If there is one true religion, should it be the only one in the world?

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  • Yes, then we would know the truth

    If there is one true religion then people would know which one is the correct one and people would not have bad luck to naturally adhering to the false religion as they been taught to since birth.

    If there is a true one only. Then it would be the correct thing to do.

  • Yes, it should be.

    If there were only one true religion and it were proved to be true and the only true religion in the world, then it would (most likely) be the only religion in the world outside of the few groups of people who would refuse to accept the facts before their eyes. The problem in today's society is the question of which religion (if any) is true, as there is a lack of proof for all of them (as well as the idea that a god does not exist, and any scientific theories about how the world came about - none have been proven - , etc.). I mean, if you say that Christianity (for example) is the only right religion, then that means that the billions of other people who believe in something other than Christianity are wrong. Then there is the question of which denomination of Christianity is the right one.

    Yes, if there was (irrefutably) proved to be one true religion, it would be the only one in the world as it belief in it would be based on the acceptance of hard fact not flimsy faith, but until such proof comes about one cannot say what religion is true (if any).

  • Only one truth

    A wall cannot be fully white and fully black at the same time. There can only be one truth. Either God exist or not, both cannot be true. And if you follow the first, "God" cannot be both the God Christians believe in AND the God Muslims believe in, and Buddha, and whomever else. There can only be one ruler of the earth and one creator.

  • Under the circumstances, probably

    If the world had universal knowledge that there was only one true religion, most likely they would convert to that religion. I don't believe such a revelation would ever happen, though. BUT if it did ever happen, we would know the truth; and as the saying goes, the truth shall set you free.

  • Absolute religion trumps many relative almosts

    For centuries, man has been driven by the pursuit for one truth. If this is true, than to claim all religions as having a monopoly on "truth" is irrational. So how do we get to the one truth? Firstly, all religions except one in history were given to a specific community in time. They were meant only for that particular community and gave people insight into the divine will. But with the spread of polytheism, true religion must by definition be restricted to a monotheistic point of view in order to fit our one religion thesis, thus disregarding any religion with a god head or god as component parts. Even though many religions share similarities, the three monotheisic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are the only ones sharing an absolute creator. However, upon further inspection we see that Christianity claims a trinity, thus negating a one true god. An absolute creator can not share his being with a relative human being in the representative of Jesus. As Judasim follows closer to "the one true god", it is again a religion given to a particular community and not meant for all of humanity. And thus this brings us to the one truth. A religion brought for all the worlds both seen an unseen. A religion for all humanity that simply asks a Human being of sound intellect to claim that "there is no god but god" and Muhammed is his final messenger in a long line of prophetic history....Islam. Continue to watch as the world continues to embrace Islam, the number one growing religion as humanity reverts back to its primordial way...

  • Yes, For Logical Reasons

    If one religion is true, then by not believing it, you are going against the truth. Ignorance is not something to be encouraged in any way, but rather we should all fight against it. Although the religion should not be forced upon anyone, all should be strongly encouraged to accept it.

  • If it's the truth of our origin

    Well, since it's a known fact and is backed up with factual proof and evidence, it should be. Why would someone worship another religion when there is solid and concrete evidence that their religion is full of fallacies and fantasy oriented BS? It's common-sense, not rocket-science. And yes, you are entitled to your own opinion, but theres a difference between reality and fantasy

  • Truth is important

    To me, this question equates fairly well to "If the world is round, should is be okay to raise people believing it's flat?" which of course it isn't. If something is provably true, you shouldn't propagate opposing ideas until you have substantial proof to do so. For this reason, I say yes.

  • By definition, a religion can't be objectively deemed 'true'.

    A religion is a system of beliefs that are built upon no evidence or Deductive/Inductive rationalization extrapolated from evidence what-so- ever. Because the primary focus of Religion is to have a belief of something without any objective evidence to back it up in the slightest, it cannot be deemed true.

    Furthermore, people should always have the freedom to express and believe in their religions, regardless of how absurd , physically impossible, or unbacked their beliefs or claims are.

    If ones beliefs (from their religion) are that they should infringe upon the rights and liberties of others, they should never be allowed to in anyway, and any attempt by them to do so should rightfully land them into the hands of the court and justices system. Simply put, you can have a belief, but it should never violate other peoples rights and liberties in any way.

  • Uhm uh no

    Think of it this way. Every religion has different perspectives of seeing things in a different way. For example hindus dont eat cows, but almost all the religions do. Islamic people believe in allah, are u ready to sacrifice everything and your god to believe in allah? No. Thats what i thought. Every religion has its unique way of pertaining a certain element. Throughout the world you will come across so many types of people who believe in so many different things its crazy. There are multiple types of religions but they all link to one deep meaning. There is only one god, but people have a different way of seeing it. Christians believe that Jesus is their god, Muslims believe in Allah, sikhs believe in Guru Nanak. These are all the humans way of classfiying a certain belief.

  • The First Amendment

    The First Amendment of my constitution insures everyone the right to practice any type of religion they please. And also in the constitution it says that there will be a separation of church and state. I don't have anything else to say so for spongebob fans Ledle Ledle Ledle Lee!!!

  • We can reflect everything in a religious views.

    We can reflect everything in a religious views. Even though there is only one truth, we can verity the methods to describe and prove in lots of religious ways. Let's think about math. Suppose that there is one formula or one mathematical problem. You have probably seen variations to solve or prove them. We can adapt that idea to religions.

  • It would still be competitive.

    Denominations would still exist. Proving the right religion is not specific enough. Interpretations would still arise, contradicting each other. The lucky fool fortunate enough to have pulled it off would be martyred by embittered rivals who were proven wrong, trying to prove themselves right by sabotaging the victor. Solution: let the contest continue, eliminating the cheaters along the way, slowly demonstrating that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. If there are fake religions, then there are real ones as well. If all are fake, on what basis are you measuring their fraudulence? How can you compare all fakes if you do not have a purely righteous one for distinguishing?

  • One True Religion= No True Opinions

    The truth is, is that there is no true way to assert that there is a TRUE religion. For example, the religions of Christianity, tennets of jewish, and mormon beliefs all have the same basis and even the same stories. However, they are different and there is no true identifying that one exists and the other doesn't. It would be just as easy to argue that one existed, while another didn't. To claim that even if there was one true religion, would mean that a certain group of people, whom for some reason have claimed to be "closer to this one true god" to sufficiently claim that no other religion is true, would be responsible for showing and identifying just why.

  • It would lead to coercion

    Religious belief does not have external reality. It happens only in the mind of the person who has it. Each of us interprets things according to our early conditioning and education. Many people claim to be of the same religion, but on close examination there are personal interpretations and understandings. Many people find it safer to do loud praying, fist pumping and chanting, than to examine what they actually believe and what its implications are for the real world. We would end up with "whips" or religious police, enforcing the orthodoxy dictated by the "experts" and human beings, being as venial as they are, would find a way to derive personal power and accolades from it.

  • Ancient problem same solution

    There are so many aspects in different religions, and for a reason.
    Religions kind of started to explain things, for hope and warmth,
    In every area there are different aspects in life, it's only logical we'd have different religions.
    One 'true' religion or no religion at all would be weird.
    You can't really have one religion or believe, for so many different people eventually you'd get different groups in that as well.
    Example, officially I'm Christian you put me in the protestant group.
    But even though I go that church with my family from time to time and I've been baptized, I have Soooo many own Ideas.
    I'd actually be able to start an own branch.
    You can't stop a movement like that from happening eventually, right?
    There by one 'true' religion or any believe at all wouldn't be able to actually exist.
    Well.. In my opinion at least.

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