every choice. And while He may not NEED your worship, it makes Him smile every time He hears you pray to Him. Your rebuttal may be that he doesn't show you love because at some point you will die, and what is the good in trusting Him then? God designed a way for you to spend eternity with Him. Through Christ you are saved and given eternal life (after repenting from your innumerable sins), and thus, He is again showing his everlasting and merciful love. So, my main point is, why wouldn't you worship the most amazing, righteous, perfect, loving, awestricking, blessing, God? There is no one better to worship. You don't have to believe me, and at this point 71% of you don't. But just know that God IS there for you, and praise isn't something required, but once you realize just how amazing God is, its a natural habit. Humans were made with the longing and need to worship, and that's apparent in our everyday lives. We just don't always worship our creator. We worship things like, movies, games, celebrities, etc....The list is endless. But I found who we are meant to give our praise to, the LORD God. I hope tonight you ponder this.

  • Not even remotely.

    I dont see a reason why i should worship someone who brought me into existance for the sole purpose that i have to believe in him based on the ridiculous stories in the bible and to love him more than my mother, father, wife, and children. A god that will watch a child get raped, and wont do anything until later when the rapist dies. And only if he doesnt convert to christianity and accept jesus as his lord and savior, resulting in him being absolved of all his crimes, allowing him to spend eternity in heaven. Id never bend my knee to a being like that. Id spit on him.

    Posted by: Izic
  • No It does not.

    If there truly is an "all mighty" being that created the universe then why would it deserve worship? Do scientists worship the big bang for creating us and everything we know? If anything this being should worship us because we bring meaning to its existence. If there was no us, what would god be? Just a lonely omnipotent being with no meaning.

  • Depends on which deity we're talking about.

    None of the thousands of deities mankind has conceived of much deserve worship- particularly not that tyrant that the Abrahamic faiths call "god". The only deity possibly worth any form of worship would be one that wouldn't care whether we did or not in the first place, because it wouldn't be an egomaniac.

  • Not in a million years.

    Such a being would have created us all and left us to our own devices despite power to stop evil in the world. Such a god should never be worshiped. On top of this, there is no evidence to support any sort of higher being. The idea that so many religions have required absolute worship of their god over another or others is ridiculous. No one should devote their lives to that has no evidence of existing.

  • No. Worship would indeed not be a necessity for a god's existence.

    Well firstly, if there is a god, it would not serve any good purpose to be shaped like a man. There is no need for eye balls, lips, teeth, earlobes and fingernails when you are an all powerful and divine force. The idea that such a force would create a universe (or multiverse) to only be concerned with its relationship with humans, or focusing singularly on Earth is quite the self involved conclusion indeed. It would be safer to argue that the entity in which we concern ourselves to be 'God' is the very universe itself, including all things. But the question is, does it necessarily deserve worship? Will this entity cease to exist without our praise? The splendors of our galaxy and afar definitely merit something to be said, but our gathering and praising will mostly serve only as a pacifier. Meditation and worship can be mentally and physically rewarding, but it isn't necessary to the existence of a god.

  • Maybe. Probably not.

    (My answer addresses the God of Abraham, because I'm too unfamiliar with other Gods.)

    Worship is offering respect and devotion, agreed?

    God would deserve respect and devotion if he gave us respect and devotion.

    He would be there for us. He wasn't there for the thousands of suicide victims this year. If he was offering his help while they struggled, if he gave up when they didn't notice or didn't accept his "still, small voice," if he sent them to hell for taking their own lives, he wasn't doing enough. I wouldn't call that devotion, I would call it apathy. If he was devoted, he would do ALL he could do. An all-powerful being is capable of coming down a giving a person a hug, at the very least.

    Don't talk about "teaching us a lesson," either. What kind of sadistic parent sends their kids through suffering like that to teach them ANY lesson? And God will send people through hell to teach them to pay more attention to him. That's not respect and devotion, that's clinical narcissism.

    If God existed, he would have to do so much more to deserve something as potent as worship.

  • Its not logical

    I'm sorry. If god or the devil do exist they are aliens. One says you are not to know the knowledge just be good and obey and there will be order. The other says you should have all the knowledge. The weak will die and the strong will prosper and the weak will die. They are both wrong. Good vs Evil. But aren't those 2 thinks perspective. The truth of the matter is our creator made us with both good and evil in us. Our creator was humanoid at one time in its existence. It evolved and became the being it is. Perhaps Yaweh and Satan also come from the creator. Or perhaps they are just older beings then we are and think their way is the only way. But us as humans have both in us.I am not going to turn my cheek if someone tried to harm, myself, my family or friends. That is stupidity. You have to know when to use both at what times. To hurt someone that has done you no harm is wrong of course, But if that person tries to harm you and is warned, maybe even arrested or any other way of being driven away and they keep coming back to hurt you well then what do you think. The truth of the matter is both philosophies are full of it. Yaweh says never to the knowledge and Satan says all the knowledge. The truth is at this coporial stage of evolution we are not ready for the knowledge. We would try to do good but would fail. We would think we were doing the right thing but in truth we would be interfering with destiny. That is why the knowledge is too much for us at this point. We would destroy all trying to do the right thing and lose perspective. The truth is when we have the power and the knowledge, at that point in our evolution we would not want or care to even use it. Why interfere with ants. Are you going to get a magnifying glass and burn them or stick around to throw crumbs at them to guide them. No your going to move on and explore and let the less beings find their own way like our creator has done for us. God and the Devil are not our creator. They are just higher beings who wants us to submit to their ways. End of story

  • Screw him and screw his plan

    His mysterious "plan" requires hundreds of millions to die in wars, it requires tens of millions to die from disease, and tens of millions to die from famine, hunger, and natural disasters... God's plan requires children to be molested, killers to go free, rapists to go unpunished. God's plan for the world required 35% of Europe to die from Bubonic Plague and then many more to die from Smallpox... God's plan required 50-100 million to die from the Mongol conquests, including most all of the men in Persia [who were slaughtered by the Mongols]. God's plan required 90% of the population of the pre-colonial Western Hemisphere to die from Bubonic Plague, Smallpox, and Influenza within several decades after coming into contact with the first European explorers and traders.

    I won't worship a being who is supposedly all-powerful, all-knowing, all-present, and all-loving, yet who sits back on his ass and does nothing while millions and billions suffer. A firefighter who sat back and watched a house burn down would lose his job for failing to fight the fire.

    If God exists he should lose his job for being lazy and useless beyond measure.

  • No, because if he was truly almighty he wouldn't crave worship

    If this so called God wanted worship, craved worship, lusted for worship he would be no better than us a God that was truly perfect he wouldn't crave worship, and not only this but God does not deserve worship anyhow. He created a sadistic Universe where death and evil are common. He created things like drugs, alcohol , and humans for what purpose? So he can play a little game and laugh at our suffering knowing the end for us is inevitable? And then he declares our worship just so he can see more death, fighting, and suffering come about from religious groups. That doesn't sound like a nice God to me. Or maybe he made us so he can stay alive, only using our worship as a tool for him to stay alive for his personal gain. This supposed god would be selfish and petty. So no he doesn't deserve mine or anyone else's worship for that matter.

  • If God is perfect, He/She wouldn't mind.

    If there is a God, he wouldn't expect you to worship her, as he's a perfect being, so why would she want to be worshipped? Prayer is just a way to 'talk' to God, and if you're a good person, it doesn't matter wether you are LGBTQ, of other faiths, or of none at all, of any race... You would still be in his/her favour. (I used his and her alternatively in this opinion)

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