If there was a cure for homosexuality and transexuality would you like it?

Asked by: jaksunmadness
  • Homosexuals and Transexuals can be normal again

    If there is a cure to turn their messed up brains around their stubborn fetishes being ingrained into them then they would be freed from persecution and from their own prison of illusion they have created for themselves. It may dismantle the LGBT to a certain point dividing it up to smaller factions that will fight against each other. Bring people back to their senses!

  • Yes, I would

    I would do it in a heart beat. I wasn't molested as a child, Had a super religious family that would shun me, or worried what other people think. I just hate being this way and want to be (what I consider) normal. I should have been given a choice. All my life, I had figured someday that I would accept being this way. I havent. It has only gotten worse and more lonely. The whole 'it gets better' line is a complete lie.

  • There probably is a way but we're a long way away from it

    What causes it is pretty simple, it has to do with the modification of the neurological pathways that deal with sexual attraction. Our emotions, thought processes, functions the body performs are in conjunction with signals from the brain.

    The human race has men and women, each side has either a penis or vagina. Those 2 parts fit together, anatomically and biologically, we're designed to be heterosexual and further proof of this that we reproduce heterosexually. The human race is biologically incapable of reproduction through homosexual interaction.

    Basically for example, a heterosexual male will see an attractive woman, will find her attractive and often feel sexual arousal and want to have sexual intercourse with her. This concurrent with our biology and what we're designed for anatomically and there are certain signals the brain is sending. The Homosexual in essence is receiving the signals in reverse. If your body is designed one way but the brain is signaling it to act in reverse, the receiver of the signal will act according to the signals received.

    At this point and time we haven't figured what it would take to reverse the signal patterns. We're not sure what causes the wiring to form in the way that it does to cause homosexual desire and urges but it would require a corrective surgery that would allow the other functions continue to operate while correcting the way the signals are coming and being processed. So until the procedure is figured out and perfected, homosexuality will continue to exist.

  • Yes it is my choice. (I wish).

    I am a homosexual male and I would. I work in the medical field and I see all kind of patients who can't accept their 'disease'. I also met a lot of homosexuals who to relieve their lack of control and answers to why are we like this, choose to say 'I would not want it any other way', and refuse any discussion about it.

    It's like not winning the lottery and saying 'ah well I am probably better of without it'. You don't have to cry over it, but saying its a good thing I lost is a bit of a save face in my opinion (childish).

    Whatever the case maybe I am a believer in options, and I resent that discussing a change in orientation from gay to anything else is considered a tone of hate speech. There are a lot of sexualities out there aside from LGBT and straight, that have no voice what so ever and are in misery because of it. So the idea of immutable sexuality to me is as painful as an immutable gender is to a transsexual.

    Why is it ok to change your 'body' but not your 'brain' about something?

    Why is calling a transsexual who does not 'pass' lookwise a work on progress, but someone who wants to be straight but gives sign that he is a 'flaming queen in denial' still a self hating homo?

    I am gay, I can only sexualise men, and have tried to change being gay, there was no promising solutions. Not proud, but not ashamed..I did not choose this. It's like a complicated syndrome that no one has no understanding as of yet. Wither it is a disease to want your hair to be yellow or black, wither it is your identity to accept your birth natural hair color or to be open to trying different things. I do not care what the semantics are, I wish I was straight, good looking, rich, white , don't need to work, and am sexually satisfied.
    But reality is not that simple, being gay is not a choice so is a lot of genetic 'disorders', and we don't even know what causes homosexuality we just know there are people who are hell bent on not discussing it in any manner other than that it is an 'identity'.
    We decide what is a disease and what is not, it is not written on a 'what gets to be a disease' manual.

  • It is a critical part of me

    I would not discard my homosexuality if it was possible to be cured of it. My homosexuality is an ingrained part of who I am, and to change it is to deny myself. I cannot be true to myself and others if I am willing to discard a part of myself to appease others or to make my life easier. I'm proud of who I am, and I dare say that without my homosexuality, I would lack a certain quality that would be irretrievable otherwise.

  • I'm bisexual and transgender and i'm damn proud of it! What's there to cure?

    My friends love me.
    My family loves me.
    My peers that I barely know love me.
    Random people I meet while riding my bike around town compliment my fashion sense and girls and even some times guys will ask me where I get my skirts from.

    What is there to cure? I believe if you consider yourself something different from what the rest of the world considers to be "normal" then go with it and be proud of what makes you different from the rest of the world because let's be realistic here. Not too many people are genuinely unique.

    I'm a student in college with the minority being like myself and i'm the ONLY one among the group of gay,les,transgender/sexual,etc that dresses the way i want and acts the way i want out in public.

  • Homosexuality and Transsexualism cannot be cured

    Being gay and trans are not something that can be cured. You cannot "cure" something that is not a disease. By saying that you can "cure" being gay and trans you are implying that homosexuals and transsexuals are somehow defective and were once heterosexual and/or cisgender which isn't the case at all. This is pure ignorance.

  • Likely impossible but if it was I wouldn't be interested.

    No study shows genes or in utero factors as 100% of the cause, just as factors. So it's quite possible that a "cure" wouldn't be foolproof. It might not always work. Even if it did I enjoy being bisexual. But if someone wanted to change I'd support their choice to do so. I'd assume if we found ways to make gay people straight or transsexuals cissexual we'd be able to do the opposite too and that choice should likewise be available.

  • Nothing to Cure.

    According to every medical and psychological organization, homosexuality is NOT a disease, and therefore there is nothing to cure. As recently as 2007 to 2009, the American Psychological Association launched a task force to study the effects of "sexual orientation change effort." They found very little evidence that such therapy was effective at all, and that in many cases such treatment only exacerbated distress and depression in patients.

    It's no more a cure for homosexuality than forcing someone who is left-handed to write and draw with their right hand is for left-handedness. That's of course assuming that being left-handed is a disease at all, which, according to the church, for hundreds of years it was. Surprise surprise.

  • There is but think about it.

    Using today's technology one could theoriticly inhibit the homones and or the destroy the nerons causeing homosexuality(assuming they could find which nerons did this) and replace the hormones and or nerons with ones that make the person heterosexual. However if it were the other way around would you want to like the same sex; well most likely they would be the same but opposit. I also agree on the point of "cure" not being approprite in this context.

  • Homosexuality is not a disease

    Homosexuality and transexuality does not need to be cured. It's a sexual orientation, not a disease. I have a problem with the word "cure" because it implies that homosexuals and transexuals are defective. Jaksunmadness, you talk as though homosexuals chose to be that way, but it's not a lifestyle choice.

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