If there is no God, do our lives ultimately have any meaning?

Asked by: DM71K
  • Yes, it does.

    A person's life has any meaning that they give it. If they give it no meaning, then they have no meaning. Religion is something that people use to give their life meaning and to make sense of life itself. The point to remember here is that religion is not the sole source of meaning for a person's life.

    Ask someone who is atheist what their meaning in life is. Whatever answer they come up with, if any, won't be to do with God. Ask someone who is agnostic (like me, for example: I believe that without proof that one cannot determine whether or not a God [higher power, being or entity] does or dies not exist). I believe there is a chance that our lives may have meaning stemming from the existence of a God, yes, but I more firmly believe that our lives have the meaning we give it. Take Martin Luther King for example - the meaning of his life (at least part of it) was to end segregation and inequality between black and white people, something he is remembered for. Of course, alternatively I believe that there is a chance life is just an anomaly in the universe and that life itself has no meaning because it is an anomaly.

    But in answer to your question - your life will have whatever meaning you give it, whatever that might be.

  • You must find what drives you.

    Each person has to find that answer within them selfs. Mine is to better my self, and if others with help them to do so also. To question teh world around me is the ultimate challenge The question being: Why?

    There will always be that question as the world, ourselves and the universe around us is ever changing.

    The other main meaning being : How can I help?

  • Our lives don't need a meaning

    Why do we need a meaning to be alive, I honestly don't believe that there is a god and my life doesn't have any religious meaning at all. But I think that what maters is what we do and how we spend our lifetime. I think that the greatest challenge in life is to gives almost one century to let us try to make the world a better or a worst place. Look at persons like Nelson Mandela or Rosa Parks even if their lives had no meaning the fact that they changed the world gave a meaning to their lives.

  • Why have meaning assigned to you?

    With a god I don't see how that sort of meaning makes it any better. Yes there can be meaning without god, it could possibly be even more meaningful if it comes from the self. What would a god assign to someone could be anything and people would just be stuck to their fates. It is much better to have our own life choices determine the meaning and purpose in our lives. Without the that freedom, the freedom to determine our destiny, there would be little point.

  • Humanism, Absurdism are philosophies that already address this.

    Now purely scientifically, there is no meaning to life.
    But philosophically to make people feel all warm and cozy we can invent our own meaning for life (we already did it i..E. Religion). We can have meaning by making our lives meaningful, doing things for others enriching the lives of those around us. Living a life for the betterment of human kind is the most meaningful thing a person can do.

  • I see no reason to restate words that have already been articulated better than I ever could. Therefore...

    "I leave Sisyphus at the foot of the mountain! One always finds one's burden again. But Sisyphus teaches the higher fidelity that negates the gods and raises rocks. He too concludes that all is well. This universe henceforth without a master seems to him neither sterile nor futile. Each atom of that stone, each mineral flake of that night-filled mountain, in itself forms a world. The struggle itself toward the heights is enough to fill a man's heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy." - Albert Camus "The Myth of Sisyphus"

  • Of course it does.

    Who is to say that life does not continue in another form after death even if there is no God? Who can say for sure that we do not reap what we sow in past lives? If we trash our world how do we know that we will not have to live in it afterward? Those who think that only God gives their lives relevance live very narrow lives.

  • Unless your a theist.

    As an atheist, my life has meaning. I have friends, family, and co-workers. I have things to do, places to be, things to say and people to meet. I also have thing I want to do, places I want to go, and people I want to meet. I have both short term and long term goals. With all this, my life is full of meaning.
    Theists (specifically those on the "No" side, are convinced that without their god, their life would have no meaning. How pitiful your life must be if the only meaning to it is your god. I truly feel sorry for them.

  • Live for ourselves and each other

    I believe in people. People are my "religion" I have faith in my fellow man
    And I only hope that he has faith in me. I feel people are the greatest thing to happen. People are selfish, people are prone to hate but god do I love some people sometimes.

  • We live for ourselves

    Some people are not as driven by religion as others, me being one of them. You must live for yourself. Although way oversaid, you must live each day like it is your last, and live so that you are pleased. We are not simply supposed to live with the sole intension of pleasing another person, even if they are immortal; we must live life so that we are happy, because then we will die the way any person wants to; "When it comes your time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song and die like a hero going home.”- tecumseh

  • But this is a boon:

    Humanity speaks of meaning as though the concept of meaning gives clarity to life. The problem is that living a life under the shackles of a standard relating to predetermined elements is pointless. "Meaning" and "Purpose" are cop-outs for people who don't have the drive required to forge their own path; instead of taking themselves as people who are growing entities they take their compilations such as skills and abilities and want to be "used". So in that sense "God" grants "gifts" to be "used" for a higher cause because nothing is worse than the abject fear that everything you're doing is pointless and this is doubled in moral fiber.

    The kid who cheated on the test and got an A and went on to become a wealthy and successful person "has his coming" because at some point he will be smote, right? I mean what if the universe was unjust and cheating was justified as a means to an end? Surely this cannot be; if it were everyone would cheat, lie, steal, etc. and some slippery slope would exist. So we prop up morality with something; there is a "purpose" to living a wholesome life, to being honest, to being faithful to your commitments, because if there were no "purpose" why would you do it? God solves that too for a lot of people who don't have the ethical fiber to simply realize that you do right because it is right not because there is some gain to you in the long run.

  • Without God, life has no meaning

    If God does not exist, then the universive and everything contained within it was created through random, unconscious forces of nature. Without God, there is no purpose to our existence, and if there is no purpose to our existence, then our existence has no meaning. Sure, we humans can do "meaningful" things with our lives, but those things would only have meaning to other humans, whose existence is meaningless without God. I think people who claim that life has meaning apart from God are either deluding themselves, or haven't really worked out the logic.

  • As a guidance in our daily life and maintain a good attitude

    When we are facing hardship in your life, we tend to seek guidance from god instead of just facing alone which might lead to depression or even commit suicide. We will tend to meditate and seeking help from god instead of acting irrationally.
    Our life will be full of meaning because we will tend to appreciate ourselves and others better because god teaches us to love other and without any discrimination towards other people. Without those negative perception, we will live our life to fullest because negative attitude is a obstacle to our life.
    Therefore, I want to deduce that the presence of god definitely lead us to a meaningful life instead of other wrong path.

  • Love is all.

    As we look at the laws governing the universe, the constants of physics; the laws that govern rationality, laws of logic; the "laws" of morality, such as the indwelling guilt humans feel (regardless, every tribe contains taboo, EVERY people group has some sort of right or wrong. So do not take this to mean "everyone thinks murder is wrong"); we must then ask ourselves, who then gave this law? If the answer is "no one (no god)", we must then follow with the abolition of all laws given above. If the laws are merely conventional, created by men, what objective substance may we derive from them? It's merely an opinion given at one time, and just as the norm for morality changes decade-to-decade (gay marriage, etc.) why then do we not then revise our laws of logic? Logic then becomes subjective, losing truth altogether, and we all know that is impossible for the refutation of truth is a truth claim itself. Humanism cannot give an objective meaning to mankind, only an objective source can. John 3:16. Blessings friends.

  • We live for nothing

    If you think about it, each individual had no choice on whether they were brought into this world. As you grow up you question why we are here and how the earth was created, if you don't believe in a god you start questioning what we actually live for. I came to the conclusion of money. We are born and taught that we have to work to get money and get money to live. The years go on and on working for money to live but if there is no god what happens when you die? Nothing. All that hard work, all that money you earned was for nothing.

  • No, our lives would have no meaning

    The reason i say this is because if there is no god, how would we even be created. What i mean by this is that we did not just pop out of the dust like that. God took out one of his ribs and used his magnificent powers to create man. This mans name was Adam. Adam got lonely and God decided to create another human being. Her name was Eve. God told them that they could eat any fruit from the garden, just not from the tree of wisdom. A charmer was in the tree and said to Eve that the fruit was delicious and she decided to eat it, even after God told her not to. Eve called Adam over and told him to eat a piece. After they ate the fruit from the tree, they realized that they were naked. God found them and condemed them to the cave. God also cursed Eve with a painful childbearinh

  • Without religious beliefs, we'd suffer on earth

    I am not fully christian nor any other religion, but I definatitly follow some sort of spiritual force that drives me on earth. I believe that I am very open minded so I can not draw to just one religion. Religion is the force that helps our morals to guide us into the right footpath, anyone who is religious strives to do good on earth, people fall back on religion when they are grieving or suffering, as I believe that religion aims to help others. Therefore, in some sense the meaning of life is to be live a good life and help others. Without this the world would be chaotic, and our meaning would be negative. Religion is the guideline to obtain peace in the world

  • This is a boon:

    Men who do not have the willpower to realize that they are growing, changing, and highly adaptive malleable beings need a deity or some other force to direct their lives because they themselves cannot. They are a compilation of skills and abilities and traits as far as they are concerned, they call these "gifts", and rather than realizing that your innate abilities are not the end of your abilities they simply ascribe to be "used".

    Men who do not have the ethical capability of realizing that "Right is Right" need someone to look over their shoulders and believe deeply in a foolish concept known as "Justice". The kid who cheated on his tests and became a millionaire through working is not going to get "smote" whether in this life or necessarily even in the eyes of "The Next Life"; the most amusing part of Justice, esp. Christianity based Justice systems, is that at the end of your life you can convert and "see the light", period. The murderous has an equal chance of life beyond as the pious and that it is. So what of Justice? What then is the purpose behind the purpose-driven life?

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Juan_Pablo says2014-10-25T22:49:28.157
Even if there was a God, meaning would still remain personal and artificial. The existence of God doesn't change the existential nature of life and purpose.

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